Rain check.

Fan art. Awwww….! We miss JiWoo! Aww! — ^@@^  (image: yoko / Happy Feeling, Japan)


A really nice Fugitive banner… ! (image source: Happy Feeling, Japan)


At the Fugitive: Plan B press conference in Seoul.  And hello to you as well, Director Kwak. 🙂  (image source: Happy Feeling, Japan)


Rain showed a lot of intensity in Manila.  (images: Happy Feeling, Japan0


Self-camming while loving Japan… 🙂  (image: Happy Feeling, Japan)

~ by Cloud USA on February 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “Rain check.”

  1. wwooww estas pic estan fabulosass gracias !! thanks !!!!


  2. Loved JiWoo and all his crazy antics.
    That last picture is gorgeous, his arms are glistening.


  3. It’s been a good min. sents i have seen Plan B. But we see Jiwoo all the time in Jihoon.


  4. !pict that killer smile awawwawa just brigh my day seriou u guy know what that JIWOO he marry me on the spot wjile me (LNY) in the dressing room as soon he say me in that beauitful SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY drees i adimtitly *SWOON* under my body and OH HALILUIELA !! :P)
    actually it the nigh of my HOONY MOON in cebu he he he !! 🙂
    man the seconf last pict dramit i never get trie that HOTNESS rain look and angle of him while he sing and yet pperform gosh i just wanted to knock his back dancer and me dancinfg with him oon that stage ekekekekekek
    oh rain we know u love camrea so they are to !!
    how gergous of him here that the best pict i ever see in rain holding that camera he became an camrea own ahahha rain about some vaction and took thoes pict together i mean a smooty lovely peace just u and me DEAL…!!


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