[clip/Eng trans/images] Rain adores his little girls and his youngest fans.

rained down by: Stormy, Staff Writer ^.^

So, as a friend and fan and I were watching Rain videos from his recent Seoul Cultural Award appearance, we noticed that though he was really happy to win the award, he seemed most interested in one of his youngest fans, a little girl who presented him with his congratulatory flowers. That’s when he got the biggest smile on his face, and in turn she seemed most taken with him as well!

Rain seemed to grab her and run!

Rain DID have a special smile for the little boy as well. Too cute!

Rain has admitted on several interviews that he really wants daughters when the time comes for him to marry and add to his family. I’m thinking he wishes that was sooner rather than later, as the pictures from his recent interview from China show him enjoying their company, he was interviewed concerning his Korea-China Youth Environment Protection ambassadorship.

Here he is surrounded by some of his youngest fans! Awwww, look at that smile! He comes alive!

Rain loves his fans of all ages, and this fan is no exception.

Rain babies, can’t wait to see what this gorgeous man is like as a daddy!
Stormy ^.^


[Full interview ] 110301 Rain interview @ SOHU_Star Chat part 3/4. (courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(English translation by rain bird @Rain Europe)

– Rain part –

They are so cute, and I think they did very well.

So cute!

My cherished dream is to have identical quadruplet girls as lovely as those little ones are if I get married. This might make it harder for my future wife to take care of them, but from now on, my goal is to just have such girls like the four.

~ by stormofstarzz2 on March 2, 2011.

12 Responses to “[clip/Eng trans/images] Rain adores his little girls and his youngest fans.”

  1. my 5 year old grandaughter loves hm she smiles so bg when we watch something that he is in she doesnt know korean but she knows the 3 bears song she wants me to take her when he gets out of the mlitary so she can meet him and lee min ho i told that wll be near impossible but that s what she wants so we will see


  2. JiHoon always hold on to your dreams, our dreams are special.


  3. The little girls r to cute 4 words. Jihoon looks to cute and a little shy.


  4. He will make be a wonderful father. If he has the girls he wants, Oh Boy…hang on to your hats, he will dote on them like crazy while they make him crazy. Such is the father daughter relationship…(SMILES). Even if he has sons, I know he’ll be a loving father and I’m sure husband. He has Too Much love within not to…..you can see it. As much as I “drool” over his Sexiliciousness, I truly hope for him that he gets the family he wants and deserves. He wants that and I want that for him. Yes, Stormy I get the feeling he is very ready for that wife and family now. When men start “vocalizing” about something they want, that means they REALLY want it ’cause we all know how men LOOOVVEE to talk about their feelings!………(SMILES)


  5. OMG cuatruplets!!!! The woman that captures Rain’s heart is gonna have some challenge ahead!! Lol!!! Baby, I think you are gonna have to take it easy on her and have 1 or maybe twins at a time. Oh but his lovely face when he saw those girls dancing The Three Bears was priceless!! His eyes where glued on those girls; they were so beautiful, dancing with precision and he didn’t miss a thing. The adoration in his eyes for those little girls was evident. It broke my heart to see him like that coz I think he needs to have a family like yesterday to give him support and unconditional love.


  6. la sonrisa de su cara cuando la niña lo abraza !! es maravilloso que le gusten tanto los niños !! sera un gran papa !! el quiere una familia , NECESITA UNA FAMILIA , una familia de verdad !!!!


  7. Wow quadruplets when Rain dreams, he dreams big…LOL. However he’s going to be a wonderful father. The way the little girl was looking at him is just too precious.


  8. Sweetest guy ever !! Love ya, Rain!!!


  9. The girl at the award show and the girls on the talk show were all so darn cute and adorable. I thought it was so sweet when the girl at the award show put her arms out for Rain to pick her up. He quickly gave that lady his award because the girl was more important. He was happy to receive the award but being able to pick the girl up was more important. Seeing Rain insane happyness and adorable smile when ever he is around little girls just warms my heart deeply. I cannot stop from smiling so big. It just makes me happy to see how happy he is. I know that regardless of whether Rain has a boy or girl he will love his child deeply. However, I truelly hope he has a girl, three or four as he said recently.


  10. awawawwa this so sweet it tocuh my heart i melthing from the bottom of my heart to rain and u can tell the man differenily ruge to first duagther the a son i will do my best if i ever get this lucky rain i PROMISE u for sure !!
    u point out what u very love and also not afriad to share a though in republic that whybhe so humble coz he honest what he speak

    identical quadruplet girls @_@
    oh mercy!! it going to hard but as for rain i know i going to tried and give my best for his sucuss ahahhaahah
    NOTE: @ALL
    i valenteer and it will me KONGSAO here ok marisa bia
    sorry ladies he he called me fisrt and i already have answer
    *I DO* !! awawwawaw I” M SO DEATH O_O


    • Lollllllll Kongsao… you’ll volunteer to give Rain some quadruplets huh? You go on w/ your bad self… 🙂


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