Rain check: The day Switzerland was twice as sweet… Rain invited to the SIHH.

The Swiss not only have the world’s best chocolate, but also Jung JiHoon temporarily within their borders. Rain has a long and fruitful relationship with Cartier, so it’s no surprise he would be invited to this exclusive event. Remember this, too?

See? Rain “waves” at us when he’s ready. Always does. You can trust him. And boy, is he ever The Handsome. ♥ Rain at the » 21st SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genéve) High Jewelry Fair, 1/18/2011, in Geneva Switzerland. With Bernard Fornas, Cartier’s CEO, at the Cartier exhibit.

The SIHH is where fine watchmakers present their latest timepieces. It is an INVITATION ONLY event for international retailers, journalists, and brand representatives who have been invited by the exhibiting companies.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^


(imags: LIFE / razmia shin @twitpic / tip: rain-cloud)

~ by Cloud USA on January 19, 2011.

13 Responses to “Rain check: The day Switzerland was twice as sweet… Rain invited to the SIHH.”

  1. The Handsome. ♥ Rain !!!!


  2. Hiii (: I wondered if someone knows when Rain goes back to Korea ? I live in Geneva & if it’s still possible ( T.T ), i’d like to see him :DD


  3. Do you know if Rain will come to France after his Switzerland trip?
    Frenchs love him so much and we hope meet him too.



    • Hi, Eliah. 🙂

      What we have heard is that Rain will be going to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, after Switzerland, but nothing is confirmed.

      Seeing as France and Switzerland share a border however… you may be in luck. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. GRRRRRRR…. He looks Goooorgeoussssss as usual. He is so elegant, stylish and fashion. he never goes wrong. Whatever he chooses to wear he looks fantastic. Bellooooooo!!!!


  5. @Kongsao I said the same thing when I saw his new hair cut, that he had his hair cute like this back when he was promoting the Ninja Assassin. Loved this hair style then still love it. He looks handsome and dashing in his suite.


  6. Ever the handsome hunk, that he DEFINITELY is!!!


  7. He looks sooo cute!!! I like it. Its really short and spiky so it makes him look younger. Squeak!!


  8. rain went back to Ninja Assassin look O_O
    gosh love his killer look here he took my breath away here love the suit here so dashing indeed !!
    yeah! he all up to RED MUFFLER here look at it his cut like so short ready to flim his movies.. !!
    he so handsome here his suit are so dahshing !!


  9. Hotnesssss! Loving the new hurr!


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