[article] Mir’s had back surgery… and now we wait.

We’re confident that he is in the best of hands, and that so long as he’s careful and his treatment is thorough, he’ll make a full recovery and be just fine.

Cloud USA is sending you healing vibes, Mir. Keep your chin up, and get well!

— Stephe ^@@^

HelloKPop 2/10/2011 — TerriKR, Correspondent

[UPDATE] Back Surgery Required For MBLAQ’s Mir

Recently, we reported that MBLAQ’s Mir had injured his back, but that his condition wasn’t deemed too serious. Well, apparently it was more serious that initially thought, because today (Thursday, February 9), Mir was diagnosed with a prolapsed intervertebral disc (otherwise known as a herniated disc) and underwent surgery. A J.Tune Camp spokesperson said,

The surgery was successful, but we must keep an eye on his condition for a little while longer…

Mir is currently in the hospital receiving treatment. While Mir is recovering, the other 4 members of MBLAQ will continue their current promotional activities. It is unclear when he will return to performing.

The spokesperson explained,

Right now, he must rest, but for how long, it’s not possible to know. We will make that decision after Mir receives a thorough medical examination and undergoes rehabilitation.

Mir was hospitalized on February 7, after his performance on SBS’s Star King, when he felt a sharp pain in his back.

Hellokpop.com wishes Mir a speedy recovery and hopes to see him back onstage again soon!

Sources: Star News via Nate and 10.asiae. Fan art by happydorkorea.

~ by Cloud USA on February 9, 2011.

9 Responses to “[article] Mir’s had back surgery… and now we wait.”

  1. i am sending good welth and please GET WELL SOON i alway stand by u guy and wish u have recover soon mir. it morre importand for u took your condition serious as a serious recover. please stay strong and be who u are and keep the postive mood and though about this and everything
    we will watch over u and Mblaw to.
    no matter what i alway love u and Mblaq along with rain too
    as for mir i very admire his personailty and how he alway sweet to his fans and his aduince he the most charming person in this group and very like alot please stay welth and strong !!
    i am tooking a breath just by reading accroding any body like rain or anyone from Mblaq heard something accure their health i touch me most then anything it sad to hear from him but i knowe hoe he think and care of other he must very sad in his maind too but don”t u worry eveerything will be fine .


  2. What a relief & everything will be ok,thanks God ur ok now,just rest & thats was take time to recovere follow the doc.instruction & do treatment & don’t be hurry little by little you’ll be ok…Fighting!


  3. God Bless! Get well soon! Love and prayers headed your way!


  4. get well soon Mir!!!…aja aja fighting!!!


  5. *prays for Mir’s speedy recovery*


  6. I’ve been there Mir and I’ve got the “battle scar” to prove it. I am sure you are in the best of care as I was. Please follow doctors orders and don’t “shake your shimmy” until the Doc says it’s OK. I’ve done that too and paid the price for it, but you’ll bounce back in no time. Younger bodies heal faster…..I’ve been down that, now an “ancient” road too……(SMILES) Take care and get well soon Mir!


  7. Get well soon Mir!


  8. Lord, I hope Mir can recover as soon and as well as possible. Those back surgeries can be tricky but I am sure he is receiving the best treatment available. Rain loves his boys and takes care of them like a father. Gosh, I felt awful when I read this coz I have come to love these boys too. I am praying for you sweet Mir, take care and be patient with your body coz is gonna take some time to heal well.


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