Revisiting 2009: Legend of Rainism Saitama.

Every now and then I just HAVE to have my favorite “Because of You” performance. It’s just inevitable. Saitama was the very first stop of the LoR tour, and whereas Rain played to the audience during BoY at all the other venues… at this one, his attention was completely on that mic stand. It was somebody, and he was letting her know who was boss up until the very end. (My friend in Shanghai mentioned “Because of You” the other night and started me back on this. It’s all her fault. 😛 )

My second favorite performance (and Terri’s favorite) was BoY at LoR Seoul, where one of his THRUSTs was so hard, he damn near threw himself off of his own feet. Now that was something.

— Stephe ^@@^

Broadcast, Rain bi LEGEND OF RAINISM in JAPAN【BECAUSEOFYOU+太陽を避ける方法】. August 2009, “Because of You” and a BONUS: “Escaping The Sun”. (courtesy of miyuki6to5 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on February 11, 2011.

9 Responses to “Revisiting 2009: Legend of Rainism Saitama.”

  1. the more i see Jihoon’s performance the more charming he is.


  2. I love this performance, such swag, such sensuality, such hotness. Thanks for posting this again, I never get tired of seeing it.


  3. in this perfrm i found the MOST HONTNESS & SEXIES NESS SICKNESS OVERLADING !! in suit and in man like rain that an eye cany to me i have ever see for life gosh…. SCREAM MORE!! :P)
    i have watch ton of Artis and America celebarties in this kind of suit “Beacuse of you” but what u didn”t know is rain… got the high physcial figure and that sexy move and smooty dance that what make him so overwhilming in any sexy dance so beneaf his dance dran when i first watch rain in this i was like SNAP!! whati see it true in a guy who can STRIVE… his @SA@S like hell and that wooming leg and hand boy i just wanted jung on as he get on that chair dance ahahah.
    i have to it my farviote ever sent i watch it for frist time and now he just to hot in that pefform not the gril but rain ahahahahah!! 🙂
    guy watch it carfull
    @ 3:18 see that HE CALLED us ladies WHO FIST ??
    meaning u can tell if u in bed with rain he know exazctly whoto get women tron on get steight from where uuuhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    OH BABY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOUBBLE for me ekekekekek :P)
    anway, i very both his perforamce such a amazing rain have u can re-run again and agin coz he stole u heart from begin ahahah !!


  4. I had to come back this again… “Because of You” is so smooth and sensual. I too wonder why he doesn’t perform it more often. Love it! Love both songs. 🙂


  5. I love “because of you” and he does not usually performs it, wonder why???..such a great song


  6. Thanks for posting!!!! You made my day with this video!!! Because of you is such a beautiful song and is one of my very favorites coz he always seduce the audience with that awesome choreography. You can’t take your eyes off him during that song and he always manage to make it fresh and bewitched you with his moves. And then another of my faves, Running from the sun, such a powerful song that left you breathless coz its meaninful lyrics. Two marvelous performances wrapped up in one video.


  7. I really love both of these performances!!!! Rain was awsome!!!!


  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chisun, Let It Rain. Let It Rain said: Revisiting 2009: Legend of Rainism Saitama. #Rain […]


  9. Wow, I really love this. “Because of You” and “Running from the sun”, love them both. Such a beautiful performance… Rain is amazing.


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