Rain check #4. (Yep, number 4 for today! :D)

More of Rain at his Sohu star chat interview in Beijing today. The girls are SO adorable! And GOSH, he is absolutely gorgeous here. I found myself holding my breath a couple of times. 😀 — ^@@^ (at tagged, @sohu.com / raincloud HK / source site: The Cloud)

~ by Cloud USA on March 1, 2011.

11 Responses to “Rain check #4. (Yep, number 4 for today! :D)”

  1. Rain’s face just lit up with happyness to see the 4 cutie pie girls. He was so happy!!! There is not a picture of this here but it happen during the full interview. They had gave his some candy in a heart shapped box. He had them call the girls back out and give it to them. The girls immediately gave him a hug. They just made his day even more. He had the biggest smile on his face. It warms my heart to see a man wear his heart on his sleeve when it comes to kids expecially girls.


  2. I can’t even formulate coherent thoughts for the pictures on this post!! (*staring into Rain space*)


  3. So handsome!!!!!! Rain looked drop death georgeous in this picts. Goshh, that smile kills me every time!!! Argh!!! Love THE HAIR!!!!!!!! SCREAM!!!! Get me my hose!!! His face got so bright when he was with those girls!!! They know he adores girls and keep torturing him!!! Lol!!


  4. @newclos
    oh yeah !! he take my !!! :P) breath away too matter fact as soon this guy walk to or sit next to all am going to AWAWAWAWWAAW and fanit*
    oh rasie my hand up on his chest and say SLOWLY aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii drop to floor have answer rain yet ekekkeekke


  5. Gah such perfect skin, just beautiful..


  6. Ok, I’m going to have to be honest here. Baby looks so good in these pictures that it makes my chest hurt and I was breathless. This man is so beautiful and I am still astounded by how I smile whenever I see him smile. Thanks for the pics guys.


  7. tha smile that laugh that look and emtion in him today it just DROP gergous to hell he alway lift me everytime i sad mad, and downcase but see and watch it just FLYES.. goes the more i see this the better and younger he get now what do he do did he did a BAMP on his new look ahahhahahahaha!!!
    his sking tone in everything he wear he very got the Natrual beauty look just plain natural .. aTHAT WHY I LOVE RAIN… Saraghae !! 🙂


  8. Simply purely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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