[Cloud USA Instructions] The 8th Cloud Membership Drive Has Begun!

Hello, Lovely Clouds!

You know what time it is?  It’s finally time for The Cloud’s 8th Cloud Membership Drive.  Are you ready?  We sure are!

Below you will find the complete instructions for:

  1. Making your membership fees payment for the 8th Cloud Membership Drive of The Cloud, Rain’s official fan club.
  2. Registering for membership in The Cloud fan club using their official ‘membership registration form’

Special thanks to Cloud Rose Hoong for creating an official payment and application guide for this process.  We have borrowed heavily from her guide for this post.  Her guide was extensive, detailed, and a HUGE help to us as we maneuvered our way through the PayPal payment and Cloud registration systems.   Because of her efforts, our own membership fees were transferred and our application was processed without a hitch!  So, thank you, Rose!  :-} ^@@^

We also want to send our heartfelt thanks to Heidi Li, who is serving The Cloud as their ‘overseas membership supporter.’  She is working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that all of our overseas membership applications are handled with the utmost care.  Thank you, Heidi! :-} ^@@^

One of the most important things you need to know is that BEFORE you can apply to become an official member of The Cloud fan club, you must already be a registered user of The Cloud fansite HERE.  You can find instructions on how to register as a user on The Cloud fansite HERE.

So now, without further ado, here’s how to become an official member of The 8th Cloud.

Terri :-} and Stephe^@@^

P.S.  If you have any questions about these instructions, just leave a comment on this post, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The 8th Cloud Membership Drive

Application Period: 2/21/2011 – 3/20/2011 Korean Standard Time (KST)

Effective Date: The date your membership application is approved by The Cloud.  At that time, your status will be upgraded from a ‘fansite user’ (gray cloud) to a ‘regular fan club member’ (green cloud).  Regular members will have access to the ‘Cloud-Filled Room’ on the fansite (구름가득한방)

Membership Fee: $55 USD, payable through PayPal.  (Please pay only in USD.)

Membership Benefits:

  • A Cloud membership card and Cloud membership goods (gifts)
  • Regular membership status on The Cloud fansite (rain-cloud.co.kr)
  • Exclusive information as a regular member of The Cloud, Rain’s official fan club
  • Privilege to attend the annual (1) Cloud fanmeeting in South Korea (:-}  Ha ha.  We KNOW it’s usually in Korea.  Please DON’T say it!)
  • Priority admission to open-to-public broadcasting sessions (according to arrangements made with organizers)
  • Opportunity to participate in other Cloud events

Minor Discounts: $40 USD.  Minor’s age must be confirmed by the overseas membership supporter, Heidi Li (joincloud8th@gmail.com).

Minor Criteria – Any overseas applicant who was born on or after January 1, 1993.

  • Before sending in your payment, you will need to send a ‘membership inquiry’ and a ‘confirmation of minor criteria request’ to the overseas membership supporter.  This is to provide proof of your minor status.
  • Proof can be a copy of any official document that displays your name and birth date on it (I.e., driver’s license, passport, student identification card, etc.)  You may block any sensitive personal information on the document except your name and your birth date.
  • The discount for minors will only be permitted after confirmation of minor criteria from the overseas membership supporter.  Again, please DO NOT send in your payment until you receive confirmation from Heidi that your minor status has been approved.


Membership Application Payment and Registration Instructions

Please use extreme caution when following these instructions.  Please send all membership inquiries to joincloud8th@gmail.com (Heidi Li)
  1. Make your membership payment of $55 USD with PayPal during the application period.

