[article/clip] The Korean music industry on Bloomberg.

“The music is actually no longer the business… if anything, it’s a business card.” — Bernie Cho, President, DFSB Kollective

Cloud USA Forum moderator Katie clued us in to this very cool Bloomberg segment. And afterwards, I was pretty stoked to see it posted on a KPop news and media site. I mean, KPop isn’t something that I would expect to find dissected and respected on Bloomberg, frankly. On that same token, I wouldn’t expect to find a Bloomberg report even noticed by most KPop sites. Color me impressed.

And so I’m bringing this to you (the KPop segment begins at minute marker 10:30) because many of you aren’t just Rain fans, you’re KPOP fans. It gives a lot of up to date insights into the industry and the second Korean Wave, and you might even see some of your other favorite poppers showcased.

(Rain is not mentioned. A KPop article on MBLAQ’s fan meeting, however, is used as a reference.)

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^


Koreaboo 2/20/2011 — soulmsarang, Writer

Bloomberg discusses the Korean Pop industry

The international success of the Korean pop music industry is growing by the day. Bloomberg’s weekend program, “Monocle”, has chosen this week to feature Seoul, South Korea and its blooming music industry. “Monocle” is a program that highlights particular areas of the globe and discusses a central matter or issue.

Likening the power of Korean pop to music produced in the US, the report raised three main areas of discussion: the Korean pop industry as Korea’s real economic power and most potent export, the significance of social media in the success of Korean pop, and the fact that Korean pop is more than just music, and essentially a package of both visual and audio appeal.

Big Bang’s GD and TOP were also featured briefly as a top, “two of the most recognizable faces in Asia” and appeared in short interview clips, both sharing their views on the industry. TOP commented, “However you look at it, people seem to be feeling a sense of discovery and mystery about Korea. It seems that they’re seeing us in a positive light.” In his turn, GD said, “Right now, to know that a lot of fans around the world are listening to music from our tiny country, it’s got to have a huge effect on the Korean music scene. But, as the situation changes very rapidly, the scene’s got to develop just as fast.”

Another familiar face, YG’s Executive Director, Kim Jinu, was also featured, explaining the reality of the social media reform. He said, “YouTube right now is the best vehicle for us to reach our core demographic audience which is young people. The world, not just Korea – there are no boundaries or borders anymore. We no longer have to rely on TV stations and radio stations. Social networking has been the vehicle of choice.”

Other artists mentioned or showcased throughout the segment included BoA, Girls’ Generation, Epik High, Super Junior, 2NE1, and Wonder Girls along their hit single, “Nobody”. Various excerpts from music videos were shown, as a reinforcement to the proposition that Korean pop is quintessentially very visually synchronized with musical appeal. It was likened to “the Madonna and Michael Jackson days of super hero performances”.

Check out the entire “Monocle” episode below!

“Monocle” Episode

Source: Bloomberg

~ by Cloud USA on February 21, 2011.

14 Responses to “[article/clip] The Korean music industry on Bloomberg.”

  1. wohooo!!!…US finally taking an interest in Korean music…signs of better things to come!!! 😉


  2. @ Busybee, again I have to totally agree you hit the nail on the head so of speak. JIHoon deserves the credit he is due for being a pioneer, but also because as I’ve said before “RAIN’s” music should be and in my opinion is in a class all its own because personally his music really isn’t kpop to me that says more Korean hip hop/rap and I feel his music is strickley more R&B SOUL with a couple hip hop songs thrown in.


    • indeed true (now,he is in a different catagory than kpop). but when he first appeared in the US that’s the catagory Korean news outlets gave his early music. his sound has gradually changed, especially when he stopped singing JYP produced songs. he is no longer kpop for me either. but that is the type of songs JYP wrote for him and what he still writes for his current artists. in Rain’s first albums 1,2 and 3 it was almost the opposite to how you hear him now (it was more hip hop/rap) and yeap now it is R&B soul with some rap thrown in, as you say. they say (according to Ktv), that these new artists are the second kpop WAVE of the KoreanWave, which is why i say i wish Rain would be acknowledged for his early efforts of opening the door.


  3. @busybee1982 & Lotus
    yeah i SO AGREED !!
    RAIN IS WOROLD K-POP INDUSTRY AND WORLD ENTERTINMENT here SEOUL should know beeter now i so disipontment about this yeah it true some have many K-pop ido but why not mention him he should the one have mention MOST of time we all knopw rain hetic other think to do but for once rain laway up on his years to give his new ablum live perforamce Mnet ect… and also not to mention he give alot idot male adimre who SOLO is but he bring this to LIVE !!
    i not buit it SORRY 😦


