[clips] Revisiting 2006: “Je suis un cyborg.” (I’m a cyborg.)

Now this is made of AWESOME.

Do enjoy this special report about the making of I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK, starring Rain and Im SuJeong, with French subtitles. Perhaps our French sisters will give us a hand with the dialogue? 🙂

And if not, no worries. The visuals alone are worth watching, and if you’ve seen the movie, what’s going on should be simple to guess anyway, right?

Rain and SuJeong were most excellent in this movie. It will always be one of our favorites, because of the brilliance of it and the characters. (Dang! She slapped him in so many takes, he had to put ice to his face. Good job, girl! ROFL!) And if watching this only makes you want to have another go at Stephe’s #1 Rated Korean Kiss Ev-Vah, that’s over at the bottom of our Bi Amazed page.

Have fun with all this Cyborg goodness!

— Stephe ^@@^

“Je suis un cyborg” de Park Chan-wook, making-of (1). (courtesy of fnac @YT)

“Je suis un cyborg” de Park Chan-wook, making-of (2). (courtesy of fnac @YT)

“Je suis un cyborg” de Park Chan-wook, making-of (3). (courtesy of fnac @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on January 31, 2011.

6 Responses to “[clips] Revisiting 2006: “Je suis un cyborg.” (I’m a cyborg.)”

  1. I wish they had this movie on netflix.


  2. i will watch ANYTHING that Park Chan-wook is involved in. thanks for sharing this. my first time to see it.


  3. I don’t know french but could understand the general idea of it. Poor baby boy with ice on his swollen face!! Awww!!! At first she was like “you want me to push him?” and looking up to Rain that looks like a giant next to her!! Lol!! But the little lady is strong and delivers a mighty right hand. At the end Rain was like O.o plzz make her stop!! Lol!!!


  4. Even trying to pull out my high school French was stretching it, but I managed to understand a few (very few) words. Cool documentary…..like the Special Features on DVDs.


    • Yeah same here, I took French in high school for 4 years but that was a while ago..lol.

      I like the behind the scenes stuff though. 🙂


  5. What fun!

    In my bad French, I shall say: Merci pour de ces vidéos. Ils étaient fantastiques!

    Terri :-}


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