More on Being A Man: Rain covers and is featured by Esquire Vol. 186, coming in March.

[*ETA: It is being reported that Rain is the only Korean to be on the cover of Esquire twice. We wouldn’t be surprised at that… the man already has an impressive list of “firsts” under his belt in various parts of the world and is primed to add quite a few more. Halleluia. ^@@^]

[Cloud USA — 2/18/2011] As you know by now, Rain has added yet another cover to his already rather “cover-full” career.

Not only will he be gracing the front of the upcoming March 2011 issue of Esquire Magazine (Vol. 186, Korea), he will also be their feature story concerning who Jung JiHoon is now that he is 30 years old (in Korean age; he’ll only be 29 internationally on his birthday in June this year), the establishing of new his goals, and gravitating towards a “30-ish state of mind.”

As we understand it, Rain’s attire in this photo shoot was provided by Alfred Dunhill clothing, his watch was by his endorser Cartier, his stylist was Park HyeJung, hair and makeup was by Choi Sunhwa/Total Nitrogen, and the photos were taken by Park JiHyuk. [Edited to add: Word on the street is this photo shoot was done while Rain was in Paris, back in January.]

For the moment, we do know that the magazine is available on the InterPark book order site (only in Hangeul that we can see; it is InterPark’s ticket site that has an English counterpart), and on the Yes24 order site (Hangeul only). We will be scouting around for any Internet order sites where English-speakers can purchase it as well.

» Our previous post on Rain covering Esquire now and back in 2008 is HERE.

» The Esquire Vol. 186 order page on the InterPark purchase site is HERE.

» The Esquire Vol. 186 order page on the Yes24 purchase site is HERE.

Congratulations on this new accomplishment, JiHoon. It really is a wonderful cover indeed. There is no doubt in our minds that you are what we and Esquire call a “grown man” now. And if, by chance, you are asking by your expression if your fans are ready for the next move that you’re contemplating…

… the answer is yes. We’re all strapped in with seat belts fastened. Go.

— Stephe ^@@^

[*Edited to Add 2/21: Esquire scan below courtesy of Just_raiin @Twitpic]

[*Edited to Add 2/22: Even MORE Esquire delectableness from this issue is HERE. Just click!]


[12/10/2010 repost] Revisiting 2008: Rain covers Esquire Magazine

Yes, it was Beginning To Rain All Over The World when JiHoon graced the cover of Esquire back in November 2008. As we understand it, this was around the same time he became the first Korean male on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Korea, and did a feature spread for Harper’s with supermodel Hye Park.

As he’d promised, he was making a comeback in S. Korea after being gone for several years filming Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin. Can you dig it? ♥

— Stephe ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on February 18, 2011.

17 Responses to “More on Being A Man: Rain covers and is featured by Esquire Vol. 186, coming in March.”

  1. Rain is a very special good and very humble man. I hope he knows how much he’s loved in the USA. I live in the deep southern part of the USA in a very beautiful state called Arkansas. I doubt Rain will ever see this cmmt but ud b surprised just how beautiful Arkansas is and that’s why we’re called the natural state. We are the only other place that has the same statue that Reo da Janeiro up high in the mountains of the Ozarks. We love you Rain and how humble and sweet and your definitely gorgeous.


  2. Ladies,

    We are working on finding sources for getting this mag. DN has said that she would send some to Cloud USA (thank you kindly, DN!) and we are checking several other sources as well.

    As soon as we find another reliable source, we’ll clue you in on that as well.

    Terri :-}


  3. I really need this magazine….REALLY! I would love to know where to find it so I will watch here for updates!


  4. Where can I get this magazine? Would this be released in Asia?


  5. Mercy!!!!!


  6. Yep – he is definitely a “grown man” and I love the look! So gorgeous and manly… I too am ready for his next move, and whatever Rain has in store for us. I’m there! 🙂


  7. Rain is brilliant and I believe he wanted a mature look for some reason that we don’t know yet coz I read on Twitter that he directed the photo shoot himself for The Enquire. We know he can change his facial expressions easily so they play with light and shadows, his clothes and his expressions to make him look mature. Surely he has something up his sleeve and wanted this look of adventure/ hot maturity. I think he made his point coz it’s the talk of the town!! I know he left me breathless with those pics. He looks awesome!!! 😀


  8. Ok I have now regrouped, and JiHoon is simply scrumptious on all these pictures, and again his so called new look is his look and he wears it oh so well…. And I would like to add rather his hair is long,short,curly or straight make up or not I love him just the way he is. Cause boo you got it like that!! ❤ 🙂


  9. Baby is soooo sexy here that I just HAVE to have this magazine. I looked over at the website to order it and it’s all in Korean. If I try to navigate that page who knows what I’ll end up ordering. Would love it if anyone has any info on how to order.

    This cover was a beautiful thing to see as I navigate through the rain in San Diego on my way to work. Thanks! I’ll be calm listening to Rain serenade me on my way to work as that voice is a very calming effect for me. 😀


  10. I checked over at Innolife (I do believe that’s where Terri ordered our copy of Rain covering last year’s CosmoMen 2010 last year, through trial and error, because there is a lot of Hangeul LOL) and where as they regularly have Esquire available, THIS issue isn’t showing yet… we’ll see…

    Stephe ^@@^


  11. Awww baby baby DAMN! I’m sorry y’all but AWWW LAWD! Boo looks so sexy hot!! I have my new wallpaper, I’m I’m duh duh duh sorry…


  12. Stephe,

    You are Killing Me Dead with theses Esquire photos…..see (*Dead right now… as door nail*)


    I don’t know if you frequent Ebay or not, but sometimes people put magazines (international and domestic) up for auction. So if you don’t mind the bidding process and paying those international shipping fees you may see it up for auction by somebody already. I sometimes get international magazines from Barnes & Nobles or Border Bookstores. The only drawback is our bookstores get international magazines approx. 1 month after the issue hits newstands in their country. Since this Esquire issue is March 2011, if it was to be sold in American bookstores, you wouldn’t see it until June on the newstands here. Now if stores in the U.S. that carry Korean/Asian merchandise have the “hook-up” that I’m not privy to, then maybe they may have the magazine now. I don’t know. However, the above statement has been my experience.


  13. Rain look so darn handsome, mature, sexy, hot and some. I love both of these pics. I hope there is a way we will be able to order this magazine.


  14. @cecili
    yeah i was asking for that ENGLISH too coz, i figure this magaize have an HOT ISSUE post of rain but guess what it is!!!! he so awesome and HOT !!! in here very mature for who he is age 30 that i would called a fine wine indeed to me i think rain not old at all matter fact he is get their and manly how he can be shooting this pilot movies and i am will suporting the man regradless sucess or not but more 90% i say sucess coz rain can get the then entertinment goes wild and exploded by his acting skill and ect…
    not to mention that he pull of HOT HUSLTER on cartier but eventually here as well i love how he so smarrt and suprise his fan to a doub.. boy look at the boxing man he are sure ready to hit a boat ahahahah… DON”T GOES NEAR rain he about to jump on someone ahahahah Sigh…
    gosh he remind me of ALK… how he was boxing and puching all that he so talen and good at his body this one will going to be the BOMB for sure!!
    that pict very SPAZZZZZZ!! 🙂


  15. Hopefully there will be a way for us to purchase this I would love to own it. Love that other picture as well, so sexy and mature. 🙂


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