  • Using Paypal, send your payment to the following e-mail address: woodong002@naver.com.
  • Write the words ‘8th Cloud overseas membership’ in the ‘subject’ line.
  • SPECIAL NOTE:  BEFORE you hit the send button and send in your payment, in your own language/English, provide the following information in the ‘memo section’ of the PayPal screen: your ‘rain-cloud’ login ID (that’s the login ID you use to login to The Cloud’s fansite), your name, your country/nationality, your shipping address, and your e-mail address.
  • Group payments on PayPal are allowed for applicants who aren’t PayPal members.  However, if you are making a payment as group, the payor (the person sending the payment) should send all of the applicants’ information to joincloud8th@gmail.com. In the subject line of your e-mail, please put the words:  Applicants’ Information. (Note: All of the members still need to complete their own separate ‘membership registration form’ on The Cloud fansite.)
  • Taiwanese & Chinese applicants who have difficulty using PayPal can do a Group Transfer though their country’s Master (Taiwan: Cindy, China: Amanda).  Detailed Group Transfer information has been provided to the country Masters.
  • Bank account users on PayPal:  Please note that there is a waiting period whenever you open a new PayPal account and link it to your bank account.  This is because they have to validate your information.  So, please don’t wait until the last minute to open your PayPal account.

The PayPal Payment Process in Detail

Special Notes:

Don’t forget to sign up as a user on The Cloud’s fansite BEFORE making your payment.

You must make your membership payment FIRST, before proceeding to The Cloud to complete the official “membership registration form.”

  • For those remitting multiple payments for more than one applicant, please multiply $55 USD by the number of members for whom you are making payments.
  • In the ‘To’ section, type the e-mail address: woodong002@naver.com
  • In the ‘Amount’ box, type 55.00 (Or if you are sending money for several applicants, multiply $55.00 by the number of applicants)
  • In the drop-down menu, choose ‘USD – U.S. Dollars’
  • Click on the ‘Online Services’ tab
  • Click the ‘Services’ button
  • Click the yellow/gold ‘Continue’ button

IMPORTANT:  DO NOT click the ‘Send Money’ button YET.

IMPORTANT:  DO NOT click the ‘Send Money’ button YET.

Scroll down to the ‘message’ section, and add the following details to your message to woodong002@naver.com:

  • ID: (Your Cloud fansite login ID)
  • Name:  (Your real name)
  • Nationality: (The country you live in)
  • Mailing Address: (Your mailing address)
  • E-mail address:  (Your e-mail address)

IMPORTANT:  DO NOT click the ‘Send Money’ button YET.

Once you have reviewed your payment information carefully, click the yellow/gold ‘Send Money’ button to complete your transaction. Okay, NOW you can click the ‘Send Money’ button!

2. After making your payment via PayPal, login to the Official Cloud fansite (rain-cloud.co.kr)

Again, if you haven’t yet joined the official Cloud fansite as a user (rain-cloud.co.kr), then you will need to do that before you proceed, because you will need to have a “registered ID number” to continue this process.  You can find instructions on how to become a user on The Cloud’s fansite HERE.)

3. Once you are a registered as a USER on the official Cloud fansite, and have a login ID, CLICK on the ‘구름8기신청’ banner (Cloud 8 application) below, fill out the official “membership registration form,” and then press 확인(OK)

(Please note: You MUST be logged in to The Cloud fansite for the link in the banner below to work properly.)

Below is a screenshot showing you exactly how to complete the official ‘membership registration form’ on The Cloud’s fansite.  Fill in all necessary details and click the ‘BLUE Submit Button‘ at the end of the form–and you’re done.

Special notes:

  • Please DO NOT send your registration form more than once.  Doing so will clog-up The Cloud’s administrative section.
  • Each of the “group payment” applicants still need to login to The Cloud fansite with their own login ID and fill out an official ‘membership registration form.’
  • BE CAREFUL not to modify your Cloud fansite USER ID while filling out the form.  The ID is automatically populated.  Leave it alone.
  • After clicking the blue ‘Submit’ button, a little pop-up box will appear that says, in Korean: “Giving Thanks for registering.”  Close the box to bring you back to The Cloud fansite.

Please send all of your inquiries, comments and concerns to Heidi Li at joincloud8th@gmail.com


For the special cases where you can’t help but make a payment in Korean Won (KRW).

(NOTE:  This type of transaction is to be used only as last resort.  Please use Paypal if at all possible.)

