Rain Check.

Great Googly Moogly!

For a minute there I thought this was a picture of me and Stephe.  But noooo…it’s just Rain and Bbaek-Ga.

Still…don’t you see the similarities?  Don’tcha?  Huh?  Huh?  (Don’t anybody answer that, dammit.)

Awwww…it’s SO great to have a BFF.  And I should know.  :-}

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on January 30, 2011.

13 Responses to “Rain Check.”

  1. Yeh,what a nice looking both friends bonding at there free time & thats a happy moment for both of them.Kept your friendship it gonna be forever in goodtime & in badtime…


  2. love this pic. it reminds me of me and my best friend when we talk about important stuff. these two remind me of a boyhood friendship just hanging out together. happy for both of them, Jihoon being the male in his family needs this kind of male peer relationship. his other earlier schoolmate is on this trip too.
    i’m real comfortable with this kind of travel compansionship for him, especially after all of the other non-sense by folks claiming to be a friend of his. (what a joke that was).


    • @ Busybee,

      Me too. I absolutely adore this pic.

      And there’s nothing like traveling with your best buddies. Nothing like it at all. So relaxing being away from work and stress and family pressure and just chillin’. Yeah. Stephe, we need to take another road trip soon, chingu! Gosh! It has been way too long since we’ve done that. (I’m so bloody boring these days…good grief.)

      What some people appear to keep forgetting is that Rain almost lost Bbaek-Ga to cancer. What a horrific moment that had to be in his life. It just had to be. They’ve known each other since they were young, since even before Rain became…well…Rain. That call from Bbaek-Ga, from the hospital, telling Rain about the brain tumor, had to be torturous. It’s no wonder that Rain broke down in the moment. I would have too.

      Since cancer has scourged my own BFF’s family, the idea that I might lose this person who is very precious to me is NEVER far from my thoughts. And because I’ve had similar battles in my own family, I never take any of the people I love for granted. EVER.

      And you all shouldn’t either. Please hold those you love close to you and SHOW them and TELL them you love them. Let them know they are special to you EVERY SINGLE DAY.

      For we are not promised tomorrow, and for some of us tomorrow may never come.

      Terri :-}


      • Amen to that, Terri! There’s just nothing like having a friend in your life for that long. They really become a part of you and you can’t imagine life without them. I have a few of those myself. Its very comforting to know that JiHoon does too.


      • I too know this feeling well. I lost my father and grandfather (father and son) to cancer in the ’08 and’09 back to back years. Years back both maternal and paternal grandmothers to cancer as well. So Yes I Know. Having others around you who you Know love and care for you is what is important. It doesn’t have to be a blood relative, just someone who truly understands and doesn’t judge those moments when we are weakest.

        I love this picture and I’m a little “jealous” I must say….cause I wanna go to Paris too! I just need a few more Zeros on my pay check.

        LOVING these jackets of his lately…..I would so wear them myself!…..(SMILES)


      • In just cried there and then. I need to call my Mum.


      • yeap! it’s a funny thing how you learn who is a real friend and who is not. i once thought i had about 3, until tragety touched me. one called and said if you need me, just give me a call. one called and expressed sorry. one took off a week, called me and said “i’m on my way”. travelled from Atlanta for 12 hours to get here. i guess you know how that afffected me when i saw her. of course i had been surrounded by family but when my best friend showed up at the door, stood there smiling with outstreched arms and enfolded me, cried with me and stayed with me during that critical time, it just made all the difference in the world and i’m sure others know the feeling. that’s what i see with this friendship between Jihoon and Bbaek-ga. i’m happy for them both.


  3. i glad to rain and Beak-ga have a great moment together in french and seeme to relaxing over their they look like are just tooking a breath out outside their ekekek i very happy to see these 2 buddy together and sharing alot disanation together love them at alway the untied of them alway show republic how loyal BFF they are go guy do what u gotta be!! 🙂


  4. Forever friends…..we love you !


  5. Very nice picture. These two look as if they have a lot of long talks, and about everything. It is so nice to have a BFF, and to see that Rain has someone that he can talk to and trust (and BaekGa too). This is special. 🙂


  6. This is a cute picture! I am going to steal that coat Rain has on! Yes it is awsome to have a BFF to share your life experiences with.


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