What she “wants” to do, and what she “should” do… are two very different things.

I am having a HUGE Mika/Raizo moment right now. So just bear with me. โ€” ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on February 7, 2011.

21 Responses to “What she “wants” to do, and what she “should” do… are two very different things.”

  1. I just recently saw Ninja Assassin and I have to say that I loved it. Yes, it was a bloodly but I have seen worse. I did not know about Rain before this movie, I was blown away by him. He and Naomie Harris did an excellent job. The chemistry between them was hot!! Their exotic features just popped beautifully off the screen. Their diversity gave the movie an edge, it was like sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what would happen between them.

    For the critics to dismiss this movie as easily as they did does not make sense to me. I honestly believe that a successful movie without a white lead actor/actress was bit hard for them to swallow. Nevertheless, the impact this movie is making is undeniable. Ninja Assassin, I believe was released in 2009 yet people are still talking about this couple, still talking about this film and still discovering it for the first time. When I went to buy the DVD, it was sold out. I had to order a copy.

    I believe, when it is all said and done, we may be pleasently surprized by the end results.


  2. Ninja Assasin was a film that critics destroyed from the start. I think that play a mayor part in the way people judge the movie. It didn’t help that it was gory but that was minor coz people who goes to see this kind of movies expect that blood is gonna be spilled. There are movies and series out there that are worst. Take Spartacus in HBO right now. NA looks like child’s play in comparison and I can tell coz I am seing it and the other day I saw NA and didn’t find it as gory as before. I think NA is gonna be one of those movies that becomes legend as time passes.


  3. Also, I know what I want to do and I know what I would do if I was Mika. They would be like cute, we said cute, Mika you can stop now, come on Mika come up for air, someone call security, LOL!!!!


  4. @stphe & terri
    @ all
    what about this one
    coz if somthing happen to u all then it not me blame on the man ok!! horizon @_@


  5. well i if that were me iwill first off kiss rain lip you women will diffeenilty say so.. 2 i will wanted to touch him from top bottom down smooty sown to his lip and roaming his lip and face around and then i will wanted to get in that postion after all ekekekek awawaw >> :P)
    anway i just don”t understand why in the interiew they say their a kiss scene and a shower sence with grap my attetion but unfortunally i never see it i watch this alot time NOPE!! i have not see any that clip i wonder did they ever flim that part or just an interiew to get adiance attetin whrn nomies harris say that or coz the director cut that shot out???
    serious like celi
    i agree i am hoping to see the kiss too but more like it not going to happen coz rain if he was to another main character again it might not be with same nomie harris and the story are totally different they will not replace the missing pices into this aqeunce at all but i feeling u though same here too we all wanted to rain kiss coz he very have that HOT KISS that women are die* to see any particular drama of flim !!


  6. I would love to see a sequel but I fear it wouldn’t be happening until Rain comes back of MS. Also, I would love to see him with Mika again coz they did good together. They should gave these characters some time together. The movie is an action flick but they gave Raizo a heart so they should do the same in the next one. Mix his quest for the next clan with some parts were we can see his development as a human being. If they put some steamy scenes between Mika and Raizo then that will be a perfect movie for boys and girls alike.


  7. yes !! si falto un besooo !!!!1


  8. Rain was incredible…


  9. My dear, I am ALWAYS having a “Raizo and Mika” moment. This was the MOST CHEATED COUPLE on film, as far as I’m concerned. Still irks me! Wake The Hell Up Hollywood!…..time to come out of AGES PAST!!!


    I am waiting too, but I don’t think it will happen…..at least not with Rain and Naomie. Even if they did a Ninja Assassin 2, how much you want to bet it will be with two different leads. I will be shocked indeed if our Beloved and Naomie reprise their roles. The stars would Truly have to align.


    • @ Bia

      i will go Raizo on them if they even think about doing a sequel without Rain!! They can change the female co-star but not Rain. Anyway I doubt very much that they could find another actor that can do Raizo so well and go tru hell and back like they did with Rain.


  10. I totally agree with Cecilia. I am also hoping for a follow up so we can see if their story progresses.^_~


    • You know, Warner Brothers never released the shower scene with Mika and Raizo. I’m hoping they’re holding it for the sequel-wishfull thinking ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Like everyone else, I would also love to see a Ninja Assassin sequel, and I hate to disappoint you ladies, but I doubt that’s going to happen.

      Although Ninja Assassin did okay at the box office here in the U.S., it didn’t bring in HUGE dollars. There were a number of reasons for that. One reason it didn’t do as well as it could have here was it was a very “gory” martial arts film. The majority of moviegoers are not into violent, gory martial arts films and won’t go to see them. And most people knew that the film would be gory, because it was being advertised that way and was being compared to “Kill Bill,” another very gory film. It also starred an unknown foreign lead. Certainly Rain is famous in Asia (and to us, of course), but at the time, he was relatively an unknown here in the U.S.

      Also, most of the reviews that the movie received from critics were terrible–mainly because the critics didn’t really “get” the movie at all, but still, they made an impact on the number of viewers who might have spent money to go see the film, but didn’t because they read the bad reviews–and besides, they didn’t know who the star was anyway.

      The result was not as many people went to see the film when it was first released. So, the film was pulled pretty quickly from theaters, which meant that even many people who had wanted to see the film, but didn’t have time to in the first place, missed it. Even Stephe and I had to go across town to see it a second time, and that was only a couple of weeks after it was released.

      However, after Rain won the Biggest, Badass Star award, suddenly people wanted to see what the buzz was all about. So, the film actually did pretty well with its DVD rentals and sales and with viewing worldwide. More importantly, in the end, it didn’t LOSE money, which is actually GREAT for a new (and foreign) star carrying a lead role coming right out of the gate. I mean this was only Rain’s 3rd movie, and only his 2nd leading role.

      So, even though I’m sure our Hollywood producers can see Rain’s potential, I’m just not sure Ninja Assassin did well enough for producers to be willing to place their bets on a sequel. After all, sequels usually make even less money than the first. So, I’m predicting that unless someone brings someone a killer Ninja Assassin sequel script, they’ll probably pass.

      Terri :-}


      • I agree. I don’t see it happening and if it does it will be with two Very unknown actors and it will go Straight-do-not-pass-go-to DVD. I also think Twilight New Moon came out the same time Ninja Assassin did. Just a “tiny” little movie. Ninja Assassin wouldn’t have been able to overcome the Twilight box office. Besides Bi probably wouldn’t want to put in the rigorous training and eat the same drab diet again. So C’est la vie……….


        • @ BiAlamode,

          Oh, yeah. I forgot about the Twilight movie coming out at the same time. What crappy timing THAT was…LOL.

          Terri :-}


          • Crappy AND STUPID timing.

            If it had premiered in March 2009 like they first said, rather than November, it would have missed Twilight completely. But I suppose it wasn’t ready. Cripes. *rolling eyes*

            Stephe ^@@^


  11. I know what I want to do.


  12. Gah, such a great moment from the movie. I am still wanting to see a full on Raizo and Mika kiss. Hopefully well get to that someday.


    • @Cecilia185 I too would love to see a full on Raizo and Mika kiss. However, I do not think it would ever happen. Which is a shame because they made a hot looking couple. I wish they would make a sequal but like everyone has said it probably want happen.


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