Transfer funds, 65,000 KRW (conclusive fees including processing fees), to the bank account below:

Account Name: Lee, Gawon

Bank Name: Kookmin Bank


Account number: 652702-04-132939

After making your payment, click the ‘구름8기가입’ banner on The Cloud and fill out the official ‘membership registration form.’


Important Things To Be Aware Of

  • Please use a valid contact number where The Cloud can reach you if they have any issues with your payment or application.
  • Please provide your full mailing address, so you will receive your goods shipment correctly.  The Cloud cannot be held responsible for what happens due to your providing them with incorrect information.
  • If you withdraw from The Cloud after completing your application, it will be impossible for you to rejoin the club during the 8th Cloud membership term.
  • Once your membership application is complete, no refunds of fees and no returns of items are possible.
  • If you fill out the form without making your membership fee payment, or vice versa, you have NOT completed the registration process and will NOT be included in The Cloud’s official membership.
  • Each week, The Cloud will post a list of members whose payments they received from PayPal that week.  The list for the English-speaking fans is posted on the ‘English Talk’ board. Please give The Cloud some time to process your payment properly before you start sending them e-mails asking them if they got it.
  • Please keep a copy of your payment receipts, because your receipt can also be used for fan club events instead of the membership card.
  • Once the registration period is over, The Cloud will issue a full list of members.


~ by Cloud USA on February 27, 2011.

63 Responses to “[Cloud USA Instructions] The 8th Cloud Membership Drive Has Begun!”

  1. I got some sort of error message when I clicked the blue OK button and was then redirected back to the main page. I have no idea what it said. I emailed Heidi Li so hopefully she’ll have some idea, but did something like this happen to anyone else or am I just weird? Or is that normal?


  2. […] For those fans who need them, our Cloud USA instructions on how to become an official member of the new 8th Cloud are HERE. The membership drive will last through March […]


  3. Ok I am literally about to go sign up (I know I’m soooo late. 😦 Crazy month was crazy)

    but I just need to know what exactly goes into the e-mail that we send to Heidi. I was just a little confused about that.


    • Violarain,

      Why would you be sending an e-mail to Heidi? Are you a minor?

      Terri :-}


      • Well I mean I could send her an e-mail with that info since I am actually a minor (I know, I know…) but I may not do it since I’m extra-low on time.

        However if I were to do that then what would go into the email besides the document to prove my minority.


  4. @stephe
    u ao so right
    that why i i did wanted to say much about them and nether their fans whatsoever is
    but one thing i FOR SURE is regradless this new true or joking
    i am still SUPORTING rain & malq their no reason why well should back and let their door cloes over this and me i just going to let it FLEYES… coz as u know rain have became a world and producer in prodution and k_pop korean sesantion for long now and he have walk with aplluse and sucess his goal to now as for Mblaq like Mir say they are nervous when hyung around them that just a joke and i know mir i very mentor person what his talk speed and greet his fans as well
    the boy should know what they doing
    anway i am not going to bring any of this to topic either and we should love both of then in our own way suporting them just like u say out mentor rain and Brother love we should keep it postive and love them all they way step by step all…
    that nagitive gang think
    not to let it slide and i was SHOCK by that post yesterday but again like i say i will love both these hard working rain & mblaq and yes i am a TRUE fan & clouds to them don’t try to pull me away agin working !!


  5. Gawd, what did the boys said to cause this reaction? I don’t know what it was but I am sure those boys love Rain like a father figure. I think these fans have to much spare time in their hands and they are starting to see things where there’s none.


  6. OKAY!!! PREACH SISTER PREACH!!! And the choir SAY;


  7. And while I’m on a roll…

    Let me go ahead and say this while I’m at it. The things that some people choose to put up on their Rain fan sites AMAZES THE HELL OUT OF ME.

