Blast from the Past #55: Ninja Assassin Revisited

Well, lovely Clouds…

Guess what I watched today?  Hint:  “You are not my father…”

Yes, the recent news about Ninja Assassin playing on North American TV screens got me itching to watch the film again. So, I dug out my Ninja Assassin DVD and took another look at this well done and yet highly underrated homage to the classic “Hollywood Ninja Movie.”

All that ninja loveliness reminded me of our spectacular Ninja Assassin page here on Cloud USA.  So, after the movie was over, I popped on over to that page for another quick Raizo hit.   Our Ninja Assassin page is full of reminders of the greatness of that little movie and of how terribly hard our favorite star worked to bring Raizo to life.  So, if you haven’t visited it lately, you really should.  Seriously.  There’s nothing like a little Raizo to get your weekend started just right.

As an added bonus, while I was meandering around YouTube, I also ran across this little jewel again:  A Behind-the-Scenes look at Ninja Assassin.  I’m pretty sure we posted it at some point, during the Ninja Assassin run, but since I hadn’t seen it in a long time, I thought I’d post it again for your pleasure.  And as I didn’t see it over on the Ninja Assassin page, I went ahead and posted it over there too.

Enjoy, Clouds!  And have a GREAT weekend!

Terri :-}

[Video courtesy of Warner Brothers & 87Eleven; re-up by AroundTheWorldVideo @ YT]

~ by Cloud USA on February 5, 2011.

24 Responses to “Blast from the Past #55: Ninja Assassin Revisited”

  1. Also, I forgot to say Rain so damn hot and sexy in that picture!!!!!!


  2. @Terri thanks for posting this video. I have seen some behind the scene videos but not this one. There is alot that goes into filming a movie. I am so impressed with Rain acting abilities in this movie. He worked so hard. I was blown away watching them film his fight scene. He was a pro at doing those fight stunts. This is one of my favorite movies. I truely wish they had made a part 2.


  3. Aaah yes, Terri, I do remember this… and I also emailed it to Darrell while we were waiting for Ninja Assassin to premiere. It had us all chomping at the bit, as I recall. We simply could not wait for November 25. Talk about torture!

    Stephe ^@@^


    • See? I knew I’d seen it somewhere before.

      Gah, poor, poor Darrell. We torture him so. Can’t wait to make him go see another Rain movie with us. Ha ha.

      Terri :-}


  4. dam he so good and straight to his acting skill see that when he swing the sword around it felt a real worries can care for me and protect my enimies here woooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh the scure of him just wanted him to stick put with you 24/7 would that be problem..
    ok now rain STOP showing off your musular here are u trying to flip me over and scraw under arm and chest uh??
    u know i will grap that and and wanted to feel how strong and buf it can be am not muffy vimpire but i sure i will fell the feeling ahahah !! :0
    ggggaaaaahhhhhh!! damit even just a scream of his V.O.I.C.E.!! i am spazzling i don”t know if i can contiune to act like her being in her shoe i might be melthing for he even start ha ha ha ha ha!!
    @ 3:09
    awawwaw DO U KNOW ME???????????
    speachllessssssssssssss!! his voice ai think i am sixzzling right their it soft voice am mellthing over and over again don”t count i sure i have this more then it happen!
    i glad to see BTS it sure show u alot about ninja assassin and am sure rain have such a experince of his training for this flim rain very give a PROP to this flim well done rain !! 🙂


  5. MY Ninja!!……..This is where it all started for me and Baby Love! Thanks for the re-wind Terri!


  6. Aaaawwwww….one of my fav Rain’s pics (there are too many to count!). Thank you, Stephe! Wub you!


  7. Gosh, That moment when he takes out the ninja mask he is sooo darn hot!!! Argh!!! Imagine that, you are at your house, there is this rucus at night and you are scare ou of your wits then you open a door and there are two men fighting in the office. The fight ends, blood everywhere and this guy comes to you and says, in a melt your socks manly voice, “I can help you but you have to trust me.” You said yes and he takes out the mask and looks like a georgeous god warrior. Man, a fantasy can’t get better than that. Lol!!!!


  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Asian Fashion, Let It Rain. Let It Rain said: Blast from the Past #55: Ninja Assassin Revisited. #Rain […]


  9. OH my my my…. I hadn’t seen this video at all. DAMN this man is yummy as hell… phew!
    Reminds me of June when I first watched the movie and was like, “Wait… who the hell is this hottie???”
    Double MMMMMMMM @ :58-1:09. Lips! Then cuteness and muscles!
    Thanks Stephe… 🙂


  10. OMG!!!maybe this movie to much good…i did not see this movie & i wanted to have this,i watch only some movie thriller…i check in YOUTUBE nothing…i missed this one,how can i have it?Please cloudusa help me how could i have that?PLEASE!!!Thank You…!


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