  4. Great article. Often when reading some of the diasporic SKoreans, Koreans aomments via social medium. i get the feeling they (fans) prefer that these artist will remain solely in Korea. When a group or artist sings or makes an English album, all i read are complaints about them singing in English. Well, they are already Koreans so, if they sing in English is not a bad thing. There is a whole world for these artist to explore. They’ve got fans all over, Germany, Franch. English along with ‘mandarin’ is most notable(spoken)language worldwide. If they want to make it in the Western World, they better sing in English and speak it well too. Most of the top artist speak English very well, with almost no accent. Surprosed me. Enrique iglesis is spanish sings also in english and he is well known in English speaking countries.se7en & Amarie duet in English both are Korean/etc. Crown, rapper dude has performed in Korean and English. So if Bi, MBLAQ, Gummy, 2AM, 2PM JyJ TOP, GD want to win a grammy they best kick it in English yo. Mind you I like most of the songs in joesol/korean. singing them in English i have to play catch up. lol 까만 공주


    • @Jojo,

      I agree with what you said….”I get the feeling they (fans) prefer that these artists will remain solely in Korea.”

      I have felt that as well. Why the slow response to updating your Icon’s official website? Why the slow response making his music available for purchase on Itunes to English speaking countries? Why the slow response to making any and all mediums of communication regarding your artist(s) available in English and other languages? I refuse to believe it can not be done, of course it can. All of us have seen the political unrest that is happening in the world right now in Egypt and other places. The internet is wonderful tool like that. I know they have the internet in Korea. My point is, Korean officials know the world stage is available and waiting for their artists. These young Korean artists see the opportunities to grow themselves and their music outside of Korea, but I think it’s the powers that be that don’t necessarily want the world “invading” their country and “taking” their artists away. Maybe that’s how it’s viewed. In my opinion, anybody ought to want to “leave the nest” and make their own path in life and I think that’s what these artists, namely Bi wants to do and he can’t do it stuck at home in Korea. If I am wrong, I stand corrected.


  5. @ Diva, they twist and perm, as I have said before have Asians in my family but also have some friends.


  6. I’m so glad you posted this! I read about it on Facebook today and whatever source they got it from translated it all jacked up. I’m excited to watch it.

    I’m sad they neglected to mention Rain but maybe it’s because the Episode is about the Hallyu 2nd Wave? On the other hand, it’s really cool that they’re mentioning it at all. If more and more people start listening to Kpop, they’ll eventually end up finding out about Rain, right? Not a thing wrong w/ that.

    On another note, I love me some G Dragon and Top! They’re such cuties and their cd is INCREDIBLE. I had to dl most of it off of Itunes. If any of u haven’t listened to it yet, definitely YT the song “Knockout”. One question though… How the HELL did they manage to get GD’s straight Korean hair to look like a kinky fro?? Inquiring minds want to know… 🙂


  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Let It Rain, Chisun. Chisun said: [article/clip] The Korean music industry on Bloomberg.: http://t.co/VO7a14t […]


  8. @ Busybee, I so agree! A lot of those kpopers used Rain as their inspiration.


    • yes, as their inspiration and as their (springboard)….Rain has been making noise in the US since 2003, performing in places like Chicago, Hollywood Bowl and many other places that some of these artist appeared after him. even the Korean-American population was not on the radar until Rain appearances started making people ask questions about Asian music. sure Boa and Seven and Super Junior can be seen (for the most part), in LA, but they haven’t left a lasting impression here (other than in LA). there was a little noise made when Seven was showned on BET music channel with LilKim, but to be honest, by the time that happened LilKim’s popularity was 0 (because of some serious legal issues she had just had). Boa made the Billboard list, but, if i hadn’t read about it on Korean newsites, i would never have known it from US music news. Rain has been mentioned (twice) in Forbes mag. (a info. source for Bloomberg, i might add). so this news now coming on Bloomberg channel is still not new because Rain is the forrunner. btw, i watch Bloomberg a lot, and i haven’t seen this segment in my hometown. hummmmm (maybe it will air at a later date here, we’ll see). but, i guess my complaint is that these new comers don’t give Rain the props he deserves by thanking him for opening the door for them and giving them access.


  9. This was very interesting indeed. Like one of the Big Bangers said…”as the scene around them changes rapidly, the Korean music scene has to change just as rapidly too.” Here, Here…I say! That would mean like….oh I don’t know….updating your country’s biggest music ambassador’s official web site. Oh and like offering his goods and your services in other languages so the THOUSANDS of new fans you are “courting” can fully indulge in all this Lovely Korean produced music.

    For all the love I have for Bi, all I’ve got to show for it is my Ninja Assassin blu-ray DVD. At least that’s right now (YT is my friend!)………


  10. I think its pretty cool however I am disappointed that Rain was not mentioned.


    • i’m very dissappointed about that. it’s sorta leads new folks to think this is something just starting when i fact (maybe it will come out later), kpop has been visible for some years.

      our news is always so behind everyone else. and how can you even talk about kpop and not mention Rain?


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