    Stephe ^@@^


  8. yeah I was thinking the same thing! Also about other sites and all the issues? And now I’m not sure again. Do I really want the problems again. Some women and young girls just love to much drama. (thinking hard on it)


  9. And by the way… what timing, huh? During Cloud recruitment? Heheh.

    *innocently whistling Dixie*

    Stephe ^@@^


  10. Thanks Stephe, and I totally agree!!


  11. Long story short: An uproar has been started on one of the Cloud boards because MBLAQ has been considered disrespectful to Rain in their interviews over the past year.

    This is my response to the entire debacle.

    1. In my opinion, MBLAQ’s behavior was all tongue-in-cheek humor. Every bit of it. They were lovingly cast by the celeb entertainment shows last year as the “village idiots” and they played the part enthusiastically (which honestly wasn’t the best idea, because fans tend to take what comes out of any idol’s mouth as the gospel truth, not good… there were times when it irritated me, even… I did think that this might come back one day to haunt them, and apparently it has). I also believe that if Rain had wanted to put a stop to it, he could have, EASILY (a hyung will tell you off and shut you down in two seconds flat). But he didn’t. That might be the way MBLAQ’s public personas WERE SET UP, for the most effect and for ratings. Rain is NOT A FOOL, as anyone with sense knows by now. He does NOTHING without a purpose. THEY WERE JOKING.

    2. The “fear” the Boys have of Rain is simply respect for who he is and what he’s done for them. You know what I’m talking about. A normal person dreads not pleasing a beloved parental figure. It is naturally nerve-wracking any time a normal person performs/practices/presents a product in front of the person who mentored them or the person they admire, even Rain. The man STILL sweats bullets before performing in front of his seniors and prays like crazy that nothing goes wrong to disappoint them, even though he is a mega-icon.

    3. ANY videos of JiHoon and MBLAQ practicing together in the studio convey NO tone of hostility or upset, or even dissatisfaction between any of them or their relationship whatsoever. Blood between a mentor and brothers is thicker than any ink that is or isn’t on some contract.

    4. I will support Rain and MBLAQ up and until Rain and MBLAQ stand together side by side and tell me they are DONE WITH EACH OTHER, out of their own mouths, NOT other fans’ mouths, and NOT the media.

    5. I’m not going to punish the whole Korean Cloud (and by extension, punish JiHoon) for what some of them do.

    6. I’m not going to turn away from my personal commitments to JiHoon this year because of what someone else does, because that only harms HIM. I’m not going to just leave his official site to fester in negativity, nor add to that. I’m going to do what I’m positive he wants me to do — brighten the place up for him, room by room, regardless of how other people choose to spend their time there.

    My personal take, in a nutshell. No further investigation needed.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Yeah,

      What she said.

      Good GAWD ALMIGHTY, PEOPLE. The boys were JOKING. It is clear as a bell to anyone with any sense at all.

      And that’s all I’m going to say, because I just got home and to my desk and I’m tired and I need to go to bed.

      Frankly, this is all pure BULL DOOKEY. Plain and simple.

      Terri :-}


  12. @ Kongsao, Yes please what are you guys talking about? WHATS UP?


  13. Oh my god. Nevermind, I see what you’re talking about now. What the hell.


    *need to calm down before commenting further*

    Stephe ^@@^


  14. What are y’all talking about? *very curious*

    Stephe ^@@^


  15. @usako99
    yeah i read about them too on their from Cloud.co.kr forum about rain fan and Mblaq
    gosh it was to K-Clouds has too much drama going on right
    and i let rain and the boy Jtune handle that sulution their
    gosh is anybody read that yesterday it isnot good just let u all know 😦


  16. I’m torn… I love Rain but K-Clouds has too much drama going on right now and I don’t want to be a part of it. So I will pass and keep supporting my Rain just as I have been.


  17. Hello everyone,

    FYI, we are doing a count of Cloud USA members to see how many of us joined up for The Cloud. No reason why, we just thought it would be nice to know the number.

    So, if you don’t mind letting us know your user name or user ID# for The Cloud (whatever is on their list), please send it to us in an e-mail to letitrain@cloudusa.org and we’ll add you to our list.

