At work but still sleepy…?

~ by Cloud USA on February 5, 2011.

10 Responses to “At work but still sleepy…?”



  2. Perfectly gorgeous


  3. Hmmm, now what can we do to help him wake up…. 😉


  4. Oh he look so sleepy but yet still gorgeous! Poor baby I hope he got some sleep after this shoot.


  5. ooohhhhhhhhhhhh wait i think he have to give another shooting of PIZZA HUT !! here oh
    rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!! knock knock can u please deliver me Pinaapple pizza for me please be in 20 min!! ekekekkek 🙂


  6. ahahahah LMAO… u lol..
    i think rain forget is was late to rest himself all looking forward to his working contiune to say left me alone am not finish yet!!
    ahahhahahahahah >>>>!! sooooooooooooooo ardorable 🙂


  7. Jihoon’s hair with that face is too cute.


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  9. Aah…..My Beauty!!


  10. Awwwwww, so adorable!!!! Those sleepy eyes are saying, plzzz give me another hour of sleep!! Poor baby, he works too much.


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