Rain check #2.

Rain is interviewed by Sohu after he gets to Beijing. And looks like he may be talking about the upcoming Beijing concert (March 26) as well. Oh, boy… more kids. Poor JiHoon! LOL! Hang in there, dude! — ^@@^  (screen caps: ratoka @The Cloud)

~ by Cloud USA on March 1, 2011.

15 Responses to “Rain check #2.”

  1. I think at this point Rain is really enjoying them bringing the little girls. I am not sure if he will continue to enjoy it or not. I know I am definitely enjoying seeing the pure joy on his face. It warms my heart to see a man so taken by a child especially a girl. Rain was so happy he even changed how many kids he wants to have. If I am right he had previously said 3 but in this interview he said 4. I really hope he finds that special woman and have his daughters. I love seeing Rain so happy!


  2. Jihoon looks to cute.


  3. I’d hate to see what would happen if he said he wanted Sons!


    • ROFLMAO,

      BiA, my thoughts exactly. He says he wants to have daughters and what happens, he’s immediately presented with dozens of little girls, wherever he goes. SO funny.

      I just hope he finds it as amusing as I do and not irritating. I can just imagine him thinking, ‘Good grief. I can’t say anything.’

      Terri :-}


      • @Terri,

        Exactly!……(SMILES) He probably finds it amusing. People just to make him smile and let him know they are “listening” to what he says he REALLY wants/needs. But it is FUNNY!


  4. rain so stylis and very classy i very love his put his cloth so fashion regradless season or not he know how to dress and code and match his outfit so well well, here rain is HOTER then a real model all the outfit and desing he waer from most of the model is rain wear it so dram good it look extreamly model to rain then the actual one ha ha ha ha !!!
    gosh is he so dran HOT in that outfit i would love to see he wear somrhing like notice he oant is tigh as well i just wante to *SWOON* on that and touch my ringer on his tigh ahahha :P)
    he very mention alot gril love these day he must want the hole world to how much he very love baby gril then anything ahhah
    and he is killing me everything he say it very itch me very bad ekekeke :P)
    that eye of rain telling us he reading their heart ahah


  5. After watching the whole interview, I do have to say that Rain is a really good sport.


  6. Lol @ the little girls they keep throwing at him. Why do I get the feeling this is only the beginning? Lolll poor guy.

    He looks soooo utterly adorable in this interview. It’s an hour long and in Chinese and Korean and I hope someone subs it soon coz I’m dying to know what is said. Lucky women that got to be in the audience coz I swear there were only like 20 people there. I’m definitely signing up to be a Cloud coz I do not want to miss out on an opportunity like that here in the U.S.!


  7. Just my opinion but I think what Jihoon is looking for is in the states and then he’ll be much happier, cause I can see in his eyes anticipation. But damn he looks so good.


    • @lotus,

      I agree with you. I have stated before, he has done just about all he can do in the Asian market and for someone as driven and ambitious as he is, his “spirit” may be a little restless (if you will). He’s the type of person that will always need a challenge and what bigger challenge than trying to open doors and break into the Big Ole USA market? Who knows he might even find a relationship here. Goodness knows he could certainly date “openly” here as opposed to Korea. Nobody would care here (about him dating). He wouldn’t be “burned in effigy” because of it. (SMILES)


  8. he is so classy !!


  9. Yeah, they are “killing” him with the babies!…….(SMILES)


  10. Omg poor thing and they’re all little girls.


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