[Cloud USA announcements] Bi Yourself Open Thread for 2/22-2/28.

» You can visit the previous Open Thread HERE. And of course, don’t forget that our Cloud USA Forum is a most excellent place for Rain love, fan communication, and self-expression.

By the way — have you left a message for JiHoon on The Cloud today?

(Remember, our Project page for newbies on how to access the Official Cloud Rain Fan Club in S.Korea is HERE.)


*For those fans who are waiting for news concerning the 8th Korean Cloud membership drive: As we mentioned last week, Cloud recruitment was scheduled to start yesterday, February 21, and last for about a month, until March 20.

What you presently need to know is THIS. 1) The easiest way for the membership drive to commence, seeing as The Korean Cloud is entering a new era where English-speakers in the Americas and Europe are being included, is for this operation to happen in waves (MY word for it), or sections. So that is how things have begun. 2) The 7th Cloud executive board is handling the new 8th membership drive in three “waves”… the first one for fans living in Korea, the second for fans living in Japan, and the third for fans living overseas (outside of Korea and Japan).

3) The final guideline notices have been posted on The Cloud for the first and second “waves” (the fans who live in Korea and the fans who live in Japan) and their recruitment will commence in a few more days. The final guideline notices for the third “wave” (all overseas fans, outside of Korea and Japan, which includes us) will be posted shortly after that. This makes a lot of sense in that memberships can then be processed in more manageable chunks, rather than hitting The Cloud all at once. Also, the PAYPAL option for U.S. and European fans is still being ironed out.

4) The recruitment deadline of March 20 is not firm. They suspect that they will probably extend it to make certain that no one who is waiting is left out.

5) The Cloud Fan Site ID and password that “gray clouds” already have for limited access of the site will be needed to log in and apply for full membership and the run of the place, of course. When our final guideline notices are posted, that is when we will know what the fee is this year, what discount teen fans get, and what other information is OR is not needed, and fans can decide to join our U.S. sisters who are already official (green) OR to stay unofficial based on comfort level and/or interest.

There is a question concerning English-speakers who live in S.Korea. It will be addressed. And so for now, that is all.

**Edited to Add: FYI English-speakers living IN KOREA… Your recruitment notice has been posted on The Cloud and your questions addressed (translated and transfered from the official Cloud Common Board, and posted on English Talk). Just go to the English Talk board for the information you need. Thanks.


JiHoon should be starting “Red Muffler” filming any day now, so please keep him uplifted in your thoughts and send him as many Aja fighting!s as you can muster. He needs our strength and support to help carry him through this new project and on into the next. It’s going to be a busy, challenging year, and he is destined to do great things in it.

See you later. That is IF I make it through JiHoon’s Esquire pictures alive. As it is now, they have me in a perpetual swoon. ~_~

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on February 22, 2011.

17 Responses to “[Cloud USA announcements] Bi Yourself Open Thread for 2/22-2/28.”

  1. Guess what guys… KBSworldi.com finally subbed all 8 episodes of Jungle Fish 2. Gonna go watch right now. 🙂


  2. @busybee1982
    i saw and vote for rain
    What is the singer who has the best fans?
    he at #2 now and he reach his point to 85140
    Lee joon #11
    Mir #12
    guy please spread this to everbody to vote too
    if u can can spread this so we all can keep vote for rain he @ 2 today !!


  3. Peru Clouds are asking for help in VOTING for who has the best fans. info. is up at Rainlegend.

    Rain has moved from 21 spot to 2 spot since yesterday.


    • Oh, man! I was completely out of the loop on this one and WAY too busy at the time… What happened? Is it over? How did it end?

      Stephe ^@@^


    • Wow!

      I didn’t have time to give this voting the attention it deserved either. I’m with Stephe. Let us know how it went! If it’s not over let us know so we can go add our votes!

      Terri :-}


  4. love the picture.


  5. So cute ❤ :).


  6. Rain looks so handsome as always. Sighhh Thanks Stephe for posting this one. You know me, flipping about THE HAIR here!! LOl!! 😀


  7. Hi all, I enjoy coming here and catching up on the latest and of course..drooling haha sigh..he makes us do that sometimes.
    I am in the process of teaching myself korean just so i can watch and sing freely…but, i need a pen pal or something to help motivate and converse and or type to. any ideas?




  9. honestly, sometimes i get lost going through all the pages here (smile). i thought i saw a message from Rain “thanking members for the Christmas box”!!! am i wrong? i don’t even remember what page i saw it on, huhuhu.

    came back today, to re-read it (just to be sure) and leave my question on that page, and i can’t remember where to find it. can anyone help?


    • Busybee,

      No, we did not receive a thank you message “directly” from Rain. We did, however, receive an autographed CD from him, as well as assurance from our contacts in Korea who delivered the box that he really did get the box.

      Everybody needs to watch and see if he wears any of the clothing that was in that box, because he does wear things fans give him on occasion. For example, the ski pants he recently wore on his ski trip were given to him by fans. I tried like heck to see what beanie he was wearing in that pic, actually, because there were 2 beanies in the Cloud USA box. Unfortunately, there were no close-up shots. LOL. There was a beautiful pink tie and a couple of other things he probably thought were cool in that box too. So, keep an eye out.

      Terri :-}


  10. Rain we will always support and Love you! Good luck for the Red Muffler/Living in the sky — stay healthy and have fun always!


  11. i know Rainy Baby i love you too. 😉
    Thank you Stephe you are the best!!!!!!!!


  12. Gorgeous picture once again, always look forward to the “Open Thread”.


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