J.Tune or JYPE: Whichever name you claim, please get with the program.

J.Tune Creative has not only adopted the new DRAFTWORKS logo for their Facebook page, the same as their new Twitter…

They’ve also announced that Rain’s still very much sought-after Legend of Rainism Tour and Rain Loves Japan/ZEPP Tour merchandise has been made available for purchase at open markets on the Internet (Ebay Auction Korea, SK Telecom’s 11th Street, and G-Market). The links to the purchase pages for these Rain items are listed HERE on J.Tune Creative @Facebook.

The problem is, unfortunately for English-speakers, these sites are only in Hangeul, that we can see. As if it isn’t a proven fact that JiHoon has English-speaking fans ALL OVER THE PLACE. *shrug* Honestly, how long is it going to take the Powers That Be to GET WITH THE PROGRAM? Do you want Rain’s items purchased or not? :/

For the love of God, will someone get JiHoon some American and European distributors?

We’re sitting here with money in our hands. WHAT are y’all waiting for? *incredulous*

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on February 16, 2011.

20 Responses to “J.Tune or JYPE: Whichever name you claim, please get with the program.”

  1. WOW! cool items.


  2. Can anyone let me know how J Tune and JYP are listed on twitter? I’m having a hard time finding them.


    • Hi, Seli.

      They are @jtunecamp and @followjyp. We have permanent links to both twitters in our blog sidebar under JIHOON’s COMMUNITY.

      (I assumed you were talking about J.Tune Camp… but if you were talking about J.Tune Creative, they have changed their twitter to @draftworks1620.)

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. @all
    yeah that right we should tweet JYP and rain about this in RNGLIDH siye orfer i am so tried and frushted about ordering their stuff and so what not know in KOREAn i sometime have a hard harsh time just to figure out what the heck how to oder this dran one time i have to email Jtune about an issue about my order and comformation that i have order as recived… but dam it took me a quite note to found out how to order this Jtune rain 6to5 stuff alone… my it very pain uin butt am telling and we should do something about this c’com Jyp is an good ENGLISH business ralk and work other around his concert business and ect.. he should known better then just give all his fans a hard tiime to order any product we need esp come ro rain i get mad sometime coz their alot magazinr cloth bag ect… that they are to be replidsh in Asia why can they star their ENGLISH website for the prdering line for us like we esp wjo are from U.S. or not!!
    i mean i would be crunch if they should star this going now the rain merge with JYP they should have out think together right and make more inconvimce for all the fan who wanted to order .
    they are business and i know they want that money c’mon now we need to have some english going here and the the sooner better !!


  4. You guys all make amazing points. It seems like his management is not respecting his wishes to expand overseas and is trying to keep him close to home. Doesnt he have talent people here in the us as well? I guess they are left out of the loop too. I definetely would have purchased some of that auction stuff if given the chance.


  5. I honestly think they Still Don’t TRULY Get that Ji-Hoon has REACHED the world stage……Really he has JTUNE. How the hell is this man sitting at home with an MTV award FROM THE U.S. on his mantle? HUH?! This is why people (in general) need to travel OUTSIDE of their own countries at least once in their lives to see that YES there Really IS a Great Big World Out There with Lots Of Other People In It Who DON’T LOOK LIKE ME!!!! Then maybe when you label someone WORLD STAR…..You WILL Get what that truly means!!!! Not WORLD STAR of KOREA, but WORLD STAR of (get this) THE WORLD!! They only “SEE” from a Korean perspective. Ji-Hoon has the vision, “sees things” from other cultures and perspectives, it’s his management team/company that does not.

    Yes Rain is a WORLD STAR and YES he HAS reached the masses AROUND THE WORLD not Just In KOREA!! He just got a great BIG OLE BOX from the USA 2 months ago JTUNE…….”MEMBA?!”…………


    • BiA,

      I don’t think they get it either. If they did, then every aspect of his professional life, including his official website, his appearances and promotions, and the shops where his merchandise was being sold, would include English and other world languages. At least that’s how I would manage his career myself, if I were doing it.

      Regardless of how much he could travel to appear in other countries, if I saw fans dying for information about MY star, I’d make damned sure that information and merch for him was available, and I would make it available so fast that the fans’ heads would spin. :-}

      Terri :-}


      • @Terri,

        Exactly, I mean even if you don’t care about his vision…you would think they could at the very least see the potential DOLLAR signs!! I mean Money makes the world go ’round. I would say to myself….”Hey there’s a Boat Load of women in the West with disposable cash and they love Ji-Hoon’s “dirty drawers”, let’s see if we can relieve them of some of that cash, shall we.” That’s what I would be saying, if I was his management as well Terri. Maybe JYP will be more open to English speaking concerns, as he has made inroads in the U.S. himself once upon a time. So he too has seen the entertainment industry from both sides of the ocean and should recognize the needs/concerns of English speaking fans.

        I get frustrated with information on his activities sometimes because, at this point, his English speaking fans should be considered more often than not in their efforts to promote him. Yes, he (Bi) does need to come to the U.S., so we can have direct access to him via…..Everything, no translations needed! Maybe that’s why he said what he said regarding his after the military plans. He has a vision to grow outside of the Asia market, THAT is Crystal Clear. He has done all he can possibly do in that market and to make further inroads in the U.S., he has to do it directly (in person). He really has nothing to lose. He is already rich and famous from his efforts in his native country and if he can’t get any further along in the American market (HEAVEN FORBID), he can go home head held high knowing he helped to further push open the doors in Hollywood to other native born Asian artists. However, I think has right amount of SWEXY (Sexy + Swagger) and once the General Mainstream, gets ahold of ALL THAT….I hate to say it Korea, but Ji-Hoon might not EVER come back. U.S. fans might not let him go….(SMILES) We Want Him Now, it’s our turn!!!……(SMILES)

        (*my opinion*)


  6. I check it out those sites yesterday and the last one on their list is the only one with an option of english language but when you change the page then you can’t find Rain’s stuff. It was really annoying. I wanted the huddie with the Ninja Teddy Bear and a Tshirt. Maybe if we ask our fellow Clouds in Korea they can help us to make JYP Enterteinment aware of our needs for Rain’ s goodies. Any ideas?


  7. I just tweeted it to Followjyp. It’s a long shot but hey, u never know right?


  8. I want the tshirt… jeez. I’m going to tweet to jype that we English speaking people want to buy Rain stuff too. You would think they’d want the money.


  9. It makes me sad that’s it so difficult for us to get a hold of Rains’ tour merchandise. These items would sell like hot cakes if they got their stuff together. 😦


  10. I bought the bag, the bottom black shirt and hat at the concert.


    58,000won = 51.9364 USD T Shirt the black one i only see in stock!! and the rest not in their instead it was on auction all of them..!
    i se OSAKA 25.000 won = 22.3857 USD
    in their web site Rainbox.


  12. OMG!!
    it finally up geseeeeeeeeeee it about time i see my infor orser their and the link is up all…
    the think is they change around a little bit not like before if u going on the web u will see lable
    but for thoes are dying to look for panr , belt cloth bag ect..
    u need to type in serch box up right serch it will pull it down with all kind they have …
    i see what i like it called :
    61,600won K in = 55.1641 USD
    they also have TRAVELERS LEATHER BIG BAG
    243,600won = 218.130 USD
    dam Jtune it about time now!!


  13. Thats what I’ve been asking around :\ so far nobody answering yet.


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