[clip] Retro-fitted Rain and ADIEU in recent news.

Enjoy this Arirang entertainment news report from overseas, aired January 28, that fills folks in on the ADIEU! 2010 with Rain concert in English, and with English-subs.

It’s kind of nice seeing these visuals again. That was some show. Wow.

— Stephe ^@@^

RAIN BI 비 110128 Rain’s News. (credit: Arirang Global TV / video source: Cloud Taiwan / courtesy of biblueberry06 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on February 3, 2011.

6 Responses to “[clip] Retro-fitted Rain and ADIEU in recent news.”

  1. That concert was amazing and I wanted to go soo bad!!! As Ceci said, that was an awesome way to let go of 2010. But I hope to see him in a concert someday to experience The Man up close and personal. 😀


  2. I have never been one to get excited over New Years celebrations. However this a would have been an awesome way to ring in the New Year.


  3. as u can see and hear to ear our KING OF STAGE !! Rain 😎
    have give all his fans and adiance the best and of the best lazier concert that u never regret to any of his LOVE concert am telling thae man will give then a outstanding that right rain totally a dancing mechaine thathe give all his 20 song to all his aduince
    i very love the style in his concert he very have such hook up style to bough all thoes rain go wild and excited that right it suit rain so perfectly in this concert.
    is our rain so CAPTAVATING yup!! is he looking much younger it a differenitly.. he tore his fan and he intract with them wild and amazing on his peroms. and this guy such a tramfrom from all his sweet to funny and to sexy and to bless all of us here ekekek :P) rain is sexy, hot and chirstima
    O_O @3:17 boy that BOOTY CALL!! even that camera could help all up to his frim butt, i just hope they did drop their jaw on that awawwawaw 😆
    oh yeah baby u make me sexy COZ, of u ahahahhahah!!
    what she say it all true ya.. LOVE IT


  4. rain , rain love !!!!!


  5. Hah I wanted to go to this concert so bad! I even stayed up at 5:00 am to track it! But that’s ok, because I want to see him live for real 🙂

    And I’m just gonna say this… 감사합니다 (kamsahmnida), ariang… For including those last few seconds. ; .


  6. Even though I was not there this was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever seen. Hopefully one day I will be able to experience Rain in an amazing concert of his.


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