[ETA: More C’est Si Bon info] Tweets abound.

It was important for me to show cloud Scorpiola’s take on Rain’s latest tweet, because it speaks to something near and dear to my own heart—how the elders in many societies are a national treasure that should be properly celebrated. Here in the States, for instance, the older you get, the more invisible you are. We have a bad habit of dismissing our seniors as having “served their purpose,” when in fact they still have contributions to make.

They paved our way. As a young person, JiHoon understands this deep down in his soul, and that is such a comfort to me. *happy tears*

— Stephe ^@@^

(29rain @Twitter)

I think he wrote about his thought after watching “Come to play – 세시봉 Concert” yesterday…

— Scorpiola

[007disk.com] 놀러와 – 세시봉콘서트 (110131). C’est Si Bon Concert, “Let It Be Me.” (source: 007disk.com / raincloudhk/ the007disk @YT)


Edited to Add: Rain bird’s notes, from Rain Europe. Thanks to both of you ladies (Scorpiola and Rain bird) for helping us English-speakers put all of this into context. You really are wonderful. 🙂

Rain says :

I have the greatest respect for our “C’est Si Bon” seniors..

All of our singing and doing the things we like and building friendships, is a tribute to their presence itself.

I was deeply impressed by their stories and their songs drawing tears from us today.

** Note :

MBC TV’s Lunar New Year special ‘Come to Play’ was broadcast late at night on the 31st on which some singers

in the older age group such as ‘Yang Hee Eun’, ‘Jo Young Nam’, ‘Kim Se Howan’, ‘Song Chang Shik’, and ‘Yun Hyung Joo’ who had been famous singers in the 1960s~1970s, appeared.

In the program, they were seen laughing and joking with each other, remembering past positive moments. The TV program won popular acclaim and high ratings. Probably, Rain was also very impressed when he watched it.

Each of them started his or her singing career as a singer in a cafe called “C’est Si Bon” in Seoul at that time, so in general, they are called by the title, “C’est Si Bon” singers. (by rain bird)

~ by Cloud USA on February 1, 2011.

10 Responses to “[ETA: More C’est Si Bon info] Tweets abound.”

  1. Oohhh… I’ve always loved this song and they sang it to perfection. Such harmony! Love it!


  2. Simply an awsome performance. The way they sang and the words are so beautiful and touching. I love thier voices and I can listen to this over and over. I can see why Rain tweeted about this. Everybody should check this video out.


  3. t not my type of geration song but i have to say it was a wonderful song
    LET IT BE ME! is so beauitful when u listing to i have say give the elder sing this with kaduo for that did u know i event listing twice i see now why rain say it touching him coz, it is touching song plus the way they sing it like appluse for all thoes 3 man!!
    the emotion how they sing it making u touch alot i would love to hear rain sing to one it will blow u away i ganretnee!
    and yeah it is very special i felt the sweet and love of rain to his elder indeed


  4. what amazing voice…while i’m listening this song & watching this video,ohh i don’t understand my feeling,but i kept smilling it was so great…yeh the time so fast & don’t know what will happened fo me when i get older also hehehe.So i undestand Rain what his feelings when he saw this eldest people,well he touched also.Ohhh,how so sweet & lovely Rain….!


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  6. Oh…so special…

    Terri :-}


  7. Beeeeeeeuuuuutiiifuuuulll!!!!! Gosh, that was so sweet!!! Real feelings coming from the heart. Four friends united by music. Their english is perfect, their voices in perfect harmony and such delite in their faces!! Maturity giving excellence a new meaning. Bravo!!!!


  8. such a meaning and heartfelt tweet. yes, i get it Jihoon.


  9. Oh that was impressive,I could listen to this song all day ,and the voices …I have no words .wonderful ,BRAVO and a lots of applause.


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