[announcement] Our undying thanks to the following people…

… who helped the ball continue to roll one year ago, after the Cloud USA media blog went live on January 21, 2010.

Melanie Ng (mjdenbyng) of Perth, Australia

Thank you, Mel, for being our very first Media Blog subscriber back in February 2010. And the first Rain fan to let us showcase your fan art on Cloud USA. You officially started off the Cloud USA community and have been here ever since, when time permits, even through the timezone differences, and for that, we are forever grateful. ♥

Dianne Dalby Haley (haleydd) of Virginia, USA

Thank you, Dianne, for being our very first Facebook friend. And our third Media Blog subscriber back in February 2010. I’ll never forget how ferociously you snatched up the Cloud USA banner, banged our drum to anyone who would listen, and became not only a community member, but a friend. You believed in Cloud USA before Cloud USA was cool. Haha. ♥

Busybee1982 of Pennsylvania, USA

Thank you, Busy, for being so kind and supporting from the first moment we met. You were the first person to leave a comment on the Media Blog. I always looked forward to seeing you over at RainListings Cafe shortly after Cloud USA went live. And when Rain was flying into NYC in that darned blizzard for Concept Korea, and I was tracking his flight through the air like a hound dog, YOU were giving me up-to-date reports from the ground, from your position up north. Talk about epic fun! You’re a special one, my dear. ♥

Katie (purplezest) of Nottingham, U.K.

Thank you, Katie, for being one of the first six people to join the Cloud USA Forum, because once you were there, you went off like gangbusters. There was no stopping you—you quickly became and still are the most prolific and dedicated forum poster hands down, which is why we eventually asked you to be our moderator. You’ve been a major supporter and a loyal friend, and we love you. ♥

Jax of RainListings

Dear, dear Jax! You were the first person to join the Cloud USA Forum, and you were the first person to show Terri and me compassion and understanding as we struggled to get our legs underneath us at the very beginning. You treated us like human beings, encouraged our efforts, and were so sweet and hardworking when it came to your own site (that’s where I met Kongsao too, some months later. Kongsao did the RainTube!). Thanks for being there then, though our paths don’t cross much now. We’ll always think kindly of you. ♥

Duggu of Rain Destiny Peru

Thanks, Duggu, wherever you are, for also treating us like human beings and encouraging our efforts. Yours was the first overseas Rain site we visited and contacted, just to say hello, and you were so gracious and excited in your response. It is that kind of behavior and goodwill between Rain fans that separate the real fans from the posers. We will always think fondly of you. ♥

We will be getting Cloud USA merchandise sometime this year. Terri is still searching out the best suppliers right now, so we don’t have a definite date, but it will happen. In gratitude to these wonderful ladies, when our merchandise does hit our fan site store, we will give them one free purchase of their choice of selected items.

Please join us, everyone, in giving Melanie, Dianne, Busybee, Katie, Jax, and Duggu a hand, and send them all good vibes wherever they are during this Cloud USA First Anniversary weekend.

Aja, Rain world nation! On Terri’s and the Staff’s behalf—

Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on January 22, 2011.

10 Responses to “[announcement] Our undying thanks to the following people…”

  1. May I also add my thanks? Thanks all for making this such a special place to hang out and air my Rain obsession 🙂
    You ladies sure a special.


  2. WOW, I am smiling through my tears, you are so amazing! I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful and totally unexpected expression of appreciation, it truly means more than you will ever know! I was just telling a friend tonight about how much it means to me to be able to share with friends like you! It is such a blessing to have you in my life and to be a part of something that brings such joy to me and to others. There will never be sufficient praise and thanks to voice when it comes to you all, Stephe, Terri and Company, for all you have done and continue to do to make this the most awesome Cloud site in the world, but please know that the feelings are there and are deeply felt!


    • Girl…! I was brand new to Facebook at that time, was all by my lonesome, looking pitiful… and along comes this cool@ss mama in Virginia with a grown son like me and she was CRAZY ABOUT JUNG JIHOON. I couldn’t believe the awesomeness of that.

      You are something else. And such a blessing to me. Hugs from the ATL. See you on the FB! 😀

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Thanks you guys for bringing the site to life. 🙂


  4. xoxoxoxoxo!!…to all the people that makes this site happen, I do appreciate all your work ’cause I know it aint’ easy…thnx!! 😉


  5. oh yeah! and that “blizzard” thing was a real nerve racking trip wasn’t it? nerve racking, exciting, frustrating and fun. i remember, we got a little pertubed with “the man” after it was all over and he returned home safely. (taking chances like that, in that kind of weather! keeping us in prayer for his safety) THE NERVE OF HIM, bold and daring for sure. hahahaha

    what an experience. and even then Clouds showed up at the airport in that blizzard like weather and at the event. unbelievable, right? loved every minute of it.


    • LOL! Yeah, to say we were worried and a little irritated was putting it mildly, huh? I could have CHOKED him. That storm was bad enough that highways were closed and planes were grounded from state to state up where you were. Heck, Incheon airport even delayed his flight out of Korea in the hopes that he would miss some of the storm (of course he didn’t, landed RIGHT in the thick of it on all that ice). Why oh why did we expect anything less of him, huh? LOL what a night. I never wanted to do that again at the time, but I have to admit now that we did have a blast. (I don’t think Terri had a blast… I was driving her crazy over the phone, the plane’s at 2000 feet… 1500 feet… 1300 feet… GAH!)

      Yeah he sure was surprised when he got walked up on at JFK. Never underestimate the power of a Cloud, even in the U.S., JiHoon. ROFL And when he left, the weather was clear and pretty and so I just gave him symbolic wave and said have a great trip home, buddy. I’m exhausted.

      Thanks for reminiscing, busy. You never know, we could end up doing that again sometime O_O

      Stephe ^@@^


      • OMG.

        BOY, do I remember that night. The last thing I wanted was a play-by-play of where that plane was in the air, and yet every few minutes that was exactly what I was getting from Stephe. I think we watched his every move on that damned flight path that night.

        I was a nervous wreck. It was like I was watching one of my kids fly across the world in that tiny (compared to the world…) plane, and it was NOT a good feeling AT ALL. As much as was dying to have him here in The States, that would NOT have been the time I would have chosen myself. Believe me. I’m exhausted again just thinking about it. Whew.

        And you know? I don’t think he realizes how much he affects all of us sometimes. I just don’t think he understands.

        Terri :-}


  6. all i can say is “You all are so Special”.


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