[clips/fan cams] More of 2011 Seoul Culture Art Award World Star Rain.

So excited! Congrats, JiHoon! *applause, applause*

Clouds were out in force!

— Stephe ^@@^

Fan cam, 110228 서울문화예술대상 시상식 시상 팬더공주직캠. 2/28/11 Seoul Culture Art Awards. (courtesy of raintic @YT)


Well, get The Man a seat! 🙂

Fan cam, 110228 서울예술대상 비느님입장 팬더공주. (credit: SSTV / courtesy of raintic @YT)


Jung JiHoon! Jung JiHoon!

Fan cam, 110228 서울문화예술대상 월드스타대상 Rain. 2/28/11 Seoul Arts World Star Rain. (courtesy of kumonohi82 @YT)


SSTV‘s coverage of Rain on the Red Carpet and during the ceremony.

Clip, [Rain (Bi) News]110228 Rain @ The 2nd Korea Seoul Cultural Art Awards. (courtesy of ratoka @YT)


SpotTV (스팟TV) coverage of Rain arriving and heading up on stage.

[Rain (Bi) News 2]110228 Rain @ News_The 2nd Korea Seoul Cultural Art Awards. (credit: Spot TV / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on February 28, 2011.

10 Responses to “[clips/fan cams] More of 2011 Seoul Culture Art Award World Star Rain.”

  1. Lol he wants a girl so bad ㅋㅋㅋㅋ that’s so cute. ^^
    Anyway, he looks SO HOTT!


  2. Rain look so handsome!!! I am so happy he won this award he deserves it!! It was so sweet the little girl became attached to Rain instantly and reached for him to pick her up. He did not hesitate to pick her up either. I really hope when he does have kids he has a girl. That is going to be one lucky daughter.


  3. @marisa
    Back OF me first sent i meet rain in person i got VIP list so he calling to their in in morning Lol… and i will be their ask word he say MARK U WORD!!
    AM FIRST !!
    oh he even say bring extra SUJO too uuuhhhh :P)


  4. Congrats Rain! When he has a little girl she’s gonna have him wrapped around her little finger…LOL.


  5. Jihoon-ssi looks so cute on stage.


  6. ONCE AGAIN !! CONGRAT!! Rain 😎
    this is well deserved baby u are an honor to SEoul
    and south K. should be prouds of their SON who making this world entertinment and fifuil of full acomplishment and Cultural of Asia
    ahahahha i state that he
    very love to have a dughter look st that is that so ardorable of a dady love his kids he very touch me showing it that how much it mean for rain care for his kid and love to all his heart i mean if this was to be me !! i have to say IT A ONE HECK LUCKY think u never miss it and u have for fortune… 🙂


  7. Congratulation rain !!


  8. LMAO!!!! Rain is going nuts with that little girl!!! Oh but she is so adorable I don’t blame him!!!! The Man needs to get married asap so he can start that family he urgently need!! Any volunteers to give Rain a little girl he can adore? Ok, the line starts HERE. Lol!!!!


  9. That little doesn’t even know how lucky she is. Rainy Baby Carry me, plzzzzzzz. Congratulation, No one deserves more this award. Hotness to the 10th power. GRRRRRRRRRR


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