Rain check.

Oh, my heavens.  Check out the Fugitive: Plan B goodness, the Rain magazine cover and spread goodness, the Rain calendar wallpaper goodness, and… as we seldom see him—the Rain lying down goodness. Holy cow. It’s all enough to give a woman the sweats! — ^@@^

(All images courtesy of Rainstorm, Japan / Baidu, China / Naver)

~ by Cloud USA on February 1, 2011.

15 Responses to “Rain check.”

  1. @stephe
    Oopsi :oop:
    i mean to say PUASSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHhis BOOTY until it pop-up like a ballon awwawaaww yeah i very get that COOL icebrege on me ekekekek :P)


  2. So it goes from that picture that says Happy New Year 2011 where he’s biting his lower lip….to the laying down booty pics…
    Hmmm makes me bite my lower lip… 😉


  3. wwooww que fotos gracias thanks !!!!!


  4. @BiAlamode
    ahahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! yeah baby if he called u first then what about me here sqqqqqqqqqqqrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!
    am saying that rain BOOTY CALLED have such a DELCIOUS mind brain and soon it will EXPLODED u i am and damit that sexy from moody booty that he asking for would u wanted to scrembled and squezeeeeeeeeeeee! until it get harder uuuhhhhhhhhhhh!! :P)
    @ marisa
    Rain’s body is a work of art!! *keep it PG, keep it PG, Gaaahhh*
    ahhhhhhhhhhh he can took that as plan naked if u would took that PG down ahhaha MERCY HELL i am thinking nagty here BOY RAIN GIVE ME SOME AIR hereeeeeeeeeee!! :P)


    • Lord. How you get from “squeezing his butt until it gets harder” to “keeping it PG,” I just don’t know.

      Kongsao, go put some ice on your head, dear. LOL! ROFL!

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. That bootay is the best! After reading the headline about the pics I straight skipped the rest just to get to the lying down pics and Lord knows I was not disappointed. I have to agree that the man is a work of art simply beautiful and always cute and sexy.


  6. The last two pics, two words come to mind…….SMACK THAT!!!!


  7. what rain should do is make a workout video so he can teach us how get that booty, those thighs and define our abs don´t you agree. I will thrill watch him


  8. Dear lord!!!!!! By the time I got to the last two pics I was ready to ask for MERCY!!!!!!! Gezzz, never thought a man can look soo yummie like that!! Those arms are bulging and the back side looks even better. Rain’s body is a work of art!! *keep it PG, keep it PG, Gaaahhh*


  9. @Kongsao LOL!!!!! You just crack me up so much!!!!!!

    I love all of Rains looks in these pictures. He is either just so cute, handsome, sexy and hot!!!!! But lets focus on the last two pictures. I hope I am not saying two much for this site. OMG!!!! Look at his sexy BOOTY!!! I mean even laying down it is still firm and blunp!!!! You can bounce a quater off of it. Man just look at his thigh. In the last picture it just look so strong. Hey Rain can I come work out with you!!!!!!


  10. OMG!! did i have that toooooooooooo ekekek
    yeah rain look so ruggudly handome only if he never chop of his beauitful jiwoo he would extremly so handsome DON”T GET ME WRONG ya……..!! i miss jiwoo look more then anybody here it hurt me a bit and i am crying too hope u understand my feeling here i think the more i see rain hair long that very long u know what am saying it all good to me he totally suit this look but i also knowes everytime he have some good looking or getting him to handsome he change soon i just never see rain have this good looking for long not even at leas a years or so T_T
    but goshness that is heaven sak of his look and u know that suit he in is truly a trun on man ALIVE even all black heck my heart are going out to him awawawaw :P)
    @__@ the one he lkying doen LOR gosh i am complete sweat just looking at him u know my amazing is going wild OK kong Keep PG-13
    here uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh what about scrawling my body SLOWLY toward the man and be under bottom that sound fair rain i am bagging to be under your chest and if i ever get to that first thing i would wnated to warp around him and tigh myself and would not let goes we can rolling all over don”t care uuuhhhhhhhhh what about rolling around ekekek !! :P)


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