MBLAQ check: Thunder was quick to say he gives Rain-hyung more text time. LOL!

Cheongdung and his famous KPop sister Sandara share a Lunar New Year chat. So cute!

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Allkpop 2/1/2011 — by Vitalsign

Siblings Dara and Thunder tackle their first Lunar New Year interview together

The older Park sibling, Sandara, arrived 10 minutes late, but she immediately waved “Hi~” to her younger brother Thunder upon entering the room. Thunder, who was fixing his hanbok in front of a mirror, greets her with, “Oh, you came.”

And then a brief moment of awkward silence hit.

Since it’s their first-ever ’sibling interview’, the two immediately began repeating, “How awkward,” while quickly explaining, “We grew up in the Philippines so we never had the opportunity to give New Year’s bows. This year, we’ll be bowing to our parents and CEOs.”

Sandara and Thunder are members of Korea’s two top idols, 2NE1 and MBLAQ. They’re also the most well-known sibling idols in the industry as well. What’s interesting to note is that despite the fame surrounding their relationship, this is the first time the two are taking part in an interview as just siblings.

“I’m seeing his face for the first time in a month,” Sandara calmly states. Thunder adds, “It’s kind of awkward seeing her at work, since I’m used to seeing her at home.” His older sister agreed: “At home, I’m used to us wearing pajamas and not being so dolled up, so meeting like this is quite awkward.”

Because they both have busy schedules and are living away in dorms, they’re lucky to be able to meet once a month. Their promotion cycles have also never overlapped, so they rarely get to meet outside at work. The first time they met on stage was at the SBS “Gayo Daejun” last year.

Despite the distance, they claim to be closer than anyone else. Sandara revealed that she constantly monitors for him, and sends him advice and support through text messages. She also listens to MBLAQ’s CDs during car rides, and would always visit MBLAQ’s waiting room with flowers on special days, like for their comeback.

Speaking of thoughtful, Sandara handed a new bag to her brother during the interview. “I bought it for you while I went shopping a few days ago,” she explained.

In comparison to her outgoing and four-dimensional personality, Thunder is a lot quieter and calmer. Sandara revealed, “Whenever I send him text messages after I monitor his broadcast performances, he always replies back with one letter: ‘k.’”

Thunder retorted, “But still, I reply a bit longer to Jihoon-hyung (Rain).”

» You can read the rest of the interview in its entirety, and see a nice Thunder/Sandara pictorial, on the Allkpop site HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on February 2, 2011.

6 Responses to “MBLAQ check: Thunder was quick to say he gives Rain-hyung more text time. LOL!”

  1. sandara so sweet what a lovely care sister of her to thunder while shopping and got him an bag !!
    it touching me so much i hardly have such of these even they far apart and meet each other just once a month meet up very keep them in touch and thoiugtful mind of their connection going really i love that fact they sharing their life style back and now too so sweet awawaw… !!
    since he’s the maknae, he has a tendency to behave like a baby. ahahah how cuttie pie she can be to thunder lol… i u know what i knowes about him it true but come to perform he took serious and serious perform too thunder is growing alot theseday and he get to the point to be a manly grow too.. dancing, they are good i agreed
    piano seunngho is the best in piano boy when he play i just wanted to sit and watch him in that piano
    singing. they are amazing in their line and singing the boy spit their trun and jiont their sining together too mblaq is the most handsomer as what i see non bias here ahahha .
    When I succeed and become a big singer, I’ll take care of you then.”
    ahahahahahha i LOVE THAT LAST WORD !!
    any gril that love thunder will be warm by him and took care of her for a reason he just make me smile ekekek * SWEET*


  2. they are adorable siblings


  3. Soooooo cute together!!! Is great that they got some time to talk and see each other. You can sense that they are close and help each other with their performances. Awww, so sweet!!!


  4. Also, for got to say it was so funny when Thunder said he reply more to Rain’s texts. You can tell he has so much respect for Rain.


  5. I loved the article so much. Thunder and Sandara are the cutest siblings ever!! They are so cute, look so much alike, and they could be twins. I am loving Thunder even more now with what he said about his sister.

    “Nuna, you’re always asking for me to introduce you to a man, but I don’t know any man worthy of you.”

    “I know that I’m not at the point in my career where I can act with freedom, but I’ll be working harder than ever, so don’t worry about me. When I succeed and become a big singer, I’ll take care of you then.”

    I was so touched by what he said. You can tell they love each other. Also, from what I have heard of 2NE1 I love this group. They are awsome singers. They are a powerful girl group and one of the best groups out. This was a great article.


  6. Awww what a super cute picture.


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