[articles] MBLAQ check: The Boys sign with Sony Music for their debut in Japan. And… Shock and Awe.

Wow. Sony! My heavens. *grinning like some fool*

A+s and BLAQ girls and Mamas, let us rejoice. Please see the tracklist of their Japanese debut album below, sourced from mblaqattack and courtesy of HelloKPop.

— Stephe ^@@^


HelloKPop 2/19/2011 — Kimberly, Writer

MBLAQ to make debut in Japan!

It has finally been confirmed that MBLAQ will make their debut in Japan in May.

A J.Tune Entertainment representative confirmed that MBLAQ has signed with the major label, Sony Music Records for their Japanese debut, which they have been preparing for since last year. Plans for a tour in Japan [have] been decided, but have not yet been finalized. MBLAQ will be releasing their Japanese debut album in April. Their debut promotional activities in Japan will start on May 4.

Take a look at MBLAQ’s official Japanese website, which provides up-to-date information on their schedule, promos and future activities. Keep yourself busy while waiting for their debut by purchasing the 3D edition of BLAQ Style. The 3D edition of BLAQ Style will be released on February 22.

Are you anxious to see MBLAQ again?

Source: MBLAQ.JP



And now from OH MY GOD! 😀 to…. OH MY GOD??? WTH?

Not. Cool.

I ran into the story initially when only the video of the “Oh Yeah” performance was available, and I had no knowledge of Joon’s and J.Tune’s statements about the fall being “for performances purposes.” After all the trials the Boys have had lately (Mir hurt dancing; Joon sickened by an ailment that could affect his balance), to see Joon spin and pitch off the edge like that and the network go to a commercial while fans screamed was pretty alarming. The still photo of him supposedly being tended by EMTs was plain scary.

And yes, I know that entertainers do such things occasionally for shock and awe (remember when Rain pretended to be shot during a show back in the day?). And I do remember that Joon can successfully take a hard bump (teenaged Raizo…). Still.

How utterly stupid—doing something like this within days of Joon’s fans knowing he was sick enough to be taken to a hospital. Not to mention setting up something like this with an artist who’s just been diagnosed with an inner ear problem. He could have easily miscalculated and ended up actually injuring himself. Hello?

I was so excited to see Mir standing and singing with his band mates! And the wonderful progress the Boys have made in singing live while jumping around during a performance. Loved the voices and how sharp and grown up they were making “Oh Yeah” look. Hot. And then it all went south.


— Stephe ^@@^

HelloKPop 2/20/2011 — TerriKR, Chief Editor

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon’s Fall during MTV Daum Festival was Staged?

On February 19, on the MTV Daum Festival stage, fans were horrified as, towards the end of MBLAQ’s performance of their song Oh Yeah, Lee Joon suddenly fell off of the stage.

The fall happens at the 3:10 minute mark in the video below, where Joon spins and then abruptly falls, face first, off of the side of stage:

MBLAQ’s performance immediately ended and “medics” arrived to examine Joon. Obviously, he was not injured, as he was performing again shortly afterward.

Later, Joon explained in a Cyworld entry that the fall had been staged in advance and that he had not been injured, because he had been protected by safety equipment. He said:

You must have been very very worried…In many ways…I’m sorry…About me falling down today at the MTV festival, I was set up with safety equipment before falling off…It was our first stage concept. We created this to show the meaning of something like being renewed and born again after failing…Thankfully, I landed safely. My heart is heavy because I caused so much worry…I’m sorry for always causing you to worry.

Although Joon’s fans are delighted that he wasn’t injured, some of them aren’t happy about the staged fall, and are frustrated about having to worry in the first place. Others truly enjoyed the drama. Some attendees of the show have reported that the show was meant to be shocking and that the “medical” team that attended to Joon were really stylists dressed up as a medical team, and that they stopped the show to give the “accident” credibility.

What do you think about this kind of concept staging? Do you think this kind of dramatic concept enhances a musical performance or hinders it?

Sources: linx1105 @ YouTube; AbsoluteMBLAQ, Nate News, SPN, Cyworld translation by Choi Yoori@AbsoluteMBLAQ

After the Shock and Awe: The Boys perform an amazing “Y” and “Stay.”

110219 MBLAQ Y & Stay @ Mu sic Fe st. (Credit: 쿨보이 @ Bestiz / courtesy of linx1105 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on February 20, 2011.

13 Responses to “[articles] MBLAQ check: The Boys sign with Sony Music for their debut in Japan. And… Shock and Awe.”

  1. Yay for MBLAQ and the Sony deal. Now for the fall, who knows whether it was staged or not. To me it looks like he actually fell for real. For me personally, I don’t like seeing anyone falling on stage….and I do think staging a fall does add drama to a performance but not in a good way. I am glad that he’s alright, however I feel that they need to be careful how they go about their performances. God forbid something were to go terribly wrong.


  2. That’s good news regarding Sony… I’m happy for MBLAQ. Yeah!!!

    Now on another note, these guys need to be careful. The road has started off bumpy for these young Eagles on their latest debut (re-debut). I’m glad to see the entire group together and performing ( 🙂 ). Mir needs to continue to be careful, so he can truly heal, and Joon needs to somehow have his issue addressed and get well soon so he can truly perform. Now whether Joon’s incident was faked or real, with his condition, it can’t be good for him falling off the stage.
    Seungho, G.O. and Cheon Dong – be careful too.., and keep fighting!

