[clip/Eng trans] Making BLAQ Style: Don’t get it twisted… Rain and MBLAQ are still tight.

And they always will be. (Don’t the Boys look great?)

Doesn’t matter how much JiHoon encourages MBLAQ to be independently creative (a good thing), or how many times he goes off to take care of business and the Boys venture on their own… he will be there for them in a heartbeat when they need him. Any place. Any time. He really cares for them, deeply, and they care for him and want nothing more than to do right by him. They are family.

It’s a hyung thing.

— Stephe ^@@^

110200 [Eng trans Rain (Bi) TV] Making the BLAQ Style (2:13 min). (Credit: Daum / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(Brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Rain : For this musical interval that has more of a flat feel to it, it’s very important to be able to move to the flowing style of groove with feeling. I think now you have the ability to do that, don’t you?

Mir : I’d like to keep this mood steady.

Rain : How’s that? I think he did a good job, don’t you?

Rain : Don’t spoil the mood.

Rain : Let’s let it go two at a time.

Rain : ‘Cheol Yong’ (Mir), do your own voice !

Rain : It doesn’t make a difference.

Mir : We are here to shoot a music video for our title track, ‘Stay.’ Its choreography is the figuration of the twinkle of stars. We worried because the choreography for chorus part of this song wasn’t completed, but ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung (Rain) let us know that he finished a new choreography for it, that could be a big hit.

Mir : I believe in ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung

Lee Joon : Me, too.

Cheon Doong : I like it.

Mir : Do you know when ‘Ji Hoon’ hyung will be back? He won’t come again? Yes!! (Hooray!)

Mir : We’ve seen him so often, but we are too nervous to perform to the best of our abilities whenever we see him. But I think that is out of our control.

Cheon Doong : We get scared already before we even show our abilities when we are with him.

~ by Cloud USA on February 23, 2011.

11 Responses to “[clip/Eng trans] Making BLAQ Style: Don’t get it twisted… Rain and MBLAQ are still tight.”

  1. For this video i see Rain how’s he manage MBLAQ & their relation.He stand a boss,father,friend & a big brother too.Well he realy cared & he give all full support for the boys.Rain he is loving person & he is not selfish he manage all people arround him thats why i really like him….for MBLAQ don’t give a hard time to your Hyung ok & do you best also,fighting!!!


  2. Gosh, I think they love Rain so much!! He is like a big brother/father figure for them but at the same time they know he is a master entertainer so they feel intimidated. LOL!!! They don’t want to fail him and that put pressure on their performance.But you know, I think Rain/Mblaq relationship is still better than the one Rain got with JYP. I believe JYP was harder on Rain, specially at the beginning, when he didn’t know that Rain’s mom was so sick. Later on that relationship grew better but still JYP was strict. The boys are in really good hands with Rain coz he is strict and want them to excell but at the same time Rain has a soft spot for them. Rain is a loving person above all and I love him for that. 😀


  3. MBLAQ r to cute when they r working with Jihoon oppa.


  4. Awww……ain’t that “tweet” Big bro makes them nervous and they just want to do their best. (SMILES) At least he doesn’t “hover”……too much. He’s at least giving them that space to grow, he had to “upset” JYP in order to get some freedom to grow when he “came of age”. He remembers that and is trying to “push” the little birdies out of the nest now, so they can become independent even faster than he did. Even so, Bi is SO driven/ambitious, he would have left “the nest” anyway with or without JYP’s blessing. Glad that part of his professional life is water under the bridge.


  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by L to the C, Let It Rain. Let It Rain said: [clip/Eng trans] Making BLAQ Style: Don't get it twisted… Rain and MBLAQ are still tight. http://wp.me/pLdQp-8p0 #MBLAQ #Rain […]


  6. i get the biggest joy out of watching how Rain shares and guides MBLAQ. it’s heart warming to read what and how they feel and listen as Rain communicates with them. yeap, he gives them freedom, but shows up and gets involved when they need him.

    and they do need him for this 1st full album. so nice to watch. thanks.


    • I was completely speechless when watching this video. Yes, it was great to see them interact. His pride and their genuine love for each other is so evident!

      I keep watching…


  7. Oh yeah! MBLAQ all the guys are JiHoons little brothers and they will always look up to him, and JiHoon loves his little brothers as Stephe says they are and always will be family. And family always sticks together no matter what. And I understand them being nervous around JiHoon he’s their mentor.


  8. rain one master !!! very good MBLAQ !!!


  9. afterall reading this oh boy actually Mblaq very scare and so nervous when rain is around them ahahaahahah parhape the nerve of them of how rain so strick and very straight to his perfection of became a perfect real singer is and rain so serious when it come to a
    singer and rapping u can tell they are scare of rain also note that when rain look at them they have bow and say yes too i can tell rain not just very harsh i mean a good way on them but somehow he scare his boy ekekekek but u can’t blame hyung for that coz rain is type person who wanted to get his business suceed and well production too i sure i undrerstand why rain is like and how he became world star so Mblaq u must stick with rain behalf ok!! u gotta love your boss he alway their for u no matter that just rain ahahha !


  10. @Stehe
    AMEN !!
    yes that is so TURE ! rain is very good BOSS of father who care for his boy and alway did his extra mile for thier suport and help them no matter what to rain Mblaq is thier love for him and he will care them for everything he can give them so much encourage for the boy i differenily love rain for the fact he nurtion them so well and alway walk around and check on them. rain very have a specail heatbeat theat the boy are so lucky by their hyung.. i do the well grow on their own one these day but coz rain that how they get so good and very talen in their own way too the boy very good talen and very intersting of their self..
    “For this musical interval that has more of a flat feel to it, it’s very important to be able to move to the flowing style of groove with feeling.
    OMG!! OMG!! i love what he say right that what rain is and it so him ahhahhahaahh 🙂


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