[ETA 2/13] Wallpaper! Get your February Wallpaper!

*ETA 2/13: Japanese Cloud wallpaper is here! ADIEU, all…! ๐Ÿ˜€

(image: 1024 x 768, J.Tune Camp Rain Japan Official Website / source: Cloud Taiwan, sammi @RainCloudHongKong / tip: rain-cloud)



It occurred to us the other day that, seeing as we began providing calendar wallpaper in August 2010, we completely missed doing one that was Back To The Basic in nature. The “Love Song” and “Hip Song” comeback stages were long over, and we were all into Rain phones andย Fugitive and JiWoo by that time. Poor JiHoon probably figured we skipped B2TB because we didn’t like it… and nothing could be further from the truth! We loved his long- and short-haired Glam and European epicene beauty, oh yes we did. And we adored the blue eyes he picked for a few of the shots. Woah….

And so, for this month, we decided to take our hats off to JiHoon’s utterly striking B2TB creativity.

*Please note: Calendar wallpaper from the Japanese Cloud (J.Tune Camp Rain Japan) will be posted here as soon as it comes available. And oh, it is going to be so worth the wait this month! The preview of it that we’ve seen is a handsome shot of our retro-fitted Rain on his ADIEU stage. โ™ฅ

Have a terrific February, everybody!

โ€” Stephe ^@@^

(1024 x 768)

A smaller size (800 x 600) is available in the Gallery below.


(1024 x 768, ยป Lotte Duty Free Korea/English, and Japan. An additional size (800 x 600) is available in the Gallery below… and at these LDF download links.)


~ by Cloud USA on February 1, 2011.

7 Responses to “[ETA 2/13] Wallpaper! Get your February Wallpaper!”

  1. OMG!! the first pict he have a connectin with cloudUSA here look at he smile with a glimous look and he say my lover clouds how are u guy today good!! sing.. he look so gerous here love how he aquak himself in this post boy what a prefect shot here an it is beauitful click and save add my blog ahahah THANK U! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. His eyes look right through you don’t they? MMMMMMM ^+^




  4. Love it!!!! That Back to the basics album is spectacular; those picts are sooo sexy the first time I saw them blushed like a school girl. Gezzz, he looked amazing!!!!! Argh!!! Oh, like the one with the star, yummie!!!


  5. wow!what a beautiful picture!!!cloudusa thank u so much…very much i liked…so nice…love u all guys!


  6. Simply just perfect and gorgeous!!!!!


  7. ahahhaahahah stephe Lol…. ๐Ÿ˜†
    u know we love u and we love our rain in both way and ofcurse the man is just to much for us that we are not leaving him alone ekeke don”t worry rain i will love stephe wallpager and i will post on my blog i adore her art and i alway post on my blog she make me happy to all time see…….. rain u should give stephe an puddel i know u will.
    it so beauitful and it my farviote of his look i mean all the above the eye, hair, lip he got that massive look that i could not foreget he is a beauty in here to me sexy to ooooozzzzling wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    how i wish their a timzome get him back aawawwaaw!!
    thank u stephe i will wait for the other coming too !


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