[article] “Lee Seol” claims Rain as her choreographer. :)

Hahaha!  So cute.

In Episode 14 of MBC television drama “My Princess” 마이 프린세스 (Ma-i Peu-rin-se-seu), main character “Lee Seol”, played by Kim TaeHee, shares her wish list of personal teachers for an upcoming schooling project. And of course the hottest dancer was on it.

Princesses know. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^


HanCinema 2/17/2011 —

Kim Tae-hee “I want to study English with John Park”… reveals wish list

Playful princess Kim Tae-hee revealed her wish list to study with handsome teachers, planning ‘the best princess project’.

On the fourteenth episode of the MBC drama “My Princess” on the 17th, she gets new princess lessons. After looking at the full schedule her new teacher, deputy director Kim gives her, Lee Seol tells her she will plan her own schedule. She then passes her a list of names of celebrities from all over the world and other popular stars as her personal teachers.

She wished for Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs as her finance teacher and popular Japanese actor Joe Odagiri as her Japanese teacher. Another teacher was John Park as her English teacher. She had once mentioned John Park on the tenth episode when Hae-young asked her who her favorite singer was.

She also appointed Rain as her choreographer, B2st as her vocal teachers, Shinee for her art teacher and Kim Nam-gil as her horseback riding teacher. She had made her wish list with everyone she likes. She hands the wish list over to Deputy Kim and says, “You should have them all here by this week? Show me what you got!”

Actually the list Deputy Kim made for her was a special order from the president who wanted to stop the imperial family. He told her, “Make her dumb in politics and history, and grow her luxury tastes and intelligence.” So the schedule made by Deputy Kim was only full of luxury subjects like horseback riding, the cello, waltz and fashion. Lee Seol had nicely taken revenge on the president by re-editing all this and creating a list of her won with her favorites.

Meanwhile in the fourteenth episode of the drama Lee Seol comes back to the palace after reuniting with Hae-young in the pension and shows off her charisma.

Amongst the complicated relationships of the unfinished Park Dong-jae’s (Lee Soon-jae) truth, secretary manager Oh Gi-ta (Maeng Sang-hoon) and Yoon-joo’s (Park Ye-jin) desires, whether or not Lee Seol and Hae-young will have a happy ending in in question.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20… ( Korean )

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2 Responses to “[article] “Lee Seol” claims Rain as her choreographer. :)”

  1. Smart girl!! Lol!! She gets the best choreographer and the hottest man in Korea at the same time. Buyahh!!!


  2. OMG! who would chooes rain he so talen smart and know so much and very perfectionism to his work he know everything he keep them simple and deatail i would love to chooes rain for my choreographer!! for dancing singing everything rain know of all his body oh yeah differenily it is rain !


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