[fan cam] Revisiting 2010: Riding with Rain on the ZEPP FreeWay.

This was a pretty special performance during the 2010 Rain Loves ZEPP Japan tour, last summer, for several reasons. Firstly, few of us had ever seen “FreeWay” performed on stage at all—just the original music video. Secondly, “FreeWay” (Rain’s second Japanese single, released June 2006… the first was “Sad Tango” in January 2006) was only released in Japanese, and to Japanese fans, as far as I know, which made it their signature song and pretty much endeared him to them forever. Which shows a lot of thought on his part when it came to the ZEPP tour… he didn’t fail to include their special song in their tour, regardless of how long it had been since he’d last performed it.

Thirdly, Rain and Crew looked like they had a blast with it. Hongshi looked good—REALLY good, flashing that smile of his. You get a nice little bit of KyuSang and YongDeock, yeah. Such cuties! SungTak gets a quick moment of his handsome mug in the clip too, as do the Women behind the Man. And JiHoon himself was dancing up and laughing up a storm.

Do enjoy revisiting a ride on the Osaka freeway, all…!

— Stephe ^@@^

100629 오사카둘째날 Freeway 팬더공주직캠. ZEPP Osaka, FreeWay.(courtesy of raintic @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on January 30, 2011.

4 Responses to “[fan cam] Revisiting 2010: Riding with Rain on the ZEPP FreeWay.”

  1. Loved the ZEPP days, thanks for posting this!


  2. I love that outfit!!! Rain looked so modern in it and of course the super heroe theme goes so well with him coz The Man IS a heroe in my book. Lol!!! He was having a good time and looked so deliciously sexy!! Squeak!!


  3. I loved it!!! They all look like they were having fun performing that song.


  4. All night long!….well sing it Ji-Hoon……….


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