[article] More on Rain in Switzerland.

A quote from Cartier’s CEO about JiHoon—fabulous…! » And you can see our previous post, The day Switzerland was twice as sweet… Rain invited to the SIHH, HERE. And the answer to Manette’s question is… YES. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^


HelloKPop 2/11/2011 — Manette, Correspondent

Rain goes to Switzerland to support Cartier

As you probably know, Rain was in Europe in January and he was invited to take part in Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Switzerland (Geneva,) as a supportive of Asia’s Cartier, the prestigious and famous watch brand.

This is a major event at this time of year during which he gave a good impression of himself. Indeed, he showed off himself as a world star who demonstrated his knowledge about watches while looking relaxed and speaking English fluently which enchanted everybody.

Rain also had the chance to meet the head of Cartier Company Bernard Fornas. Here are the feelings of Mr Fornas after his meeting with him:

“Thank world star Rain for taking the trouble to come so far. Hopefully, we’ll be in close contact with him and work with each other. We look forward to meeting him again in Paris as soon as possible.”

After the fair in Geneva, Rain went to Paris and finished his trip to the boutique of Paris (the first Cartier shop) at 13 rue de la Paix where he was heartly welcomed.

Are you proud of Rain? Are you happy he represented Korea in Europe?


~ by Cloud USA on February 10, 2011.

10 Responses to “[article] More on Rain in Switzerland.”

  1. @mirasa
    man if were u i will broken into my oeaces right their am so chi ever when he sing that ENGLISH gosh my body like gosbunk and i just have to the serious therpy ASAP !! awwawawa My i could help watching sing another ENGLISJH version damit when will that happen soon later when where !!



    • @kongsao

      OMG!!!!! Girl you wanna KILL ME? Man, that video is awesome!!! When was the part were he’s standing on the piano? Never saw that one before and that last pict. Lordey have mercy’!!!! Rain looks so yummie!!! SCREAM!!!!!!!!


  2. Everytime I see pictures like these, I am so proud of Rain. He is such a good World Star and ambassador and representative of Korea. I too caught the part about ‘AND SPEAKING ENGLISH FLUENTLY’. I’m sure his english has improved, and it’s good to see that he is more comfortable, confident and using it more in business settings.
    He just “beams” like a star – a World Star…..


  3. i an very so so much of adimre rain who bring this world to life of attetion and bring the peoples to know him and what major and what he stand among this world for goshhhhhhhhh he bron to congure here he not just a world and suceed amny file he travel all over but who also is real
    repersentive and persent to their world on honor and world of sucussful he can get threw his dicated.he can learn everything fast and smart for he is. the guy got it all.. and person who care about this world and work his way up top of the line. an honor of him well never forget and been in history for the rest of genration!!
    he give us just to of his footage that everday he make us happy enjoy and excited.. this alway SUPRISE one after anohter that why i love this about him.. he sure bring the culture more inspiration that everbody are die hard to goes and suceed for his fans ahahah.. he alway have his true fait and happy for his gold.
    that why he beacme WELL KNOWN true world star and MEGASTAR indeed… rain will coniune to S.H.I.N.E. for the rest of his life.i love her good article and good new about it maky my day and proud for what he derseved for.. 🙂


  4. Very Promising future. ~~~SMILE~~~~ I am sure there will be more surprises..the best is yet to come…how can it get better!!!???? but I have faith it will as it is part of his
    presence that inspires all of his fans. Super STAR ~~~ S H I N I N G STAR!!!! oh how he radiates light to the World!!!!


  5. Rain was georgeous as always and Korea was very well represented by him. He looked chic, elegant, handsome AND SPEAKING ENGLISH FLUENTLY showing how well cultured he is. Man, is the second time I hear this about Rain and I am getting very curious about it. Is he really speaking english fluently already? Hummm. Ahem, I think we should prepare ourselves coz if that’s true there is a strong possibility for an english album AND a USA concert. SQUEAK!!!!!!!!! My legs are shaking already!!!!


    • @Marisara I think I would just fall out if Rain came out with and english album and did a USA concert!!!! That news would be too much to handle.


      • I may need therapy if he comes up with that english album coz I am gonna hear it nonstop for the next decade? Maybe. Then I may go to the concert and end up catatonic after seeing him shake that delicious bod and sing in english. Mercy!!! O.o


    • I am dying to hear him speak English, he sounds so good doing it. 🙂


      • Ohh Gwd, you are right!!!! Gonna melt in a puddle if I hear another romantic song in good old english mix with a korean smokey accent. Scream!!!!!!! Chills. Thud


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