Rain has two tunes in Gaon Chart’s Top 100 Songs of 2010.

[Cloud USA 2/10/2011] — Gaon, a weekly/monthly national record chart in South Korea similar to the Billboards, has released their top 200 song charts for 2010.

There is a Generalized/Overall 종합 list, and Domestic 국내 list, and an Overseas 국외 list on the top songs page HERE, to the right at the top of the chart. And each list is separated onto two pages: 1-100, and  101-200, to the right at the bottom of the chart.

On the Domestic 국내 list, out of 200 artists and groups, Rain is showing at #22 with “Love Song” and a score of 500,914,621 on Gaon’s Warming Index (downloads + streaming + BGM [tracks] sales), and at #84 with “Hip Song” and an Index score of 313,935,948. Seeing as he is a single artist competing against a lot of KPop groups composed of many performers, we don’t consider this chump change at all. Congratulations, JiHoon! Excellent job.

Also on the Domestic list, MBLAQ is showing at #59 with “Y” and a Warming Index score of 374,096,144. And again, we say excellent. Like Rain, they beat out a LOT of the competition.

For a quick look at the top 100 on the Domestic list translated into English, just go to the About Korea blogspot HERE.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on February 10, 2011.

9 Responses to “Rain has two tunes in Gaon Chart’s Top 100 Songs of 2010.”

  1. i am so proud of rain and everybod but knew they could do it.



  2. I now that they could no yeeeeeeaaaaa go u guys go my Rain

    Ms Silver


  3. Oooooh wow,i’m very happy knowing that.Congratulation both of them.Rain he work so much for that so he deserved it.I believed in him bcoz he is vvery talented person & vey unique..More succes Oppa..hahaha…Fighting!


  4. Very happy for Rain and Mblaq; they work really hard and deserve to be successful. Yey!!!!


  5. not bad, not bad at all, specially competing against the groups, congrats to Mblaq too, they made it!!! 😉


  6. awesome indeed yeah rain sersved it so well the song so passionate everbody listing to will pull their heart away ahahah this is a good new for rain again good luck have come toward these day keep it SHINE my love !!Bi 🙂


  7. Super di dooper!


  8. This is awsome news. Congrats Rain to your hard and talent paying off.


  9. i believe he can do it. its ok

    ms. Silver


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