RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 51.

Hello Lovely Clouds,

Stephe has been super duper busy for the past few days, and it hasn’t slowed down for her yet. It will be a few more hours before she will be able to get back to her computer.  So, I thought I would help her out by posting this week’s Rainy Day episode.

I know her running commentary is always to die for, and I know I can’t possibly match her wit and grace.  But I wanted to try anyway, because she’s a little overwhelmed these days. So…here goes nuthin’…

Presenting Rain’s Rainy Day, Season 2, Episode 51: Asian Broadcast 1/29.

Awwww…the Zepping in Osaka continues as we’re treated to a soft and sexy performance of one of my favorite songs, September 12.  So sweet.  Just like Rain.  :-}  He put his hand over his heart at 52 seconds in and I was melting…exactly like he knew I would, darn him! Ha ha. I loved everything about this performance. So sincere, so special. So Rain.

Next we revisit Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School with the sweet Because I Know (or You Know). I LOVE it when he steps down off the main stage. Watch that crowd go WILD! Heh heh. But that ain’t all, folks. It’s like he suddenly decides: Heck, I need to get closer. So, he starts waving to and shaking hands with as many of his Clouds as he can…all the while performing the song flawlessly. Amazing.

And then the song ends and he’s ducking behind the scrim, where the now infamous “silhouetted costume change” takes place. *Chuckle* Just look at him. He banters with his Clouds as he slowly pulls off his shirt and then s-l-i-d-e-s those pants lower…and then even l-o-w-e-r. LOL. What a tease! Little did we know back then that Rain would top this moment with a “backstage-change-cam” at his Adieu Concert. Heavenly days ahead! :-}

After the final moments of the costume change, Part 2 begins with Sad Tango in high-military fashion. It’s a cool look for some of my favorite choreography. Unfortunately, much of the cool dancing is edited out, but that’s okay, because it isn’t long before we move right into a hothotHOT performance of Touch Ya.

Oh, oh, oh! Baby, you got my permission. To touch me, that is. Anytime. No need to sing about it. (Yeah, I said it. So there.) You know? When I saw this, I thought this was one of the hottest performances of this song I’d ever seen. And I think I was right…at least until I saw his performance of Touch Ya on his Adieu Concert stage. What do you ladies think?

Still, this has got to be a very close second. When he snatches those sunglasses off of his face, I’m a goner. Gah. And then I’m grinning from ear to ear with his: “All my FELLAS! Come ON! UH UH! All my FELLAS! HEY! HEY!” *Chuckle.* Go, Baby, GO! (By the way, can anyone tell me what he’s saying at the very end there? I can’t hear it clearly enough and it’s driving me friggin’ crazy…)

And finally, we have Don’t Stop, which is spectacular…well, except for the weird disembodied faces and hands thingy going on around Rain.  I know some of you will feel differently about that, and that’s cool.  To each his own.  But I gotta tell you, it doesn’t do much for me.  Why?  Well, mostly because this song is sexy as hell, and the lyrics, some of which I have provided in directly translated English below…

“Touch my body; my heart feeling like it’s going to explode
I can’t leave you anymore, so just
Watch me lose it; I’m at a loss for words at the way you move
I crumble at your touch, yeah.”

…have nothing to do with dancing men in black, or disembodied glowing faces and hands (although I gotta admit those hands were doing some really nice things right there…yes, they were…). Yeah, I KNOW the men dancing and creeping around in black are doing something incredibly difficult.  I KNOW it takes a lot of talent to be creeping and glowing and dancing all at the same time. It really does. I’m TOTALLY aware of that.  But it still sort of freaks me out anyway, okay? I can’t help it. I just can’t.

And yet, what does that really matter at the end of such a spectacular Rainy Day? Let me answer that question for you.  It doesn’t.  Not one bit.  Because frankly, Rain’s hot.  REALLY hot.  In fact, he’s hotter than a noon sun on an August afternoon in Georgia. And, like I said, that’s REALLY hot. So, after awhile, I forgot all about the creeping, glowing, disembodied faces and hands, because I was focusing on Rain. You see? Ha ha.  :-}

And with that, the episode ends until next week. At least we HOPE there’s an episode 52. There was an episode 52 last season. So, we’re being optimistic over here in Cloud USA land and praying like hell for one more Rainy Day.

