[article] More info on the 2nd Seoul Arts & Culture Awards.

It really is nice to see Rain honored for advancing into Hollywood. » Our previous post on this event is HERE.

— Stephe ^@@^


10asia 2/15/2011 — Heidi Kim, Reporter / Jessica Kim, Editor

Rain, Girls’ Generation, Lee Beom-Soo to receive arts and culture award

Singer Rain, female band Girl’s Generation and actor Lee Beom-soo will receive awards at the upcoming Seoul Arts Culture Award set to take place at the end of this month, revealed a press release by the Korean Association of Seoul Artists & Culture (KASAC) on Tuesday.

According to KASAC, the ceremony for the 2nd Seoul Arts & Culture Award scheduled to take place at Olympic Park Gymnasium on February 28, will award those who showed the best performance in 11 categories of arts and culture in 2010.

The best pop artist award will go to Girls’ Generation who sold nearly 200,000 copies of their second album “Oh!” last year, the best world star award to singer Rain who advanced to Hollywood, best TV actor award to Lee Beom-soo who played the main lead to 60-part hit-TV series “Giant” (SBS, 2010) and the best film actor to actress Jeon Do-youn who starred in film “The Housemaid,” (2011) which was invited to last year’s Cannes Film Festival….

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» Please see this article in its entirety AND the full list of winners for the 2nd Seoul Arts & Culture Awards in English HERE, on the 10asia news site.

~ by Cloud USA on February 15, 2011.

9 Responses to “[article] More info on the 2nd Seoul Arts & Culture Awards.”

  1. Awh, yes! It is nice to see his work and efforts acknowledged. Aja, Aja, Fighting! 🙂


  2. “The car’s upstairs……go….go now!” “Little Brother”……..


  3. Congrats Rain on this award and I am sure it certainly won’t be the last. 🙂


  4. Yea my Rain do it baby stay strong you are doing great not matter what happen i am always behind you every step of the way i am you Silver lining. never doubt yourself even when your down think of me cause i will catch you when you fall erase those doubts and turn them into our happy ever after story i will never let you down cause i believe there is no limite to what you can do.


  5. congrats on your big win you will go far with no if ands or buts hugs and kisses


  6. OH HALULIYA!! rain 😎
    my baby well derseved again CONGRAT!! to this award i am so EXTREAMLY prouds for rain what an affet and acomplish and acknoeldged he can pursuit his goal and show and present to Asia Culture is!
    serious all this good new 2011 rain u just make your dream come true and an honor for that award as well u very need an extra HUG from fans and clouds here i want to HUG this guy !!
    thank god for making my rain another honor..


  7. Congrats to Rain! I am so happy that his hard work is being acknowledged. He deserves to recieve this award.




  9. Congratulations JiHoon! He is well deserving of this award and I love so much that all the hard work he does is acknowledged.


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