    Like I said, we have no reason for doing this other than we are just curious to see how many people have actually joined up from Cloud USA.


    Terri :-}


  18. thats alot but ok hahahaha anything for rain


  19. @stephe i’ m going to give u a HUDGE headade
    1 step is
    1. Make a membership payment, US$ 55 with Paypal during application period

    – Paypal Account: woodong002@naver.com

    – Write ‘8th Cloud oversea membership’ at ‘subject’ section when you make a payment

    – Write ‘rain-cloud login ID, name, country, shipping address (your language & English), and e-mail address’ at ‘memo’ section when you make a payment
    (When you make a payment as group, please make sure payee to send all applicants information to joincloud8th@gmail.com and e-mail title is ‘applicants’ information’)

    on that one they are asking me to email that and put the infor or like like they ask to do or i have to email them first then they will give a direct to do ask what u post on your bord i see this in the cloud but be honest i kind confues what they say here
    can u tell me btw… a Paypal
    is somthing u have to have bak account to do it righ if not it will not work for the the site i mean membership


    • Kongsao, us going back and forth in the comments to get you signed up is only going to confuse us both and take a LOT of time, so we don’t need to do that.

      I’m not sure what instructions you are using, but Terri and I took several hours rewording the original registration instructions from The Cloud into the clearest step-by-step instructions that we could, for Cloud USA, and we posted those here… ( https://cloudusa.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/cloud-usa-instructions-the-8th-cloud-membership-drive-has-begun/ ). If you follow them step by step, one at a time, in exact order, they should work just fine. (SKIP the instructions about GROUPS and the instructions about MINORS/teenagers.)

      Actually, if you don’t have a PayPal account already, it might be a lot easier for you to get together with a fan or some fans you know who DO have PayPal, and join together so you don’t have to deal with that part.

      I hope this helps you. I’m really sorry that I don’t have more time…

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Kongsao,

      I have an idea… so don’t worry. I will send you an email sometime this week, and let you know something, okay?

      So just sit tight, and don’t worry. Talk to you soon! ^^

      Stephe ^@@^


  20. @stephe
    ok about my firend i think i can help her
    now about me sorry i have no idea i get that cloud 9 from maybe from Facebook i th9nk anyway ‘
    as for me i can geta memmbership for this clouds 8 right if i can let me know i will do somthing about myself or something but for now all i want to know can i be member clouds 8th or 7th
    sorry alot trobble here 😦


    • Hey, don’t apologize. Don’t be sorry. A lot of people are asking a lot of questions about this because it can be very confusing. So turn that frown upside down into a smile. 🙂 Okay?

      Yes, of course you can join the new 8th Cloud now, while the sign-up period is open, and be an official member of Rain’s Fan Club, if you want to. (The 7th is about to end soon, and the 8th will begin.) You are already registered as a Fan Site user, I see, so all you have to do is go straight to the membership instructions. Hopefully there is another Rain fan close to where you live, someone you know who can help you in person if you get stuck on an instruction…

      Stephe ^@@^


  21. @stephe
    once again i am USA whiches clouds 9th
    so as for me i don”t need this yet until rain anounce for another membership for clous 9th
    was that just pass this may & june
    i not sure whaere my path at can u explain to me i my only question for me i am cloud 9 do need to do this it i wait for the actual offical membership clouds 9 when it open again

    2 i have a firend she Fiplippinese is that she considering clouds 8 and she have to register here: https://cloudusa.wordpress.com/cloud-projects/rains-the-cloud-fan-site-in-south-korea-how-to-join-instructions-in-english/
    then apply the menber ship after this right please clear this for me i wnateed make i know this thank u so much please respond ASAP


    • Kongsao, I’m not exactly sure what you mean about you being a Cloud 9…? The new 8th Cloud, once it goes into effect at the end of the sign-up period, will last for at least a year and maybe longer than that, depending on the circumstances… the 7th Cloud that is in effect now was supposed to have ended last year in May 2010, but has lasted almost TWO years. A 9th Cloud doesn’t exist, and if it does one day, it will probably be at least March 2012 before The Cloud opens the doors for membership again, and we don’t even know if that’s what the name will actually be (there was NO 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. as I understand it…)

      You can wait until that next membership drive if you’d like, certainly. You don’t have to sign up for anything you don’t want to. But I haven’t heard anything about Rain, J.Tune, and The Cloud announcing a membership for a Cloud 9 in the near future.