Come on, MNet. Just one more. That’s all we ask.

Pretty, pretty please?

Terri :-}

(video credit: Mnet / video source: happyyyrain / courtesy of ratoka @YT)
Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:

~ by Cloud USA on January 30, 2011.

9 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 51.”

  1. Both of these performances were so hot!!!!!


  2. That’s the thing Busybee no matter how many times you watch him performing you never get tired of it. and that pic of his bicep it just make you dream of his arm all over you. 0.0 Faint!!!!


  3. I love this performance of “Touch Ya” but the Adieu performance just takes it to another level.


  4. to all u guys who work so hard for this video thank u esp.Stephe,Teri & others its very owesome.Rain so lively how to perform.S o irrestable & look how he change his outfit,so cute…thats the way he handle his concert was so alive & amazing..hahaha…i love it…


  5. You are right Busybee, just when you think that Rain did the best performance of his life then he comes up with one better than the last. I thought that Zepp Concert was great and he did Intensity Concert in Manila and it was awesome then he did the Adeiu Concert and blew me away. I am sure that when I finally get to see him in concert is gonna be amazing coz he keeps getting better and better.


  6. Terri, that doggone “Let me Touch Ya” 2010 Adeiu style!!!! i can’t get enough of. that boy went beserk performing that song, from the opening of that song to the closing, pure heaven to watch. hand clapping, grinning, bobbing to the beat, all of that.
    i can’t imagine what Rain will do to top this last concert. he brought that crowed of 8,000 people right up close and personal with him. even gave them a arm dance lesson having them sing another song/several songs with him. my, my, my what on earth will he do to top that one? “Escaping the Sun”, vocals blew me away. i’m still featuring that concert on my yt until i get tired. do you think i ever will? hahahaha


    • @ Busybee,

      Will you ever get tired of it? I don’t think so. I know I won’t. I don’t know how he’s going to top Adieu. I really don’t. But I have a feeling he’s got something planned. Don’t you? LOL.

      Terri :-}


    • @Busybee, I think these performances were hot. However, I agree the way Rain peformed “Let Me Touch Ya” for the Adeiu 2010 concert was just crazy awsome!!!! Rain was on freakin fire. He was so darn hype from the begining to the end. Yes he did go beserk perfoming that song. I too cannot get enough of that performance and have watched it so many times. I do not know how he is going to top that performance. I am sure he has something up his sleeve. I will never grow tired of that performance.


  7. OMG!! u so right terri at that 52..second
    when he put his hand on his heart gosh i felt like he is speaking right at u i mean the expassion of how he sing this September 12 very melting u i felt like i already have my heart just fopr one man here DON”T know who can give to eoiither ahahahahah!!! :P) i:m about to die watching that smooth and beauitful soft sing of him it touching me then anyman can sing to u in life.
    gosh he such a sweetie pie he walk to each them and shake their hand each one and pass on to other rain not just a concert person but he event show them how much IMPORTANT love to all his fans to him that telling me that he is very love them much then what he done so much everything about this guy is complete so honest sweet and touch and very denam of his stage meaning he know how to get all his fan stay attact to him and devote to him so much! make me very happy.. 🙂
    part 1 !5:30
    what i do know is in his rehershal he say the curtian fishnet martial the adiance can see his figure so he will just took of his tin -top only @__@ and rain say i am afraid i will change my cloth right here sent that too of a hassel .. After taking of his top he just teasing all his fan u know rain that all about him ekekke ..
    i very love his outfit in Sad Tango he look like a true Squak of Leader of kind thriller action here ruborcap what ever he look so so dran good in that outfit i would love to see him in that style quite offten too ! i alway LOVE his TOUCH YA .. song he very show alot powerful in that persom i very like when he crunk down and dance on that move. amazing dramit Don”t Stop i liking that dance move esp he did that robot move that and it Raining in MKFM 2008 awesome !!


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