Rain check #2.

Teacher/mentor/big brother JiHoon. ♥  Our previous post, which includes » a clip of Rain and MBLAQ during the making of BLAQ Style, is HERE. — ^@@^  (images: yuko, rainstorm Japan)

~ by Cloud USA on February 25, 2011.

9 Responses to “Rain check #2.”

  1. Oh I love the funny faces Rain makes. He’s too cute for words!


  2. Aww he’s making a cute face. And is that GO behind him looking so adorable?


  3. He looks so super young here… It’s crazy what a difference a haircut can make, right?? I actually like his hair color here, and I’m assuming this was right before the poodle hair days… Guess it looks different when it’s curly and teased up. What a cutie…


  4. Man Rain is so gorgeous!! His skin look so beautiful in these pictures. I love the way his hair is cut and colored . He look so young . I love the cute faces!! He is just so HOT!!!


  5. LOL, that first picture is priceless.


  6. Jihoon oppa is makeing cute faces.


  7. cute faces


  8. He’s such a Beauty!


    ever and ever !1 i love seeing him like a childish look he making me smile like a gril come to him just ask rain i wanted him to teach me and be my teacher and train everything u got keep me 24/7 forget about the home sweet home i i have just rain it all it take ekekekekk Lol… 🙂
    look O_O at that sexy jawline of him my oh boy i wanteed to run my finger of his HAIR face, and that simply sexy & hot body of rain push all his Mblaq out just ONLY me & rain lock that door and put him his song ANGEL & SLOWLY aawawawwawawa :P)
    soory Mblaq today rain is mine ekekekekke


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