      As far as your friend in the Philippines, yes you do have the correct link for if she wants to register to USE THE CLOUD FAN SITE, read the Rain News board and the English Talk board, and leave Rain messages on the Support for Rain board. https://cloudusa.wordpress.com/cloud-projects/rains-the-cloud-fan-site-in-south-korea-how-to-join-instructions-in-english/ Yes, that’s it! 🙂

      And then she can apply for official 8th Cloud membership right after that, if she wants to, like you said. OR she can simply enjoy those pages that she can access.

      Good luck to her, either way. Thanks for giving your friend a helping hand. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  22. I will be sure to sign up.


  23. I’m joining!!!! Very happy no ss#, but having computer issues as usual 😦 well be all fixed in time to become official CLOUD! now y’all know I love my BOO. Jung I’m coming baby…. y’all get your minds out the gutter, hahahahaha


  24. Ok so you just put your whole address in that one line right?


    • Hi, ceci.

      Yes, your whole address goes into the ADDRESS 2 line except for your zip code (there is a special ZIP CODE line for that). And don’t forget to put NA in ADDRESS 1.

      Stephe ^@@^


  25. Another note,

    Some people may balk at The Cloud asking for your telephone number, since most of us here in the U.S. like to keep our telephone numbers private. I don’t know why that would bother anybody, since most types of commercial transaction these days ask for one, but you never know.

    They just want to make sure that if they have trouble getting your gifts to you that they will be able to contact you. That’s the only reason they are asking for it.

    Terri :-}


    • Yes, dear Terri…the telephone contact is specifically for the reason you mentioned!
      Many a time, the souvenirs were returned to sender &
      this creates another headache & cost incurrence for The Cloud!
      May I suggest that your cell-phone contact be given instead,
      should one be concerned with the house phone.
      Leave the other contact space as NA- not available.
      In fact, nowadays, it’s easier to get hold of someone with the cell-phone, right?
      Aja Aja Fighting…RAIN Loves us ALL~ We are indeed his ONE #TrueLove#


  26. Hello…Cloud USA RAIN Fwens…So BIzy @ The Cloud & juggling Family time…kekeke..
    Now found some time to wind-round here…mianhe…
    Gargantuan Thanks to Terri & Stephe for this very detailed instructions
    for The 8th Cloud membership Registration process…
    Fantabulously RAINilicious! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    It’s would be truly BIutiful if all Cloud USA members can become Official Clouds…
    It would give RAIN a sense of Pride with the numbers coming in!
    However, it is indeed crucial for each & everyone to join only when
    One is @ PEACE with One Ownself that sharing USD 55 @ The Cloud.
    apart from showing Our Unconditional love & Support for RAIN,
    is a small contribution towards running the site & keeping it up to date.
    Yes…some may comment that The Cloud lacks support for English-speaking
    Fans like ourselves…BUT, that is precisely why we need to be heard..
    when we are Official Clouds.
    Also, an Official member gets some benefits in return.
    Yes…many may not have the chance to attend the fan meet or most concerts,
    (of course, we all have the fervent hope that RAIN will do US Concerts before MS!)
    Hence…this is the best time to contribute as an Official Member!
    What I meant to add is that the “souvenirs” that will be given to Official Clouds,
    in itself may cost more than USD55…
    Many of us “suspects” that RAIN himself contributes these “souvenirs”.
    RAIN LOVES US ALL…Official members or Not!
    But he can do more for Official Clouds by way of his Fan meets & Souvenirs…it’s the way of protocol!

