[fan cam] Revisiting 2009: A Nappeun Namja at Legend of Rainism.

You don’t see those two things together often (LoR and “Bad Guy”/Nappeun Namja) unless it’s in the concert encore, Tango-style, with red velvet jacket and hot flamenco ladies. But at the tour stop in Seoul, Rain staged an original rendition of his debut song… with a little extra pizzazz and a dance break flow thrown in for kicks.  Love it.

— Stephe ^@@^

091009 Legend of Rainism in Seoul – Bad boy.  (courtesy of miyupy @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on February 2, 2011.

5 Responses to “[fan cam] Revisiting 2009: A Nappeun Namja at Legend of Rainism.”

  1. That was so hot!!! Rain sounded amazing, loved the routine, and the jacket was sweet!!!


  2. i very love his jacket too he wear that not so much and often either i mean i see him in MKMF perfrom also he so define in his body in that look and what kick of more he when he move and dance just blow me away all the the time could belive this amazing rain can alway give all his true concert a best on stage when he sweat he trun so yummie and i wish i can goes to all his concert. LOVE IT!
    he such powerful perofrms ever.


  3. Every now & then Rain was so amzing the way he perform was so hot & sexy on the stage.So sweet voice i love the way he dance very energetic…


  4. Love that jacket coz defines that body soo nicely!! His voice in this song is amazing and the dance soo yummie!!!


  5. I love the facial expressions that Rain makes while performing, so intense. 🙂


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