[notice] J.Tune Camp’s current mailing address reconfirmed.

Dear fans,

The 7th Cloud executive board reconfirmed Rain’s mailing address on The Cloud today, apparently because, since J.Tune Camp changed location twice last year (first at the very end of May 2010, and then again at the beginning of this past December 2010), some folks are still confused though the new address was given out at that time.

The address that we presently have for J.Tune Camp, » over on Rain’s Stats & Biography page HERE, is the correct one. We have had this same address posted since last year, so don’t worry about any misdirected mail that might have gone out—it’s all good.

To write to JiHoon or to send him gifts, please send everything THERE, to J.Tune Camp.

You can always find this page by clicking the READ: Rain’s Stats, Bio & Office Address button near the top of our media blog sidebar.

Thanks so much.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^

(Rain rehearses on the Rain’s Coming stage for his 2007 world tour)

~ by Cloud USA on February 18, 2011.

10 Responses to “[notice] J.Tune Camp’s current mailing address reconfirmed.”

  1. i want to say im very glad to join you and support rain


  2. Thanks… so nice and sweet and considerate and kind of you all at Cloud USA: Let it Rain. I love you and sixtofive or endless Rain…


  3. If he is not in the army by June, maybe we can do a birthday box for him!


  4. Gah love this pic, he looks so sexy yet comfy.


  5. Love the pic — He looks good in anything! 🙂


  6. sweet love rain post here the man up in the club ahahahhaah… yeah i just hope this new adress will pull it to rain for any reason they sent rain a gift will delivery to that adress i have not sent anything think to him yet thank god they let us know the correct one or i be lock up ahah


  7. Cute! Stephe u sure do find the best pics…


  8. Love this picture of him,hahaha looks like me I’m such a jean and sweatsuit girl.


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