[article] We got a mention, World Clouds! Did you notice?

In Sports Hankook‘s article today, » the Good Neighbors World Cloud charity project that we participated in last fall got a nice shout. VERY cool. Yes, the media does need to sit up and notice that world star Rain does indeed have true fans the world over. It ain’t a fluke.

And great job, Benamoo…!

— Stephe ^@@^


Rain’s fan club organizes its own society for its regular support of Africa’s children
Source: Sports Hankook
English translation: rain bird @rain-eu.
Released: 1/31/2011

Singer and actor Rain’s fans have decided to do a good deed regularly.

Benamoo, one of his fan clubs, has made a concerted effort to help Africa’s children.

This fan club is regularly to contribute to the child poverty action group under Rain’s name, organizing its own society in support of Africa’s children.

Benamoo which has given to those who need whenever some social issues are addressed, has decided to regularly do something valuable and meaningful with the coming of the new year. The members’ supporter ID card will be issued, and they’ll do worthwhile things under Rain’s name.

Rain’s fans from 12 countries around the world donated twelve million KRW to Good Neighbors in celebration of the first broadcast of KBS 2TV drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ starring Rain late last year.

~ by Cloud USA on January 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “[article] We got a mention, World Clouds! Did you notice?”

  1. Knowing for this news,i’m happy to hear that one of fansclub organized that kinds of avtivities for doing goods & helping to a poor childrens.Well Benaboo Rain will proud of you for ur good work…


  2. wowowowo that was very indeed of the fanclub of their suporting to thoes childrens the fanclub very make rain so prouds of contiune to welth all thoes need and i so happy of that loyal fanclumb alway up for whatever they can do to pervent their need that’s good news Benamoo. this is a big fan group with over 70,000 who can be with this so happy to hear someout from them good news 🙂


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