New on the Block.

*UPDATED: Our Cloud USA Forum, with a new sleek Ninja-black skin.

It’s about time for a Forum theme refresh, so fiery Raizo is the new flava. 🙂

Until next time, all…!

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on February 28, 2011.

9 Responses to “New on the Block.”

  1. Jessica – lol, I didnt even get the chance to see it in the theater…I wanted to but didnt. I bet it was good in the theater. I’ve seen it a billion times cuz it was on HBO and I DVR’d it. But then I finally got a Blu Ray and had to get it for I like watching the “Training of Rain” over & over & over and also the part of the movie where Raizo is tied up and the water gets thrown on him…OH MY GOODNESS!!! hehehehehe


  2. Wow! some people r just now getting the movie. I got it right when it came out. CARZY!


  3. very nice new blog! thank you very much for your work!


  4. yep, he is looking directly to you with those fierce eyes. Grrrrrrrrr


  5. Wow, I like it!!!! Raizo all fiery and ready to attack. That pict. gives me chills coz those eyes are full of determination. Gosh, baby Boo did so good in that movie!! I still can’t understand why critics put it down like they did. Grrr!!!! Rain went tru all that hard training and diet to do an excellent movie and they didn’t appreciated it like they should. But they are going to get it when Rain comes to the US coz we are going to show them how much we love our Raizo. Hum!!


  6. I finally got a Blu Ray this weekend and the first Blu Ray I bought was Ninja Assassin…so far I’ve watched it 3 times this weekend…LOL. I LOVE Raizo…..I LOVE Rain in this movie. I’m sure I will watch this movie over & over & over…. =)


  7. dam stephe i guess that man very love us so much here that razzio reveal STATE right their don’t u miss up with CloudUSA coz we got Razzio out back with that blade ya.. gotta watch u back ekekeke
    yeah me too i gotta say we would bar with our man razio’s here that piercing eye are to caputure it ahahah.. actually he can be my bodygraud my door to empty here NOW when he becam AVB …. ??
    rain let me gos and post MOST WANTED right now!! RBR, ahahahh 🙂


  8. At first I thought there was something up with my laptop, but then I saw Raizos’ piercing eyes. Gotta say, I am loving the new theme. 🙂


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