[clips] Rain talks up a storm on Sohu.

But first, before we get to the full interview, here is a small part of it that has kindly been translated for English-speakers. If a translation comes available for the full interview, we’ll post that here for you. Thanks, all.

— Stephe ^@@^

(credit: Sohu.com / DC / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

[Rain (Bi) Clip] 110301 Rain interview @ SOHU.

[Rain (Bi) TV] 110301 Rain interview @ sohu.

[English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

Rain : Their interviews are so touching.

Rain : I think there’s nothing more admirable than people who work hard for their dreams while thinking of someone. I’m proud of such people, and thanks to everyone else including my fans who give a warm welcome to me, always remembering me.

Rain : In my eyes, I think she admires another star. She seems to be seeing someone else.

Fan : I love you.
Rain : I love you, too.


(credit: Sohu.com / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

[Full interview] 110301 Rain interview @ SOHU _Star Chat part 1/4.

[Full interview] 110301 Rain interview @ SOHU_Star Chat part 2/4.

[Full interview ] 110301 Rain interview @ SOHU_Star Chat part 3/4.

[Full interview] 110301 Rain interview @ SOHU_Star Chat part 4/4.

~ by Cloud USA on March 1, 2011.

7 Responses to “[clips] Rain talks up a storm on Sohu.”

  1. I would not mind being his friend.


  2. Rain very humble person in over all interview & what a soft heart realy,love Rain forever!!!


  3. @dia
    u are right and he carrying so HOT then not the man got it all and the sentence say IT RAIN !! he called it all..
    very love his pant and shirt that pant look so and sexy on rain it very make rain got the most musculince on his tigh and me RUNGER RUN OFF TO THE MAN name ~!~~~RAIN <— YEAH YOU !!
    righ their smiler and killing me now!! O_O


  4. translation into English or Spanish urgent! thanks!


  5. thanks !!!!


  6. He’s so hot here… and like I said… a really good sport.


    • This interview seemed as if my local cable channel got to interview Madonna or something…lol. Kinda odd but good!


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