[clip/article/Eng trans] World Star Grand Prize winner Rain.

JiHoon graciously received his award at the 2011 Korea Seoul Culture Art Awards ceremony today (over the International Dateline, last night at 7PM). Like a community member pointed out a while back, it is nice to see him as simply an honoree enjoying the show rather than being the show, for once. I’ll bet he really appreciated that! 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^


TV EDaily 2/28/2011 — [English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

Rain’s charismatic features shown even while clapping his hands at the 2nd annual Korea Seoul Culture Art Grand Prize Awards.

The 2nd annual Korea Seoul Culture Art Grand Prize Awards ceremony was held in Olympic Sport Stadium on February 28th, at 7:00 pm.

The pictures show Rain posing for photographers and stating his feelings about having received the award during the ceremony.

Artists who had been most active in the entertainment and culture worlds in 2010, were selected as the winners of the awards, and Rain was selected as one of the winners of the awards, [particularly] in the category of “World Star Grand Prize.”


[Eng Trans] 110228 Rain ( 비 )@ The 2nd Korea Seoul Cultural Art Awards (Edit Rain part). (credit: DC / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

[English translation by rain bird @rain-eu.]

Hi everyone, this is ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ (Rain).

Actually, I wanted to be kissed from these kids rather than receive the award. Like I’ve said several times in the past, I really want to have such a girl [daughter ^@@^] if I get married.

Anyway, I wonder how I dare to deserve this award I’ve never heard of. I’d like to thank you all for this wonderful award.

Dare I say, I’ll continue to do it to the best of my ability as a singer and actor to do such a great work that would fit with the image of the name of the award.

Thank you.

~ by Cloud USA on February 28, 2011.

13 Responses to “[clip/article/Eng trans] World Star Grand Prize winner Rain.”

  1. Congrats JiHoon, you deserve it. It’s so touching and at the same time kinda sad to see how much he yearns to have a family. Hopefully he will meet that deserving woman someday and he can have lots of kids. 🙂


  2. Jihoon I glad u win. Noone deserves it more.Congrats.


  3. @Nair
    yeah he is straight a gentleman that we love and for all care and se how much rain very are
    i agreed what u say and i have no word to say but
    SECOND that !! ahahha
    serious we should rain by know he very love kid and wanted a daugther so much whiches he point out that he very care and love a gril more ahahhaah my man very wanted to have a family so bad one these day and for it will bring alot fortune and happy living along his duty and business and suceed his prouction Artis ect… as still remind for his life.
    u know everytime i see rain come up on the stage his killer look and smile alway say that he happy to interact in front adiuance and that rain we know at…
    boy i know for sure rain going home tonight with very happy mood on him his face all SHiNe up on that stage and he keep smile to all thoes monent he their.
    i know rain will give a wonderful family and very have alot comited with his duagther and son alot even though he bussy he still be their for them the kind of love and father like rain is i differenily but it!!
    and what i can say it hard to found a man like this one 100 PURE perfect and hear warmted daddy to family !!
    yeah @DIVA
    i notice rain put some weight on him that LUX his tigh on him a big he must been exceries these couple day and workout for the film just like Bia say too he looking good though don’t u think!!


  4. Thank you RainBird for translating his speech I was just hoping that someone would and then got the notice in my email.

    I agree with everyone, Rain looks like he would be a great dad, paying more attention to the kids then the award itself. Actually squating down to their level instead of bending and towing over them that show’s a lot about how he feels about kids.

    Sadly if you think about it now that he’s going into the milliary he’ll probably be in his mid 30’s before he will have the family he wants. I hope he finds true love and lives happily ever after.


  5. First & formost i would like to congratulate Rain for recieving an award.When i see this video i see Rain how he smiled that night & he got a great look.probably he gain again his weight good for him.He is very kind & realy soft heart bcoz when he saw a little girl he really expressed his real feelings,OMG thats why i admired Rain so much he is so kind.Wishing him all the best & he is deserving person to have an award very wholesome& very talented.


  6. Aaawww, poor Baby wants a family SOOO bad! He’s gonna have to take the time to really get to know someone, so he CAN get married. There is a special bond between fathers and daughters, I know. See, fathers say they want sons, but sons grow up and become MEN and heads of their own households. No longer Daddy’s baby. However, daughters can ALWAYS BE “daddy’s little girl”, no matter how old you get. Bi will love her to death too. He’ll go “Ninja Assassin” on any boy’s a__s who tries to hurt her too.


    Bi has THE broadest shoulders and it seems like whoever is tailoring his jackets just can’t seem to tailor the shoulders to fit him properly. Also when a man lifts weights or does upper body workouts their shoulders get bigger so their suit jackets may not fit as well. This happened to my Hubbie when he increased his upper body workouts. He had to get slightly larger jackets just to fit the shoulders.


    • Yep exactly about the tailoring, which is why I mentioned the straining at the seams. I used to work with mens suits and clothing and all that so sometimes, lile today, I cringe a little when I see how things fit him. He pays too much money for that tux to be fitting him like he can’t even raise his arms…. 🙂


  7. A special award for a very special man, and thank God he’s putting weight on JiHoons to big of a man to be to thin. He looks so good! Major CONGRATS BOO! Muah!


  8. Congrats Ji Hoon! Lol, seems like he was like, “What award might this be??”. The best part for him was obviously the kids…lol. He really needs to have some kids soon. I love how he picked up the little girl on the way off the stage.

    Is it just me or in all the gajillions of pics that they took of him arriving and all that, did he look tired and not all that enthused to be there? Whoever’s idea it was to have kids present the award to him should be patting themselves on the back coz that seemed like the first genuine smile he gave of the night.

    Also, he looks like he’s reallly putting on some muscle weight there, probably for the movie. When he bent his arms, he was straining the seams of the jacket…and his legs look bigger. I was like, “Damn Ji!” (like I know him personally and stuff…)


  9. The awesome man !!! one gentleman !!


    • Oh yes, Nair, he is. Un caballero humilde, amable y de buen corazon. A gentleman, humble, gentle and with a beautiful heart. An award he has earned with tears, sweat and hard work. Enjoy it baby and congratulations!!


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