Rain check: Revisiting 2007 and 2010.

Rain’s Lotte Duty Free ad in Vogue Korea Magazine’s May 2007 issue. — ^@@^

(image credit: Philo and Phil)


Rain’s Cosmo Men Magazine cover and inside spread from March 2010. » Remember, all of us Anime babes were really surprised at how much he looked like “L” of DeathNote? Separated at birth—haha! » Our post and all the scans from JiHoon’s Cosmo stint last year are right HERE. And some officially released Cosmopolitan shots are HERE.

(image credit: Philo and Phil)

~ by Cloud USA on February 6, 2011.

6 Responses to “Rain check: Revisiting 2007 and 2010.”

  1. Rain look so hot in all the pictures. In the first one he look so handsome and sexy. In the Cosmo pictures I do not know how to describe them but I think he look very sexy in all of them!!! I love all the outfits he has on.


  2. OMG I loooove the first one, he looks so clasic and manly handsome!!! Argh!!! The hand in the pant’s pocket kills me coz you can see that mile long legs and a bit of a**. Swoon O.o


  3. so much like those pictures,fabulous & what a gorgeous shots.


  4. […] See the original post: Rain check: Revisiting 2007 and 2010. « Cloud USA […]


  5. he looks like GO in the last photo


  6. ahhahahaahh the l;ast magainze
    i have 2 copy of that with accident order twice ahahha he look so differnt in that book and i still have him in stock my collection ekekek
    is anybody intersting get one copy from me??
    just asking that if not it cool !!
    and if u at page 132
    u see a man jung ji hoon pop up are model and styles!! 🙂
    i also have rain Ninja Assassin mag too that one also come with 2 rrrggg what with me accident order 2 !!
    and i have Koewan W mag too
    that was gigantic mag of that one man only if rain can endurser here in U.S. New Yourk place would be good bussinese and big money for him yet he could even more famous too SUCK!!
    is pict their are freking HOT like a milking awwawa that Master of Puppet HOT & dorrling i belive he called me again awawwa :P)


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