MBLAQ check.

rained down by: Stormy, Staff Writer ^.^

G.O! Why so serious?

Here is a cute video cut of G.O on MBC’s Bouquet where he appears with his older sister and twin nephews. While G.O. and his noona were talking about what they did with their allowances as kids, one of the nephews decides to interrupt and pipe in with, “We get allowances too!”

G.O’s reaction is swift as he attempts to silence him!
Awwww, poor baby! >.<

Enjoy! ^.^

MBC Bouquet | MBLAQ G.O + His Twin Nephews cut
video credit:4everkpopgirlL5

~ by stormofstarzz2 on March 2, 2011.

7 Responses to “MBLAQ check.”

  1. adorable


  2. ahahhahahaah LOl… so cute ekekekek the little boy keep talking then the actual !


  3. Both of those boys were so cute!! Kids are so funny and they say the darnet things. That was so funny the boy could not stop talking.


  4. Hahahahahahahaha!


  5. Too cute! G.O. knew he had to shut him up quick, with a talkative little one you never know what might come out of their little mouths! No censors there……(SMILES)


  6. that little boy could not stop talking so cute.


  7. LOL!
    That little boy is a talker ain’t he?


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