    Just as some asked. Why RAIN doesn’t wave to his fans?
    But really, RAIN can only do so when we “make some noise” to tell him that we are his fans & supporters, right!
    He’d be so embarrassed if he starts waving to everyone on sight…
    later, finding out that they are just “passers-by” lolsss…isn’t it!

    English-speaking fans like ourselves…need to heard…
    (which reminds me to once again give Thanks to all who have been visiting The Cloud
    To Message RAIN every now & then. Gamsahamnida!]
    BUT is also true that we can be heard…being Official or Not!
    However, it would really be SEEN…not just HEARD…when we become Official Clouds as Our IDs are counted by country!

    Please, Please Cloud USA fwens…only join Officially when One is comfortable in doing so.
    However, I would like to encourage more Cloud USA members to join The Cloud NOW
    as…Grey Clouds …and send RAIN “B&W” Support…continuously…Jeongmal Gamsahamnida!
    Aja Aja Fighting everyone…Thank You for hearing me out…RoseHoong

    (Special Note: Social security numbers are not required…this should ease everyone’s concerns on revealing your official ID…
    Just make sure the ID/Name that you use “identifies yourself” & your email contact is reachable)


    • Thank you, Rose, for your comments.

      They are greatly appreciated. Like you said, to be “officially” counted in the numbers would be nice. We know Rain has many fans here in the U.S. (and English-speaking fans all over the world). I just don’t know why it’s so difficult to get them to come out of the woodwork and let themselves be counted. Sigh.

      Ah well, here’s hoping that we come through for him.

      Terri :-}


  27. The last time I took my son to the movies, it cost $11.00 per ticket ($22.00). The drinks we purchased at the concession stand(me a bottle of water, him a small soda) cost $14.00.

    Later in the day, we stopped by Smoothie King and bought smoothies for dinner ($9.00+).

    Do you see where I’m going with this? Is $55.00 a year REALLY too much to pay to show our favorite star that we really REALLY love him? I don’t think it is.

    Now, I am certainly NOT trying to make anyone feel guilty for not joining The Cloud. And I’m NOT trying to coerce anyone into spending money they DO NOT HAVE. I am well aware of the status of our economy these days. It has hit some of my own family and friends hard as well.

    What I am trying to do is to urge those people who CAN afford to join the club, but just haven’t quite made the commitment to take those final steps, to just go ahead and sign up.

    As far as I’m concerned, I think it is totally worth it to give up my Starbucks coffee for a month or two, so I can afford to pay my $55.00 membership fee to The Cloud.

    I buy his albums. I watch/buy his movies/dramas. I’d even go to a concert if he were to ever have one near enough for me to go. So why on earth wouldn’t I join his official fan club?

    What about you?

    Terri :-}


    • [mumbles that your cinema is cheap]

      can i add to this? *hears the answer yes* ok XD

      i am a student, a poor poor living on noodles and bread student – i have given up the noodles for rain and i LOVE noodles! but i love Rain more and will do anything (yet not that!) to show Rain that international fans support his perfect booty!

      if you can’t aford it then mow a few lawns! u do that in america right? i’m sure u have grass! blue grass? age is no excuse grass continues to grow! or give up that 5th morning coffee *aimed at cami the addicted one*

      i think its worth it too! you can get many kinds of bread *chuckles*

      sorry i go rather insane when i work all day XD post a comment if you do sign up though interested to see who has decided too XD

      *group hug*
      *skips off to go do more work*


      • First off…”people” in the UK have no idea what we do in the US! *stares at PurpleZest….BLUE GRASS??? Really?*

        I truly understand the dilemma of the cost to join, but I also have been waiting for so long for the opportunity “window” that I put this money aside when they were originally going to start the membership drive months ago.

        For what my two cents are worth (quiet Katie!) I would’ve normally contemplated joining and paying the fees – BUT….we all see WHAT and HOW these funds are being used and what the dedication of support this club does on a DAILY basis for Rain. That was enough for me to want to participate anyway I could (and drink less Starbuck’s is better for me anyway…*glares at Katie*)!

