He makes looking off-camera an art form.

~ by Cloud USA on February 24, 2011.

9 Responses to “He makes looking off-camera an art form.”

  1. He is 1 fine peice of art indeed.


  2. @Bia
    oh yeah you So right he is a beauitful Define art from ever see in your eye it so difine look of him that pase of rain will differnly sale profit ahahhahahahah that is so INDEED !!! that ever angle of rain are uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! i am so dorrling here !! :P)
    and i will stole that frame of him for sure !!


  3. He is the most beautiful art I have ever laid my eyes on!!


  4. I’m with Bi Alamode on this….his whole being is an art form! He would make a great art class model….*imagining him naked in front of me…while I drool…I mean draw*


    • Well it’s gonna be difficult to draw on wet paper…LOL.


      • You’re right! Maybe I could work with clay instead of paper…then my drooling will come in handy (you must keep clay moist to mold it)! And for the record…I would need “a lot” of clay to sculpt Rain!


  5. Among other things…lol 😉


  6. HE IS an art form!…..A Very, Very FINE FORM indeed!!


  7. He wears this look very well. ^_~


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