Rain about town: The Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant in Malaysia.

Looks like Rain and Crew stopped in and ate at one of the Daorae restaurants, during the Rain’s Coming world tour stop at Kuala Lumpur. And nearly everything I’ve read up to this point says that Daorae very well may be one of the BEST eating places when it comes to Korean food in Malaysia. If I ever find myself in that country, I should definitely drop in.

If I’m lucky, I’ll land in the one where JiHoon’s picture displays him larger than life.

โ€” Stephe ^@@^

(images source: foodpoi.com)

~ by Cloud USA on February 26, 2011.

7 Responses to “Rain about town: The Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant in Malaysia.”

  1. I would love to go there and take a photo next to him. He looks awesome in that place!!! The food looks yummie!!


  2. Is this in KL? If so I will go there next year….can you tell me where abouts it is located and i will take a picture next to Rain??????

    Oh and the food looks good too!


    • Not sure… the person didn’t specify, Mel, and I think there are several restaurants…

      When you go next year, we’ll just do a little research, and… voila! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Everything looks yummy.


  4. The food look good. I would love to try some.


  5. Wha! that looks sooo good.


  6. ahahhaahh i would love to be drop in the restruamt of rain their too well , here i would would love to took an photo on that DISPLAY of rain and also the food that have rain pict their must bee a good feed for regradless u their just for rain or not still fill up my stomach as well and ofcurse of any my city ever and E.V.E.R. have once of rain display that will wrote to trip for eating their reastrant right??
    but to me i don’t care as long he killer display in their any restruant i will slip myself and enjoy eating and yet stare at rain too ekekkeek RIGHT!!


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