I agree! Rain would make a great Hero For Hire. :D

(Shang-Chi image credit: Marvel Comics)

So now you’re all going to know that Stephe is also a superhero aficionado.

Yes, I have nerd blood in my veins, everybody. And it’s about time I pulled out the comic book collection that I amassed from 1987 to 1997 (some 40 titles, about 500 or so books and graphic novels, all in plastic sleeves and perfect condition), check on their worth, and see about putting them up for sale. The oldest ones are about 35 years old. Who knows, though—I just might hang on to them for a while longer.

So what could have sparked this post?  Let’s just say that when I came across the following item, I was stoked and absolutely tickled. I still am.

ComicBookMovie.com contributor canadianturd (that’s the name he goes by, what more can I tell you) has posted his Fan Cast (personal choices) for a live action Marvel Comics Heroes For Hire. Sort of a if you as a fan had the power, what actor would play what hero? And what actor would he choose to play the legendary, kick-ass Shang-Chi? Why RAIN, of course.

(image source: Comicbookmovie.com)

Shang-Chi – Rain
“Rain is an international celebrity and was introduced to North American audiences with his film, Ninja Assassin. Despite what you might think of the movie, you cannot deny the epic violence, gore and lack of punches pulled in that movie. If he were to pull off any of the Marvel characters, it would have to be Shang-Chi.”

— canadianturd

And of course, I agree. His other choices are right on, too: Devon Aoki, Henry Simmons, Megan Good, Lance Reddick, good ol’ Ryan… perfect for each of those characters. Dude is on his game. I have to wonder, though… if this post is ever translated into Korean, what would “canadianturd” convert to…? 😉

» My fellow nerds can see canadianturd’s entire Heroes For Hire fan cast HERE, on the ComicBookMovie.com site. And here’s a Wiki page for anyone who wonders what the heck a Hero For Hire is.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on February 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “I agree! Rain would make a great Hero For Hire. :D”

  1. I’m not a comic book buff but this would be right up JiHoons alley, I would love to see it happen 🙂


  2. that would be a shoe-in cast for BI!!!…nice going!! 😉


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