    MBLAQ – Aja, Aja, Fighting! 🙂


  3. I watched the fall a couple of times and personally I think “Joon Bug” just fell and they concocted the “it was staged” story to save face. If it was a staged thing that was supposed to represent a “rebirth” of sorts, then why not have all the guys “fall” off the stage simultaneously and be “reborn” and begin a new performance of their new song. That to me would make more sense, if you must stage a fall. Then we could see the performance in the fall.


  4. I tend to think it was staged because Joon said it was.

    I mean, this guy has passed out in front us, split his pants in front of us, jacked up his leg live doing a side flip during “Oh Yeah”‘s 2009 debut, hawked up swine flu in front of us on TV, come clean about being Bipolar and a lot of other things… why in the world would a fall where he didn’t even get hurt embarrass him to the point that he would flat out lie about it? After all the stuff we’ve seen him DO already? That doesn’t jive.

    It would make more sense if he admitted to falling, because then we would be all concerned and fluttering around him and supporting him in a heartbeat.

    He acted as teenaged Raizo having his intestines internally twisted into knots by Ozunu-sama’s hand, and quite convincingly. I’m pretty sure he can do “pain lying on a stretcher.”

    Now I will admit that it has occurred to me that it might have been staged but he miscalculated and didn’t fall the way he was supposed to, which could be where the “accidental” feeling of it and his reaction on the stretcher came in. Of course, no one REALLY knows what happened except Joon and the people involved, and I doubt we ever will. The important thing is the Boy is okay, and I thank God for that.

    If he’d been hurt, I would have been beside myself.

    Stephe ^@@^


  5. Did anyone see the actual whole MTV Daum thing? The “concept” they used to tie these 2 videos together was soooooo bad. Soooooooooooo bad. I really couldn’t believe a band that had anything to do w/ Rain would do all that. Smh…


  6. 1 reason I do not think it was an prpose at all joonie loss his vocie fron the illnes their why he sing u can tell it sound akward a bit and he is inless to even took him to hosiptal how came their state joonie like this ??
    2 he still was full recover yeah but he up and still show his performce on stage with carries his blance while perform on his stage i bet joonie inside must speak and say i am not well enough but i still give all my fan ans aduince the best i can stand on my stage along my Mblaq group here i can see the pain he have is that why hit him.. peoples know why and what happen why are they urge to say something stupid enough not know it fake or not!
    when joonie walk it does look
    like he was cloes to edge and fall of from their and i mean it could happen to anybody esp u are excited mood and yet the pain in you that wanted to show u best move did think and see the edge coming this was NOT PORPOSE happen at all i have see alot peoples in LIVE fall on their stage and edge birdge on edge too so no way joonie fake this to his aduiance ands why would him do suck think like this ever!!
    SONY good Sony is a company with big impact in lots of markets around the world and it true it is !! i belive the boy can make this happen and sale good in their production.
    after watching this i see Mblaq very grown in their stage and perform no matter what they are just give their best and u can tell Mblaq are nothing like other group fans they show their best spirit and yet very care for their aduiance i just don”t understand if u called yourself fans why the heck u think them not good or some other reason!
    i mean compitetion of a chart of other then show it best for what they are!! like Stephe said, what a ridiculously insensitive thing to do if it was staged TRUE !
    the 2 vid the boy are amazing good to see Mir and Joon. take it easy guys. great performance.
    Leader seungho are looking good after hid surgery the boy did amazing job here appluse !! 🙂


  7. WOW!!! some things I can’t see on BB and just saw this video, Joonie did fall poor guy that was not faked. Hopefully in the future he will stay away from edges. Joonie its no shame. As I’ve always said Sh** Happens!


  8. If it’s staged, I feel deeply offended they would make these young artists do this. Accidents or pretending to get shot is not cool. The managers who decide these things definitely need to rethink it.


  9. To me Joonie fall of the stage but don’t want to admit it. He is ashame of being sick and he don’t want to accept that he lost balance and fell. In the pict where he is with the EMT he looks sick so I think he is just trying to cover it. About the Sony contract, that’s great for them. Sony is a company with big impact in lots of markets around the world and that means they could market the boys everywhere. Squeak!!! Maybe Rain will follow after he is out of MS.


  10. 1. Yay for Sony ent. That’s sooooo cool and good for them!
    2. After watching the vid of him falling and seeing pics from multiple angles, I still don’t feel like it was staged. Looks like he was close to the edge and then he fell, which can happen to anyone. He even windmilled his arms… not stage dive-like actions. Why go to commercial so quickly if it was staged? Where’s the pic of him falling onto one of those air bags stunt people fall on? And like Stephe said, what a ridiculously insensitive thing to do if it was staged. I dunno… I’m just not buying it.


  11. Both performances were hot!!! I am so happy to see Mir and Joon recovered or recovering well. Honestly I do not get the fake fall purpose. I just donot get it. But I still loved both performances so much.


  12. Not cool! Little boy who cried wolf? Sorry but this reminds me of Redd Foxx his claim to fame was his show Sanford and Son and him always grabbing his heart and saying Elizabeth honey I’m coming( as some of you know his wife being dead this was his way of saying this is to much) but the man actually did die of a heart attack while on set and everyone thought he was joking? If you cry wolf to often one day something just might really happen and no one will believe it. Their are better ways to joke around. Sorry 😦 And on another note happy the guys signed with Sony is this why their songs are now on itune? And why not Rain yet? Wondering is this an artists perference maybe Rain doesn’t want to be?


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