[article] MBLAQ check.

There’s still a chance that by May, Mir will be shipshape. Bless his heart… Just keep sending him good vibes!

— Stephe ^@@^

Koreaboo 2/20/2011 — Nielle, Writer

MBLAQ’s Mir will not participate in Japanese promotions in February

On February 21, MBLAQ’s Mir posted an update on the group’s official Japanese website. He expressed his apologies for not being able to join the other MBLAQ members during their promotions in Japan for the month of February.

His message read, “Good afternoon, everyone. I am Mir from MBLAQ. We have decided to debut in Japan in May. I am very happy for this, but I am nervous for our meeting. Because of my injury, I can’t move very well for a while, so I am not able to participate in the Japanese recordings right now. I am really sorry. I hope to meet everyone soon, but I will be patient for now. Until then, I hope everyone will be well! Please wait! Please support MBLAQ. – Mir”.

Are you looking forward to Mir’s recovery and MBLAQ’s Japanese promotions?

Source: MBLAQ JP

~ by Cloud USA on February 21, 2011.

6 Responses to “[article] MBLAQ check.”

  1. they most definately should let him heal 100%..if not, look what happened to Joon!!!…they let him go back way too soon with horrible consequences!!…I understand they want them out there promoting but it should not be at the cost of their health…get well soon boys!!


  2. No need to apologize Mir. Things happen and anyone can have some kind medical issue. Just take care of yourself, your fans understand. 🙂


  3. Mir just take care of yourself that’s what is most important. Mblaq and your fans will wait for you, this type of surgery takes time and if you don’t give your back the time it needs to heal fully you’ll just get yourself into more back problems.


  4. Awwww Mir, take time to recuperate well baby. These injuries take time and there’s nothing to do but wait and let your body heal. I know you feel bad for not being there but your body need rest. Your back is the most important thing right now. Your buddies can do a good job too and when you are ready then come back. Don’t worry, we will be waiting for you sweety pie.


  5. Mir Honey, I have been where you are, literally. After the standard 6-week recovery period after the surgery and all the pain had subsided, I was still nervous to even bend over and sit my rear end on the toilet seat, never mind performing on a stage like you have to. Mir….TAKE – YOUR – TIME!

    We all know you are part of MBLAQ and so does the Japanese audience. Your place is saved and will be waiting for you when you are able to put on the type of show you want to. Slick dance moves on stage come and go, however you only have one back…be good to it and it will be good to you! Here’s to a “slow and steady” recovery, take care young man…..


    • I could not have said it better… ‘Mir – Take care young man’.

      I wish Rain’s Young Eagles (“MBLAQ”) much success. 🙂


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