Official J.Tune Camp: Hip-Hip-Hooray! Rain perfects “Hip Song.”

rained down by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

What a nice, unexpected treat from On High… Rain getting ready to bust out “Hip Song.” We say getting ready to because 1) his hair is brown and laid against the back of his neck (when it’s black and ultra-short now), and 2) this choreography looks very much like that fresh stuff he hit us with in the white sweat suit the very first time we saw “Hip Song,” before all the subtle changes in it came about over the past year.

Love the Hammer pants and the Thug-A-Nomics attitude. LOL! And you can see the moves that made it to the comeback stage and the ones that didn’t. Cute! ♥

Rain practicing for ‘HipSong‘. Rain의 HipSong 안무 연습. (credit:  jtunecamp @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on March 3, 2011.

16 Responses to “Official J.Tune Camp: Hip-Hip-Hooray! Rain perfects “Hip Song.””

  1. @Bia
    did u you just say “Hammer pants
    OMG!!! Lol… when dis well be is rain and the gang contrbuite together now!! lol… ohhh i still rain gang is better ekekek ..SIGH… agin work that way baby!!


    • @Kongsao,

      Stephe said “Hammer pants” first. I’m just agreeing with her…..(SMILES) hey I like Bi’s pants. I had some once, I called them “Harem pants” but they are way, WAAAY back in my closet. (SMILES)


      • I recall them as harem pants before Hammer got a hold of them, yeah, BiA? And weren’t some of them called parachute pants too? It’s just that in my mind, when Hammer used them is when they got famous. LOL

        My cousin and I both had a pair of sky blue shiny satin parachute pants (that we saw on Soul Train) that we wore to dance on stage in a school talent show. “Always and Forever” was a new song at the time… hahahaha!! ROFL

        Stephe ^@@^


  2. What was up with that HIGH leg lift right at the end? LOL! He was throwing some ATTITUDE around, I swear. LOVED that! hahahaha! (I can also see why that move did NOT make it to the comeback stage ROFL I mean wth, Rain ROFL <3)

    Stephe ^@@^


  3. I love his “gansta” vibe!! Lol!! Oh, those pants kills me!!! I love to see him practicing to get those moves just right. Go Rain!!!


  4. I love to see Rain practice videos!! His dancing is always awsome!! I love the pants they look really comfortable.


  5. Those pants kill me, hahahahaha but I’m sure their comfortable, also it keeps eyes off the jewels. I love his practice videos he moves so smoothly. 🙂


  6. wohoooo!!!…coming to Vegas, baby??…I’m waiting!!!


  7. Hey, with all that practicing “Hammer pants” help keep the “jewels” C-O-O-L! He’s got to garauntee those daughters of his get here someday!

    “Hollyw-o-o-d….Hollywood Swinging!!!”


  8. @diva
    LOl… ahahhaah
    my i jion u too coz rain is in my case.. for that i will have to pull them to Jtune office and have a talk about this !! ekekek
    yeah they better bring it all out or i will have to goes to JTune ands see about this!! lol..
    that was very a best awesome and very COOL HIP SONG rain in truly a DAEBAK!!




  10. They need to stop playing and just post all the Rain practicing videos they have. Don’t make me come over there, Jtune!!


  11. That was cool.


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