[Cloud USA announcements] Bi Yourself Open Thread for 3/1-3/7.


» You can visit the previous Open Thread HERE. And of course, don’t forget that our Cloud USA Forum is a most excellent place for Rain love, fan communication, and self-expression.

By the way — have you left a message for JiHoon on The Cloud today?

(Remember, our Project page for newbies on how to access the Official Cloud Rain Fan Club in S.Korea is HERE.)


As you all know, of course, the 7th Korean Cloud executive board’s 8th Cloud Recruitment period for fans who wish to join Rain’s official Fan Club is in full swing, with the difference being that this year, English-speaking fans the world over are able to join their Asian fan sisters in becoming official Clouds. That this is actually happening is quite an historical moment in JiHoon’s career. I hope he is as astounded and as pleased by it as we are. In any case, as we have always pointed out, to join up or not to join up is a personal decision on every individual’s part—no harm, no foul. Whether you are a Cloud or a fan, you are welcome at Cloud USA.

That said, we do hope that many of you will join us in going “Green Cloud.” JiHoon is poised to truly make the U.S. one of his “stomping grounds”, and the truth of it is no one knows how far off or how soon that might start to happen. You don’t want to miss out on any really special stuff that might come down the pike. Just sayin’.

» For those fans who need them, our Cloud USA instructions on how to become a member of the 8th Cloud are HERE.


JiHoon arrived in Beijing earlier today, and will be accepting his ambassadorship for the Chinese-Korean youth-awareness green project while there. The project’s aim is to raise awareness about protecting the environment for present and future generations. We send him our sincerest congratulations on this honor, and wish him a safe and speedy journey home.

See you later in the week, peeps! 😀

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on March 1, 2011.

12 Responses to “[Cloud USA announcements] Bi Yourself Open Thread for 3/1-3/7.”

  1. Wow!!! Hip Song streets style!!! I love it!!! Rain’s dancing is awesome; he moves with such passion and fluidity that you can’t take your eyes out of him!!! Argh!!!! Cold shower coming up!!!


  2. Lookin good Jihoon.


  3. I just stumbled upon this really cool mention of Rain on Dramabeans.com. They voted him Editors’ pick for Best Actor of 2010 for Fugitive Plan B.


  4. JtuneCamp just uploaded this on YT. Is it me or are they getting better at promoting their stars? Keep working at it! Maybe next you can update Ji Hoon’s official website… smh… Anyway… Hotness!


  5. I am planning to enter The Cloud too but I am waiting a bit coz my life is pretty hectic right now and like Ceci my pocket is not as full as I would like it to be. Prom and graduation activities for my eldest girl are ahead and I am on a tight budget. But I will join as soon as I can. My baby Boo is in my to do list. Gahhh, that didn’t sounded very good, right? Lol!!


  6. he LOOK EXTREMLY handsome in this look i remener this back 2008 of rain Rain, Ji Sung Park at 2009 Infinite Dream Match in Seoul,S.Korea he looking so define here i very love rain this look too it so cute seeing him playing the baskeball team with this chilrends ekekek he alway look good every way he wearing that rain for sure ahahahah 🙂


  7. he always looks good…I got a question..isn’t every fan a Cloud??..or just the ones in the Cloud club??…I’m confused, please explain..thnx 0_0


    • Raindasy,

      Yes, every Rain fan is a Cloud. To be an “official” Cloud, though, you need to belong to his “official” fan club.

      Of course, not that that matters at all to Rain, I’m sure. Clouds are Clouds, no matter what. If you’re an ardent fan, you should consider yourself a “Cloud.” :-}

      Terri :-}


    • And that is the operative word — “ardent.” There are folks who like his music, or like a movie that Rain has done, and think he is interesting and/or terrific. But they don’t follow his news or collect his stuff all the time, necessarily. In my mind and in theirs, they are fans rather than Clouds.

      But in a general sense we are all “related.”

      Stephe ^@@^


  8. JiHoon looking fabulous as always.
    As much as I want to join and become a “Green Cloud”, at this present time I am having some financial difficulties. Lay offs are a pain, so I have to prioritize and really spend the least possible. However if things get better before the deadline is up I am SO joining. 🙂


    • Quite understandable, Ceci. Things have really been hard this year, and the rise in the prices of everyday necessities hasn’t helped one bit. Lordy! Gah…

      Stephe ^@@^


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