[fan made] Oh! Oh! Oh!

rained down by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Oh-oh-oh-oh-OH. ♥

If you don’t enjoy this, you might want to check your pulse or BP because you just might be dead. Or close. Just sayin’. 🙂

Bi Rain Tribute (fmv) Touch Ya.  (Credit and edit: Mar9133 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 5, 2011.

14 Responses to “[fan made] Oh! Oh! Oh!”

  1. I just love this man’s voice it is sexy.


  2. Oh-oh-oh-oh-OH. ♥ HOTTTTT!  I now have another “favorite”… (soo many of them). Rain is awesome and always so SEXY!

    Yep – some lucky woman is going to very, very happy with being his wife!


  3. Lordey, Rain can move that body like nobody else!!! I need a bucket of ice to cool down after this!! Thanks for posting!! 😀


  4. @stephe
    PLEASE CHECK your email
    i sent something to u !!
    thank u


  5. Had to drink ice water to cool down. ^_^ He is going to make some lucky woman very happy as her husband. ^_~


  6. OMG!!!…thankyouthankyouthanyou!!!… 😉


  7. OMG so darn sexy and hot!!!! I think I broke the replay button. I swear Rain should become a dance teacher and teach men how to strip and dance sexy for thier women. LOL, he would be contributing to the world’s population!


  8. oh my gaaaat! super sexy touch ya! thanks for sharing


  9. @clei
    LMAO… :P)
    replay awawwa !! i though i have see this overtimme !


  10. Well I think my heart skipped a beat, lol.


  11. oh!! oh!! OH!! @_@
    it SO HOT!! i need a fan set right in front of me watching this again and my mouth just drop and knock my fet awawawaw
    IS HOT IN HERE or just me? O_O
    LOVE IT !!
    she did a good job !! 🙂


  12. going through the ages of Bi,my oh my has he grown, into a nice young man.He’ll probably look the same in 10 years. hamsa hamida


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