        Nuff said….my registration is already done…and I’m excited!


        • Oh lawd, here we go…! ROFL

          Stephe ^@@^


        • Thank you, Star, for your support. :-}

          LOLing @Katie’s blue grass. Well, we do have blue grass…in Kentucky, right? ROFL. Star, give Katie a break. Remember she just learned what an SSN was, okay? *chuckle*.

          Terri :-}


          • Oh the game is ON!!!

            @cami well u shouldn’t be represented in films a grass mowers then! *chuckles* and its blue if u paint it! heard all sorts of happenings going on around that vegas strip! and i bet would have to be an offcial cloud with cami would be in the small print somewhere! *steals all your coffee and buys your local starbucks – plasters your naked a** on the wall outside with don’t feed me printed underneath!* BOOYA!

            @terri ohhhhhhhhhh unnie u cheeky so and so! and we call it NI not SSN (sounds like tv channel)

            @Stephe *squishes* XD


          • Bring it on!!!

            @Terri…Katie didn’t retain what she learned so you should give her a quiz! Ask her how to spell it…..(hint for Katie: S S N)

            And I’m not one to start rumors….(make myself LOL on that one) but “why does Katie knows so much about GRASS????” “Does she have an illegal pastime we don’t know about???”

            @PurpleZest BOOYAY!!!! *dances naked in Vegas*

            And we all know it is a “privilege” to be in a club with me! Katie gets to look/drool over bananas everyday….that’s a benefit!

            @Stephe As Rain says….Round 2! *rings invisible bell*


  28. Is everybody getting through the process okay? Just wanted to make sure that no one had any more questions and that our instructions were clear.

    Terri :-}


  29. got mine in… woo hoo! thanks guys! 🙂 (as always!)


  30. Did anyone have trouble finding the registration form on the Cloud website? Whereabouts do you click because I couldn’t see the korean text that was in the instructions anywhere on the cloud website.


    • So sorry, Gigi.

      I didn’t realize that the banner was embedded in Rose’s original instructions. I have added a banner link to OUR instructions. It’s HUGE and pink. I don’t think you can miss it.

      NOTE: You must be logged in to The Cloud fansite for the banner to work though. And if you’re not logged in when you click it, just long in on the page (not at the top) to access the form.

      The form will automatically populate your ID number into it.

      You can also take the long way around and log in to The Cloud fansite, go to the English Talk board, find Rose’s updated instructions on how to join The Cloud, find the banner, and then click on that directly. But they are both linked to the same place.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for pointing that out!

      Terri :-}


      • Thanks! I ended up figuring it out the long way from the board after I posted. It was quite an adventure with google translate being so annoyingly inaccurate but I’m registered ok now…lol.


    • Hi gigi i had the same problem. The banner didn’t appear on the site when i was trying to register.
      Do the following:
      1.Sing in the cloud website
      2. Click on English talk on the left site of the site.
      3. Then you will see comments about the 8th cloud, Click the one that says: 8th Cloud Oversea Membership Guide (excluding Korean & Japanese) Revised.
      4. scroll down and you will find the pink banner with a cloud.
      5. Click it and you will be redirect to the registration form.
      6. Your ID will appear automatically so don’t change it.
      7. Just fill out the form and click the blue bottom at the end of the form.

      I hope this is helpful.

      Let me know if you found it.


  31. Ladies i’m confused in one part. what’s the id the number or my name display in rain-cloud website?


    • lluvia,

      The log-in (or log-on) ID they are talking about is the one that you use to log-in with on the Cloud’s fansite at http://rain-cloud.co.kr/.

      They have to have your log-on ID so they can match up the payment you made with your membership application.

      It is the number that you type in, along with your password, to sign into The Cloud’s fansite. Does that make sense?

      Terri :-}


  32. All done! Thank you for the great instructions! And special thanks to Rose Hoong for all her help! The process went smoothly!


  33. well got me my piece of banana

    (loosly translates as signed up 🙂


  34. (*No SSN required.)

    Stephe ^@@^


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