MBLAQ check: OMG.

Enjoy this sharp-@ss performance, the Boys’ “Stay” comeback stage on Sunday’s Inkigayo (Popular Songs), yesterday. ♥

And explain to me why the heck they didn’t win with THIS. Huh??

— Stephe ^@@^ *dumbfounded*

110130 MBLAQ STAY Live SBS Inkigayo♫♫♫. (credit: SBS / video source: UnknownCarrot170 / courtesy of Official2NE1TV @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on January 31, 2011.

13 Responses to “MBLAQ check: OMG.”

  1. as long as HoMin are perceived as victims, they will win…feel sorry for Mblaq and the other artists that are caught in that mess and not getting the attention they deserve…for it’s enough with DBSK already!! 😦


    • I couldn’t have said it better. If they were voting on the complete content of the albums as well, MBLAQs album wins hands down. I’ve listened to the content of the HoMin CD and it really is bad. Every song on MBLAQs CD is awesome. ^_^


  2. I know I probably should know this but can someone explain something to me. A comeback stage is just when an artist comes back to promote thier new album by doing live performances, correct? When they go on all these shows to promote thier new album. On all or some of ths shows they compete for who has the best song out. The artist perform against another artist and the fans call in and vote. If you win you get an award. Is this correct?

    I think MBLAQ is so darn talented. This performance was so hot! You can definitely see and hear thier improvement in performing live. Thier performaces are strong, confident, stylish, entertaining and vocally amazing. Also, they all are hot looking men! What else can you ask for. My hat goes off to who ever style them from clothes, hair and makeup. I love it all. I really loved thier outfits. They deserve to win an award or some awards. Hopefully they will get one.


    • winning is based on fan votes and sales


      • Thanks for the information. Now do all the shows they perform on have this competition? I am assuming that not all the shows they compete on. Also, a comeback stage is basically when the artist goes out and perfomance live to promote thier latest cd correct?


        • All of the shows are this competition, I think it is 3 shows a week. A comeback stage is the first performance on these shows after a new album is released


          • Thanks for the information. Yes they work so hard. From some of the performances I have seen they definitly should win some of the times. Hopefully they will win one.


  3. Yeah… I think they’ve gotten so good at performing and their stage presence is excellent now but TVXQ is just killing it right now. The power of the fans…


  4. well it true on that establish artis and their fanclub are but still in my way and see this korean seeme to put impression capacity.come first what heck i belive they can alway change this to what so ever they been on stage perfrom and sing and dance of their debut but why could they go anywhere farther to win their award what am saying they should get the best outcome on that stage and fan voting too but like u know they alway dydge by they best artis come better it suck i just hope they can be much more fair enought to everybody on the end Mblaq very prove their effort of their comeback just TXVQ they won the award over Mblaq i just hope somewhat the boy won at lease award for this but like it hard to see u know how korean is!


  5. They make me smile. Love thier performance.


  6. i am just confused about Korean’s impression capacity. these boys will have been out 2 years in a short while. what in the heck do they need to do to please people. for me they are fresh, really quality, very talented and you can see the growth on stage, voice and dance. i’m impressed with whoever does and decides on the costumes. they are always fitted. colorful and blended with their stage background. come on Korea, step it up already and award them for their efforts. i think A+ can give a push here though but massive request and votes. much like Clouds do and have done when Rain is invloved. thanks for sharing. love it.


    • The other more established artists have larger fan clubs that vote for them. DBSK is promoting as well as various solo acts from Big Bang. I’m just hoping they can get at least one win out of this promotion period.


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