[clips] Rain always rises to the challenge.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

This KN TV Happy Time entertainment news report out of Japan appears to be a show about celebrities who have confronted the challenges before them, either for entertainment or personal purposes, and the most memorable of those challenges from the past. Several faces, in addition to Rain’s, are familiar, such as TV host personality Kim JeDong and top comedians Yu JaeSeok, Kang HoDong, and Park MyungSu, all hyungs (big brothers) of JiHoon.

JiHoon is first shown briefly in the clip during the his Christmas Day challenge in 2003, when he vowed to get a certain amount of people into a spur-of-the-moment concert in one day, by word of mouth alone, in honor of his late mother. And then he is also shown on HoDong’s Knee-Slap Shaman show (Golden Fisheries) in late 2008 or early 2009, sharing one of the most personal accounts of his mother’s last days that we had ever seen. (It really had to be hard, doing that. “Shaman” was a comedy show, and yet there was dead silence during JiHoon’s story. ♥)

110220. KN TV Happy Time. (source: rainsnow / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


A special clip by Cloud USA-er Kongsao, with some English subtitling to further help you with what Rain is saying.

[Eng Sub] Rain @ Talking about his 5,387 fans & Mother! (courtesy of Rainrunway29 @YT)


And a Bonus, for those of you who haven’t seen it. I thought I had posted it on the media blog last year, but no. I had sent it to Terri in an email, however, after seeing Ninja Assassin and when Cloud USA was only an idea in our heads. I share that email and Rain’s 2003 Christmas challenge with you now in the hopes that it becomes as precious to you as it is to me.

*JiHoon’s message to us here is MUCH more important than the outcome, and I hope all of you realize that. Honor and courage come in going the hard route and failing, NOT in going the easy route and winning. *applause, applause*

12/17/2009 — Hey, Terri… With Christmas coming up, I had to share this and how very much it means to me. Before I saw it, I had always wondered why Rain seemed to manage to be working every year on Christmas day. I mean, who does that, insists on working that day? But now I understand, what with his mom dying two days after Christmas. And he’ll probably continue doing just that until he has a wife and kids around him to share Christmas with and take away some of that pain. God, this has to be such a hard time of year for him. I can’t imagine. LoR Las Vegas will probably be a blessing to him.

Anyhoos… On Christmas morning 2003, the newly debuted, pre-superstar Rain was challenged by a television show to somehow gather 5000 people to attend a guerilla (totally unexpected) concert that no one knew about, in just eight hours, in dedication to his late mother. He upped the challenge himself to 6000 people, even though Korea being in the World Cup semi-finals had totally eclipsed his album.

The host informed him that if he didn’t meet the quota, the concert would be cancelled on the spot. And Rain answered that no matter how few people there were, even one, if they took the stage down, he would just stand on the ground there and sing for whoever had come.

And this is what happened… — S.

[ENG SUB] Rain Bi – 2003 Christmas Mission Part 1/3. English subtitles. (All videos courtesy of smileallround @YT)

[ENG SUB] Rain Bi – 2003 Christmas Mission Part 2/3.

[ENG SUB] Rain Bi – 2003 Christmas Mission Part 3/3.

~ by Cloud USA on March 5, 2011.

9 Responses to “[clips] Rain always rises to the challenge.”

  1. I saw this and It was so hard for me to watch the first time I cried so hard that I had to keep stopping it and replaying just to read what he was saying, and just the look of it again makes me cry all over again. I can’t watch it again its just to painful. But I’m so grateful to God that Jung’s life has turned around for the better, and as we all can see he has never forgotten his painful past because it has shaped him into the amazing person he is now. Jung is such a giving and loving man, and from watching his interviews last summer while discovering him is what made me even more intertwined into his life. And this is why I will stand beside him through thick and thin and why now I can proudly say I’m a CLOUD and not feel ashamed.


  2. I have to. I HAVE to watch it at least once or twice a year, no matter how much it hurts. Because if I don’t, it feels like all the pain JiHoon went through to leave me this lesson was for nothing.

    I cannot bear the thought him suffering for nothing.

    Stephe ^@@^


  3. I saw this interview once and I can’t see it again. Is just to painful for me. I cried the first time coz I thought that these people where soo unfair to him!! Common, he almost reach his goal!! They should have let him do the concert!! There were so many people there, in the cold, almost freezing to see him perform and to me it was soo sad to see him like that, crying his heart out in front of all these people to end it without singing. I was sooo mad!!! On the other hand, it show to me the kind of person he is; a fighter with a beautiful heart.


  4. i saw this interview before and it make me cry. I realized then what kind of person rain is. i started having so much respect for him as a person and as a entertainer. For me he’s most genuine artist i’ve ever known. For that i will always have a great respect and a keep giving him my utmost support in anything he decides to do. Respect to the Maximo Rain!!!!!! Bow to him.


  5. I watched this part in YOUTUBE,yeah if i knew it thats a big challege for Rain to have show that day & he need to gather 5000 people & he need to walk on the street & his the one to envite the people to watch his show,but in behalf of hardship & he word so hard that he captured people their heart & it was very successful event.Well when he mentioned that he honored that show to his mother i’m touching & i can’t stoped i got a tear drops..So much chalege he faced already but i know Rain & i believed HIM & i always support him…


  6. Watching this challenge always bring tears to my eyes. I can totally understand why he works during the holiday season. I hope that one day he will have a wife and children to share those times with and not feel so lonely.


  7. Well I have to say that I saw that Knee Drop Shaman show in August of last year when I was first discovering him and I just melted. He seemed so sincere and honest telling his stories there , especially about his mom. That might be when I can pinpoint that I was like, “Wow! He is REALLY something else and someone I want to know all about.”


  8. recuerdos de lluvia es el monent tocar que nunca u olvidar echó a su madre y la lluvia sabe cuánto significa para él a todos sus seguidores y su muerte de la madre no es su deseo de que esto suceda sólo sucederá cuando se habla de lluvia de su madre la lluvia han que respiró hondo y romper la sensación de que su grito de
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  9. hola chicas !! si yo pienso lo mismo por qu trabaja tanto en navidad y año nuevo ? debe ser ser por eso de la falta de su mama y el recuerdo de que murio cerca de navidad que lo impulsa a cantar y a sumirese en el trabajo !


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